Kristol confrontation makes YouTube waves

One of the most watched, discussed videos raises questions of activist tactics

Aaron Dykes/ Jones Report | October 6, 2006

A large group of activists confronted PNAC chairman William Kristol during a speaking engagement at the University of Texas held Tuesday. They sought to confront him on the Project for a New American Century's odd statement published in September 2000 that their recommendations for military escalation would be difficult to achieve failing a "catastrophic and catalyzing event" such as a "new Pearl Harbor." (pg. 51, "Rebuilding America's Defenses")

Now the video of the confrontation is garnering attention on YouTube and worked its way well into the Top 100 most watched videos both today and yesterday.


The video, with featured interruptions and tough questions, has also become one of the most discussed videos. Among the discussion is a legitimate question of the best way to exercise civil disobedience.

Some users found the method of interruption to be abrasive, rude and counterproductive.

At the same time, many point out that these are corrupt leaders and influential persons who aren't exactly listening.
Shoutwire blog: Kristol gets the douch-bag of the year award for his treason to this country. Look at him swim.

This raises an interest debates. For those who are discerning and can now see how we are controlled by a band of criminals, the real question is how to have an effect, how to catch attention to the issues of importance that are purposefully crowded in spin, laughed off as insignificant and cast aside.

Leaders like Kristol are well aware that mainstream media outlets, such as Fox News on which he often appears, will likely never discuss documents like PNAC.

But the effect of shouting, interrupting and otherwise making a spectacle of a man who pretends to be respectable and insightful is certainly worth questioning. Perhaps the Kristol confrontation is a worthy example-- there were cases of orderly questioning as well as outbursts.

What will succeed in drawing attention to the Project for a New American Century's call for multi-theater war, drastic increase in military budgets, soldiers, stations, etc, etc.

negative reinforcement

How can we really grasp true public attention on the connection between the call for a catalyst that did, if only by the longest of coincidences, end up in just such a scenario. How can we really question the fact that 9/11 led to an open-ended multi-theater "War on Terror" almost immediately if jokers like Kristol scoff off questions about PNAC as ludicrous.

Kristol does just this after his is asked about PNAC and the "new Pearl Harbor" reference by a polite man who raised his hand (starts at 1:48 in video)

That does not assume that the opposite reaction is the best answer. Shouting and interrupting may not be the most effective and may indeed turn off certain members of the public.

It is worth pointing out that however much a "jackass" an interrupted may appear, it is equally true that they uncivil dissenter takes a real risk in openly criticizing its unlistening leaders. This may be particularly true in circumstance when it is unexpected. Steven Howards was arrested Monday simply for telling Dick Cheney that his policies are "reprehensible."

leaders don't listen

So here is a call for solutions: how do we confront the evil that dare not speak its name?

The truth of 9/11 absolutely must come out and must take consequence. The public can no longer trust its leaders and must confront them on pre-meditated murder and treason.

I appeal to activists to weigh the options, find a hopeful balance and do all that must be done to call attention to the crime that catalyzed an entire administration of war escalation, suspended rights, bold-face lies and the end of the Republic. Things are presently far too dire too remain strictly polite and wait for evil men to call on raised hands-- at least, that was the decision I made, perhaps rashly. But I am in no position to apologize or resign myself to inaction.


thugs don't deserve respect

I watched the clip last night and read comments here BEFORE watching, which was an interesting exercise. At first, I didn't particularly like the way the protests went because they seemed out of bounds and a little immature. But, after some thought, I came to the conclusion that that's precisely what's needed. Full-out angry confrontation at the architects of 9/11 and the "war on terrorism" is absolutely warranted -- AND, it's getting people's attention where "civil discourse" fails.

So, bottom line, Kristol and all other vicious neocons need to be confronted like this everywhere they go -- and protestors need to keep the pressure up, even if others find their tactics "improper." Formal, proper, play-by-the-rules approaches will never work with these thugs. They don't deserve ANY respect.


Take away the right to say "fuck" and you take away the right to say "fuck the government." -Lenny Bruce

Growing anger

We are all angry about what happened on 9/11. Until there is a fully independent investigation into ALL the evidence of 9/11, there is going to be a growing frustration. You can see it in this video.

Sure, civil discourse is the better approach, but I cant fault these guys for speaking up the way they did. They are young and they are angry that so many of their generation are needlessly spilling their blood in Iraq.

