Of myths and monsters - a personal affidavit.

I have just been watching Dustin Mugford's documentary 911 Revisited, which has multiple video footage of the three towers of the WTC being demolished. I have been a 'Truther' for only six months but have always felt instinctively, since watching it live on TV, that there was something not right about the speed at which the Twin Towers fell. I was not at that time particularly critical of the Bush government. In fact I was unique among my friends in supporting the war in Iraq. I believed that Saddam was a danger to world stability, that the world faced the threat of militant Islam and that we were better off with the United States in charge of the Middle East than without it.

My discovery that 9/11 was stage-managed by the U.S., possibly in conjunction with a foreign power, as a pretext for getting control of oil reserves and a strategic foothold near China and Russia, has changed my whole outlook. I have begun to realise that the U.S.military is not solely or even primarily defensive in its purpose but offensive - why would it not be? America is a powerful country and powerful countries, like individuals, need to build border posts. What is wrong is that America's aggressive foreign policy has been sold to a gullible public as a defensive response to Jihadist attack. There are indeed militant Arabs and they may conceivably have played a part in the 9/11 drama, the unwitting stooges of Uncle Sam. But they did not demolish the WTC 1, 2 or 7. 9/11 is a huge confidence trick played on a public who, out of decent motives, believes their government to be concerned with their welfare.

A parallel would be if the murdered body of a teenage girl is found by her distraught father. He is so upset that he sacks up all the contents of the room her body was found in and destroys it. No-one questions it because his grief is so profound. This man then names his neighbour as the murderer and produces convincing and damning evidence of the other's guilt. The prosecuting and defense counsel are both close associates of his, as is the trial Judge. Some wonder if he himself murdered his own daughter, but the truth is kept under lock and key for several years. Then gradually the evidence starts to appear that he framed his neighbour to save his skin. An innocent man went to the electric chair in his place.

Now I look at the appalling, gut-wrenching horror of the collapses/demolitions , and I feel sickened beyond anything I hitherto had thought possible at the realisation that the evil monsters who conceived and carried out this atrocity are not only free but in control of a terrifying war machine that enslaves millions and leaves a wake of destruction in its path.

What is more these tyrants have the support of the electorate who apparently have forgotten that governments historically have always invented a foreign threat to achieve unity and provide a useful hate-object as an excuse for lucrative and expansionist war.

We see many people coming onto these forums who have heard the rumours of complicity but can't quite make the necessary leap of comprehension to accept that their own government not only stood by and let this terrible nightmare happen , but possibly also finished off the work of the planes.

There are some who genuinely and sincerely hold their President in some sort of mystical union with the nation. They could never conceive of such treason. Others look at the evidence and go for the most logical explanation.

Then there are some whose Faustian pact with evil has wrapped them in their own dishonesty until they half believe their own preposterous, outrageous lies.
These people are beyond any help except from a priest. If Christians are right they will have an eternity to explain to that 'still small voice' within , which is God, why during their allotted time on Earth, they chose to follow corrupt power and oppression instead of goodness and truth.


I like naive people.

USA was founded on a false flag attack...

the boston tea party.

Maybe we should call 9/11


New York Snuff-TV Party

Excellent Post

It's amazing to me that Conservatives are more likely to see the evidence right in front of them. (Being for the most part a leaning-to-the-left sort, anti-war-of-any-kind person).

The anti-war people and many so-called "Leftist" can't seem to get beyond the "but we deserved it" and "what are you going to do about the 'Terrorists'?" even when confronted with clues and evidence which belie their world view.

Maybe so-called "leftists" have trouble recognizing and naming radical "evil?" (See, being an erstwhile person of the left, I must put evil in quotation marks :) )

I would never have imagined the extent of self-deception with which most of my society is involved. Or that if people disagree emotionally with a conclusion, the evidence for it will not register. I think subconsciously almost everyone knows. That why our contentions are countered so often with anger and contempt.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle