The real "state of denial": 9/11 red herrings as bipartisan election-year volleyball

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Oct 6, 2006, 01:17

With US mid-term elections one month away, it is not surprising to find
Washington’s elite criminal factions (neocon and neoliberal) engaged in
a new game of political chicken over 9/11 red herrings. The appearance of
bickering hides the fact that operatives of both factions are lying. Both
sides are cynically continuing the massive bipartisan cover-up of 9/11 and
the “war on terrorism."

Undeniable fact: all of Washington “knew” about 9/11

It is an amply documented fact -- no news whatsoever -- that the Bush
administration had absolute foreknowledge of 9/11, and deliberately
ignored warnings received within the US and from officials and
intelligence agencies outside the US.

As written by Michel Chossudovsky, “the foreknowledge issue itself is a
red herring, a fallacy in which an irrelevant topic is presented in order
to divert attention from the original issue . . . Of course the Bush
administration knew." Of course Washington “knew” about its own
false flag operation.
Of course Washington “knew” about using its own
covert intelligence network. Of course Washington “knows” that 9/11
was an intelligence “success," not an intelligence

The media’s spotlight on “foreknowledge” and “lapses” serve to
distract public attention from the deliberate cover-up of these facts:

9/11 and the “war on terrorism” was and is a long-planned US operation
carried out and sponsored by Washington consensus; official US geostrategic
policy, carried out by the Bush administration, with unanimous bipartisan
involvement from the US Congress, and with support from Wall Street.

“Islamic terrorism," including Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, is a
creation of Anglo-American military intelligence. These networks have
functioned in this role for the past two decades, and continue to carry
out this role today.

Al-Qaeda is an apparatus that is supported by Pakistan’s ISI, which is
itself is connected to the CIA.

Pakistan’s ISI chief, General Mahmoud Ahmad, who wired funds for the
9/11 operation to alleged 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta, met and dined
with members of the Bush administration, the CIA (George Tenet), and key
members of the US Congress, Republicans as well as Democrats. In other
words, Washington in its entirety is implicated in 9/11.
And this is just the bare tip of the iceberg of evidence.

OT but a measure of how serious the Bush admin is....

Andy Card's cousin finally released after year in jail for telling truth about no WMD's in Iraq.
3 Oct 2006

By Greg Szymanski

The frightening story of Susan Lindauer should make every American stand up and take notice about how the U.S. government --gone mad with power -- is jailing innocent citizens who speak out against the policies of the Bush administration.

Lindauer, 42, the cousin of former White House Chief of Staff, Andy Card, was released in September from a New York correctional facility after spending a year in jail, awaiting in horrendous conditions government-imposed psychiatric evaluations.

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Hi Gang,
I just got this e-mail from a member of APFN. I thought I would share it with you all............

Aaron Russo's Film: America, From Freedom to Fascism Opens
Sat Oct 7, 2006 11:40

Aaron Russo's film opened tonight in Beverly Hills at the Music Hall theatre on Wilshire Blvd. Thank God I preordered my tickets online this week, both shows tonight were sold out, the lines went around the block. For the first screening Mr. Russo was there! He had a question and answer period after the movie. People, do you know how powerful it is to see a film like this and have 99% of the audience awake and cheering? For those of you in cities where this film is now playing, PLEASE go see it, tell your friends to see it, spread the word. The way the globalist agenda is accelerating with each passing day now it can seem mighty hopeless at times, but tonight gave all of us in the theatre a much-needed shot of optimism that maybe, just maybe this march toward fascism can somehow be slowed down a little. Maybe it's pie in the sky hope for something that is way past stopping, but the feeling of camaraderie that was present tonight was so intense, so over due, to be in the presence of these people who were all on the same page for once, all wanting our beloved America to return to what the founding fathers envisioned was just what the doctor ordered. When Mr. Russo spoke after the film you could feel the love in this mans heart, you could sense his genuiness, and his true belief that there are enough courageous Americans left that can make a difference. Please see this movie. If nothing else the energy of the folks seeing the film with you will lift you up from the fear. God Bless Us All.
link to film website:

I think everyone should see this movie. Remember Aaron is a truther like us. When people realize how controlled and corrupt our so-called government is the easier it will be for them to accept 9/11 truth.