Many in my generation (baby boomers) felt the same way about Vietnam.

I wish more of the younger generation would get off the video games and get to reality. Our country needs their voice and their passion for liberty.

Oh, bollocks. Of course

Oh, bollocks.

Of course they don't deserved respect. But don't make it sound like we need to look like asses to make our point. All that shows is a skills defect. Being effective civily doesn't mean being a bloody pansy, because if you think I am I'll give yeh a right kicking.

It's all about timing and opportunity. And when you have your opportunity--fuck ,what do you loose by waiting until the git is done?--THEN you can kick him all to hell with the facts and look reasonable to boot.

Failure of imagination in the ranks, we have. I'll tell you from a worker's discrimination suit I won: it takes more cleverness to kill them civilly, but they STAY dead afterwards.

"Bugger this: I want a better world."

Civility and Futility


We are talking about mass murder here. Therefore, we should praise the folks from for their zealous defense of Constitutional principles, and for "calling out " Kristol. (Rather then critique their bold delivery).

Civil does not equal nice

I think I know where you're going but a clarification would be nice. Cheers.

Now I'm through kicking someone who implied I might be a whiner, civility does not mean:

nice, soft, gentle, no pushing, no force, no bollocks.

Civil means not being overly or gratuitously rude. The words Kristol was heckled with were adequitely civil, but timing could have been better. Why? It gives the bastards in the MSM ammunition.


Those of you who've got a problem with the word civil sound like you're victums of the dumbing down of America. Lawyers fight in court all the time "civilly". So do PM's and American politcians. Most protests are civil, if loud and rambouncous(and rightfuly so). Don't swallow the kool aid that forcefully challenging authority cannot be civil.

Hell, you had a good example in the non-neo-con conservative.

And I do have the experience to know whereof I speak.


Interesting rebuttal, Sparks. Although, your delivery is right out of the Debunking911Conspiracies rule book (Gratuitous sarcasm and unnecessary patronizing behavior.)

a generation gap

About the 9/11 issue seems to be a generation gap, to me. Pardon those old truthers here, but it's primarily on the internet, not print newspapers or cable TV, and the internet is the domain of the new generation, of course, while the old folks are slow to transition to it.
The whole Bush and Congress cabal is a "don't trust anyone over 30" situation: They do their "thing" in Washington, they know how to get amounts of cash from their lobby and even know how to get elected, but Bushco has totally lost any connection to the younger generation, which couldn't care less about his rightwing-religious ideas, about legalizing torture, about a nuclear Iran, and above all the "i protect you" security that we're supposed to get in exchange for our traditional liberties. And the whole "security", the whole fear of dying at the hands of terrorists, isn't exactly a main concern of the youth either, of those that are taking risks all the time to make some money.

Would this video be on

Would this video be on YouTube's top 100 if it had been an "orderly debate"? I think not.


"A...excuse me mr. kristol sir...yea..umm...the PNAC document...can we please discuss a certain paragraph...umm..well..."

I bet that would have been all over YOUTUBE cause that is what YouTubers want to see.

Get mad, Get pissed off.

It's all over YOUTUBE people. Exposure. Exposure.



Good point

good point.


After reading all of the comments I have to say that I agree with this comment 100%. THis is the only path that will justify true thought. 100% full one on one confrontation. At every speech that the Neo-cons give, this has to be the standard. Confront them on the issue NOW, at that single moment. When you get the chance...and sit in the seat.. STAND UP, and shout out your view.....and let them try and attempt to cover thier asses. THey can't. This is a perfect example of attacking a criminal with facts, that can not be argued against....if you watch the video, you will see how painful it is to face the truth that the INFOWARS guys presented. Kristol just squirms to fight back with ZERO success. IF you pay close attention to his face, his mind is fighting for the correct answer....and you can see that he is in shear (CONTROLLED) panic. He would like to "Just go home now". If you know what I mean. THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE at every conferance like this. The time is now, do not hold back....yell these questions.,......and make these bastards answer...THEY CAN'T. and it just makes them looks like fools.

Love you guys!!!

See you in the detention camp!!!!

very well put, exactly my

very well put, exactly my thoughts. if these guys were to raise their hands and wait on a bullshit non-answer, would it have made news? would people outside of the 9/11 truth movement have heard of it? absolutely not. but now they have. thank you Mr. Dykes, you did good.

Open your eyes to the success...or just sit and whine

OK, so the interruptions were rude and abrasive. Meanwhile the video is one of the most viewed on YouTube and sparking a firey discussion about PNAC, civili disobedience, and the "New Pearl Harbor."

And we are asking if these are proper tactics? Can you not see the success right in front of you?

If they had been polite and asked about the 9-11 inside job, or PNAC, Kristol would have smugly brushed them aside and made a big joke about it. No victory there. But by interrupting his little propaganda lecture, they force the issue. They create a frenzy and get press attention. They spark a worldwide internet debate.

Men who are plotting World War III do not deserve polite discourse. Many signs point to an imminent invasion of Iran, so now is not the time for cordial questions to fascist war-mongers. Let Tim Russert handle the sycophantic coddling of the 9-11 criminals.

It amazes me when a bunch of people on this message board (and others) sit back and whine about the failure of certain activist tactics. Meanwhile many, if not most of those doing the criticising, have never done anything besides post a few message board rants every week,

I congratulate the Infowars team and PNACitizen for their courage. Maybe it wasn't perfect, but we can learn from their example.

Because with an invasion of Iran looming, the revolution won't be message-board-posted.


P.S. Yes...I get the irony of making that final statement in a message board post.

Show "Black and white thinking, much?" by Col. Jenny Sparks (not verified)

with WW III looming, brash ideas are needed

re: your questions

I run host a daily syndicated radio show and monitor the war games and terror drills, along with the Shanghai Cooperation Oganization on my popular website.

I have also been on the forefront of the move to call into mainstream radio stations (esp. neocon ones) and blast the truth about 9-11. I continue to use this tactic every week in my own life.

Jenny, you are free to do your activism, and I can do mine. The tone of my post was positive, while you took a defensive and hostile tone. Sorry to see that, but I am not interested in sinking your level. In other words, I won't take the bait.

Personally I love 911Blogger and realize the power of message boards as a democratic forum for exchange. DZ, GW, Reprehensor and other do an incredible service, and I visit the site daily. But message boards are only one part of the solution.

With WW III looming, I think some people need to realize that desperate measures are needed.

When it comes to petitions, I agree with Jesse from Politely asking a criminal to stop committing criminal activity is absurd.

Emailing our Congressman about WTC7 and the NORAD stand down probably isn't going to work, although we are free to try.

Mass protests are cathartic but may not be the most effective use of our numbers.

Creativity is needed. Time is ticking.



"Jenny, you are free to do your activism, and I can do mine. The tone of my post was positive, while you took a defensive and hostile tone. Sorry to see that, but I am not interested in sinking your level. In other words, I won't take the bait."

You're taking the piss. See my post above. There's no "bait".

"Mass protests are cathartic but may not be the most effective use of our numbers.

Creativity is needed. Time is ticking."

This is what I'VE been saying. But then you haven't actually been paying attention, have you, love?

See my post above is actually below...

Sorry for the confusion.

Negative one?

Ooh, my feelings are hurt. I think I'll crawl under a rock. (SARCASM)

If you knew me, you'd know I don't bluff and I'm not taking the piss. The reason I'm not passing out unqualified honors is I care enough to work for the best chance of WINNING. Not a drama, not acting out, but WINNING. Yes, it's a great start, but we need more tools in our tool box besides "chaos". Now if you can't reconcile vigor and effectivness, that's really your problem(whomever you are), now innit?

DL-FFNews: "It amazes me


"It amazes me when a bunch of people on this message board (and others) sit back and whine about the failure of certain activist tactics. Meanwhile many, if not most of those doing the criticising, have never done anything besides post a few message board rants every week,"

Explain to me how this tone is positive. Please don't be disingeneus. You've just implied anyone critisizing their tactics is whining--WITHOUT QUALIFICATION. So I'm supposed to read your mind and assume it doesn't include me? Because I know I gave constructive critizism, you had to have read, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME applauding them.

Maybe you should learn to aim better.

Appologies about being out of thread; this is in response to your next post. It was easier to cut and paste up here.


Proper tactics?

Kristol and his gang of scum bags are out to start a world war and destroy our country. If I were there I would have spit in his face. Be nice to him? You have got to be kidding! I thought AJ's guys were too easy on him. The only tactic that works on bullies like Kristol is a good ass whipping.

ding ding ding you win...quote of the week

"Men who are plotting World War III do not deserve polite discourse"

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

White Flag-give us a truce--DL and others

Hear me out kiddies.