I am always having trouble

I am always having trouble distingusihing red herrings from limited hangouts when aspects of each seem to be present.

Also, I continue to wonder just who, among the admistration actually knew the whole picture. Not too many I suspect. I think I would not ever have told Condi, if I were one of the master planners. Simply leave her ignorant. Much more authenticity in her portrayal that way. Very few could have been truly privy to all information. In essence, that it was a false flag.

That is why I shy away from saying things like, 'The administration knew" or 'Washington' knew, etc. Those references are way too vague.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

Um, no

I don't know exactly what's being claimed here:

9/11 and the “war on terrorism” was and is a long-planned US operation carried out and sponsored by Washington consensus; official US geostrategic policy, carried out by the Bush administration, with unanimous bipartisan involvement from the US Congress, and with support from Wall Street.

But if the author is saying that 9/11 was planned and carried out with the full knowledge and cooperation of every member of the House of Representatives, he is seriously deluded. If he means something else, he needs to work on expressing his ideas more clearly. Precision in the presentation of evidence and drawing of hypotheses is crucial if the movement is to avoid stereotyping and mockery.


Did you read the entire article? He seems to suggest that the consensus is in not rocking the boat once an overt mission is under way - the long term aspect is in the shadow government -- according to Tarpley, a continuum since before WWI with puppet presidents since WWII -- it's been suggested elsewhere that Bush 41 is inside the network, but 43 not-- he was not quite getting the job done or following orders well enough and needed to be given a tool (9/11) and shown some stick (Angel is next!)

I know...

I've said that the phrases LIHOP and MIHOP are virtually identical, and are divisive, however...

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between the two.

If you think they did absolutely nothing, and let it happen, then that justifies the "War On Terror."

It means that there really were "terrorists" that went through the trouble of murdering 2973 people on 9/11.

It justifies the continuation of the war that "won't end in our lifetimes."

It may hang Bush out to dry, but it keeps the system that got him into power intact.

John Judge told me a long time ago that politicians come and go, but the system remains.

That's what has to change. The Constitution needs to be followed, and those who don't, should be punished accordingly. We must insist on checks and balances in our Government, so something like 9/11 can NEVER happen again.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Letting it happen

Just something to mull over, Jon:

I was on the fence about LIHOP and MIHOP, until David Shayler pointed out that, if they knew about it before hand, the bastards can't afford to "let it happen", in the since of doing nothing and watching, even if you want the results. "They", a bunch of terroists in caves, if that's to be believed, don't have the means and the resources for the type of military precision to make certain ONLY the targets as such are hit and nothing else.

If they wanted it to happen, they had to manage it. So it's ALL "made it happen", the only difference is method.

At least that adds up with the rest of what I've learned. I'm open to alternate reasoning.

You're close to my view on all this

MIHOP was needed to manage LIHOP. The important issue is scapegoat. The best cover a criminal can have is a viable scapegoat. The "myth" of Muslim involvement isnt good enough. A "patsy" Muslim involvement is better than nothing, but still not the best cover.

The ideal cover for the neocons would have been to patiently fund a Muslim extremist uprising on one hand and piss it off on the other. Let it grow and develop a life of its own. Let it decide on its own to bite the hand that fed it. Then manage the attack. Make sure it accomplishes all that the neocons wanted for it to accomplish.

What happened was the neocons got greedy. Instead of just an attack on the towers, they added elements that they could not manage. And it seems like the whole operation got screwed up with the WTC7 tower collapse and no plane hitting it. Could something have gone haywire?


They are divisive in the sense that it creates "clicks" within the movement.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

G. Greenwald made a curious comparison...

...of a GOP diversionary tactic of calling for investigation of what the Democratic leadership knew of Foley's perversions and an investigation of Bush's involvement in the planning of the 9-11 attacks. I posted questioning the purpose of his stance, because it seems to border on gatekeeper denial, if that is a term.

Here is the link... , and I thought you might want to check it out.

The wheels are coming off, but not fast enough!!


Sorry for the bad link...

Here is one for the blog, called Unclaimed Territory, and the piece that I refer to is entitled "Increasing Desperation".