I'm taking some bloody leadership. Someone's got to. The whole "civility" argument is turning into a farce on these message boards. After a good think, I realized I was letting myself get sucked into what is basically a communication problem. I'm taking responsibility for my part. I appologize and will try to do better in future.

DL-I'm willing to let bygones be bygones, but that "sink to your level" crack after you called people "whiners" was a bit of pot and kettle, mate.

So help me out. When I say "civil" I mean being verbally effective in an organized event with clear protocols. I am not confusing this with circumstances where force, physical or legal, is neccesary. But other people, apparently including yourself, use civil to mean excesively polite. How can we communicate? Because I don't believe everyone using civil as I do is advocating NOT using force where appropriate and nessecary.

Some personal information: I am very fit. I deadlift 245 pounds. I am a veteran. I know how to fight and kill with my bare hands, if I have to. I have worked with police, lawyers and CSD in a varetiy of real time conflicts as well as personally and effectively intervening myself. I do understanmd the big picture, how bad it can get and that petitions are not the only tool in the tool box. You can see from the above I am no push-over.

Do you understand that not being able to communicate effectively over one simple word makes us all look like idiots?

So how would you communicate the concept of strong but effective verbal confrontation?

We need to get this bollocks sorted. Because if we can't communicate, we can't plan anything effectively.

Looking for adults

You lot really think you have what it takes to bring down this administration and yet not one of you has the bollocks to face a communication problem INSIDE the movement head on?

We're dead.

DL-I'll reserve my judgment on your ignoring my olive branch--you could work all day Saturday for all I know. But you're going to have to catch up with me at some other comments forum at 911 Blogger, because I've had it here. I understand why Micheal Ruppert was driven to drink.

Orwell was right; corrupt communication, and after a point people can't communicate and they don't even know it's corrupted. He wrote a book. I recommend it:1984: It's double-plus-good.

So go on, enjoy the inevitable dramas, and enjoy rating my comments in negative integers. Oh, and I haven't read any comments above this since my "white flag". There's no point ,see; long past time to move along to solutions.

"Bugger this: I want a bettter world."

Kristol clip

It dropped out of sight on youtube so quickly after being featured on several pages . I noticed censored comments as well.

Show "the whole question isn't "is" by Anonymous (not verified)

Wait just a second; the

Wait just a second; the corrupt, elitist murderers like Kristol have used 9/11 and the war in the middle east like weapons against us, those who have fought against them. How many awful things have they called Cindy Sheehan? They've even accused her of publicity seeking instead of wanting to know why she lost her son! Look, these clowns have no problem making the skeptics and anti-war activists look like fools and freaks, when they're the real freaks among us. The lunatics are running the asylum, people. It's time that we got just as nasty as they do. It's time we actually fight back. Or just lay down and let them crush us. This is not a time to be nice.

Reminds me of Ann Coulter bashing the Jersey Girls...

Coulter got tons of publicity when she harshly mocked the Jersey Girls, and most of it didn't hurt her at all.

brilliant. i think it's

brilliant. i think it's exactly what we all should be doing. everyone should check if ashcroft is coming through their town for his book signing....

If we don't CRY OUT then even the rocks will CRY out.

Excuse me.
BUt I don't even understand the question.
I am even outraged at this question.
And those that are raising it, "Do you really understand what these men have done ?`"

Were these neocons polite when they did a coup de tat on 911.
Were they polite when they sent Anthrax to Daschle and Leahy.
Werre they polite whent they helped force the "Patriot act" down our throat.
Were they polite when they helped crash the buildings into the WTCs killing 3000 and
probably 100,000s more will die who breathed the poison it released into the air.
Were they polite when they covered up and lied about every aspect of the investigation.
Were they polite when they drummed the war mantra and the US went to Iraq which is an atomic war releasing DU into the atmosphere probably disabling the hundreds of thousands of US troops that went there and fought and BREATHED that wonderful air.
Do I hear birth defects, broken hearts, early death. The troops have been deceived.
300 000 INNOCENT Iraqis dead. Countless families destroyed. Is this polite.
Are they being polite in this genocide.
Is this administration and their masters being polite about destroying the constitution and crushing legitimate dissent.
They are about to start WW 3.

So and so forth. You know the rest.

Oh, please Mr Kristol, can I pretty please ask your magisty a question. Oh, I don't want to offend you.
Outrageous that someone is saying we should calm down and be polite and follow some civil disobedience best policy rules.