V for Vendetta Guw Fawkes Mask

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

And the bottom-line?

Once you've isolated the 'red herrings,' the bottom-line can't be a stalemate, not in the realm of forensic science. We have the murder wapons, the bodies, the 'suspicous' parties, etc.

This ain't the OJ trial, it's International War Crimes. That makes it a whole lot more serious than Bill Clinton's $40.M blow-job!

"Oh 'we know who did it." - coming from Bush, Rummy, Cheney, et. all, makes them the prime suspects, end of story.

I can understand the making of a regular sitting pResident a 'lame-duck', but I don't understand exempting the 30 other top criminals from all the prior, Narco-terror ring-leaders.

Lastly, they've all 'copped-out' in Congress. They are failing to serve, so by law, we should be able to recuse them from seeking re-election at the very least.

It's time for a full-blown "Military stand-down."

There is - no vote assurance - this year.

There is no assurance that the US leadership intends to protect the people in any way. "Stetty" offers this: "Just vote absentee," and post your own, paper-ballot backed exit-poll tallies on the internet.

Even that is too complicated for these couch-potato-patriots.

War, and Hysteria needent be a pre-assumed condition for the coming economic crash! We are buying their 'black & white' positioning, while they continue to do an end-run aroung the rule of law.

(In the wild west, they just circled the wagons, and burnt the Whitey's little anglo- encampments to the ground!)

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(In the wild west, they just

(In the wild west, they just circled the wagons, and burnt the Whitey's little anglo- encampments to the ground!)

This is the desired response of the JEW when they post lies like this :

“Islamic terrorism," including Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, is a creation of Anglo-American military intelligence"

I can't tell if this writer "Tom Scott Gordon" is serious, mentally ill, or joking. Considering he has three anglo names it's possible he's a self hating white, brainwashed by the jew.

Either way, jews are attempting to deflect this war on that "crazy christian" George Bush, and all whites and Christians will take the fall for this.

F the Jew World Order.

“Islamic terrorism,"

“Islamic terrorism," including Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, is a creation of Anglo-American military intelligence"

Finally, you people openly show you are nothing but a Jewish anti-white hate group.

This is absolutely hilarious, so semitically correct, and so jewish.

Please, don't allow these Jewish haters, pornographers, murderers, psychopaths, to destroy us Anglos using our own beautiful English language.

Death-wish christians are the core of the problem.

“Islamic terrorism," including Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, is a creation of Anglo-American military intelligence"

I find this quote to be 100% correct. Because there is no difference anymore between Anglo-American and Zionist interests. If you are dumb enough to subordinate your interests to another group, you deserve to take the blame. Tough shit.

The core of this problem is the midwest christian zionists, death-wish christians or whatever you want to call them. For them Jews are Gods people. They are the voting cattle for Bushco and that is why the polls never go under 30%.

If you have 30-35% blind followers of the electorate, you can do anything. Orchestrate 911, start a war between civilizations etc.

What do you know,

What do you know, Chossudovsky is a jew.

"Al-Qaeda, is a creation of Anglo-American military intelligence."

The Jewish hate for whites, arabs, is impossible for normal human beings to understand.

These monsters are responsible for the vile jewish media of today, black on blonde anal pornography, gangster rap, WW1, WWII, the HolyHoax, and now, WWIII.


Israel organized crime

What the're too much.

I wouldn't go as far as saying the "jews" were responsible for 9/11. That sounds hateful and anti-semitic, it's almost saying as if the entire jewish community is a conspiracy itself. However there are some compelling evidence pointing the mossad/israelis being behind the attacks. Here's a timeline compiled by thompson exposing israel and 9/11 connections and decide for yourself

too much

Too much, indeed! - try co-intel agent provocateur - given his previous post, sounds like Ward Churchill hiding behind the handle - Common, Ward, give us that "Little Eichman" song and dance again, and remind us how racist we all are for acknowledging the analysis that the 911 patsies couldn't drive a shopping cart, let alone pilot a Boeing. Why not seduce us into throwing bombs every which way, like you did with the Weather Underground? But whatever you do, please keep the angry Injun analogies coming. Woop up the war dance. Actually in some SICK SICK SICK SICK way, it's kind of entertaining.