I say we should let people protest the way they see fit !!

If they are taking the initiative to protest, they are putting their necks on the line then they have the God given right to protest the way they want to. Their initiative and bravery give them the right.

Creativity and imagination should not be stifled.

If they want to scream and shout the whole time, so be it.

Have a good day

Exactly! Kristol is not the head of your local garden club...

Kristol is not on stage to debate the best ways to make roses bloom longer. He is basically a PNAC NeoCon propagandist much like a Joseph Goebbels. Give him hell, IMO!

Burning Flesh

Everyone remember the photos and videos of the monks in Viet Nam pouring gasoline on themselves and lighting it on fire to protest the Viet Nam war?

Yelling at the people responsible for the mess the world is in now seems pretty mild as a protest.


When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. ~ Sinclair Lewis

I think those guys did a

I think those guys did a fine job in that video, I wouldn't change a thing.  We gotta make the scumbags uncomfortable everytime they go out in public, thats the only way to make them rethink their actions.

Notice Kristol's nervous "gulp" when we was explaining PNAC, notice how he pretended not to remember the exact wording of PNAC's famous quote!!  Good stuff...




YES !!!!

I am proud to be from Texas where Alex Jones and his crew are presently based and hurting these creeps VERY badly.

All of the people who are sticking their necks out now, risking their social status and missing football games, are the ones in the future who will have their pictures in textbooks as heros.......and hopefully reserving their own place in heaven as well.

I thank GOD for Alex Jones every single day. He's not the only one, but he's loud and angry, and he's waking up MILLIONS of people around the world. The reason being is that he's getting people FIRED UP !!!!!


They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Kristol is one cool customer,

My friend Corinne just posted this comment on her Canadian web site. Boy does she have Kristol pegged..............I couldn't have said it better myself.

YYC: Kristol is one cool customer, as smilingly cold eyed as a serial killer, and he makes a lot of Americans really angry as you will see in this video. Mind you, he doesn't look them in the eye when they're talking to him; he pretends to take notes. That's a common dissembling trick that politicians use when they're just waiting it out.
And, of course, he had the moderator to protect him from the really hard questions, and security guards to take out the fellow who asked why they lied about Iraq.
Some of the questions he was asked about his background are covered in this ZMag profile of him from 2003. His family seem to be people who have always gravitated to wherever they perceived the current power centre to be. From communism to McCarthyism; what a ride! They must have been virtual chameleons.
Kristol comes across as if digitally mastered, his manner is so studied, his statements so well rehearsed, his intake so disconnected from his output.
He's not at all ashamed or embarrassed about the lies that led Americans to their deaths in Iraq; it's almost as if he finds it amusing that people fell for the lie; as if he sees it as merely a clever little ruse that worked.
Con artists expect people to get angry when they realize they've been duped, and are completely untouched by the reaction. They'll tell you dismissively that it was your own wanting to believe that tricked you, and they'll pat themselves on the back for pulling it off.
Yet even with the lies exposed about Iraq, there are still people gullible enough to believe that war is necessary with Iran - simply on the sayso of psychopathic personalities like Kristol who calmly and smilingly advocate as solutions the most horrific death and destruction in the same manner as a dentist saying that a tooth has to come out.
Or in the same hollow rote patterns Stephen Harper uses for his "condolences" to the families of dead soldiers.
Kristol and Harper are at least as cold blooded as Ted Bundy and Paul Bernardo.

"Military intervention to

"Military intervention to keep the Peace" this guy is right outta 1984, this kind of orwelian doublespeak is UNBELIVABLE.

Creative Approach

9/11 Truth needs to get over the idea that there is going to be
a new investigation. It's not going to happen, even if the Dems
get back into power (well maybe only 50/50 chance). Instead,
9/11 Truth should form its own trial format. Get some ex-judges
that believe in the movement. Setup our own civilian court and
try the case in public. Get get 12 impartial jurors, present the
evidence. This court can appoint a defence lawyer for each
defendant (Bush, Cheney, etc) if they refuse to appoint their
own. Try the case. Film it. Put it on Google/YouTube for all
to see. let the world see the evidence presented in a real
format. The time has come. Our government does not
represent us any more. We have the right under the
Constitution to take such measures into our own hands
when the people feel that they have been betrayed.
The time is now to be strong like the Jefferson, Washington,
Adams, Franklin and the rest.