2.3 trillion dollars

As Rumsfeld announced on 10-11-2001.Transactions worth 2.3 trillion dollars were 'lost'.
Why isnt this a bigger topic?
I hardly hear anyone talk about this, except for Jim Fetzer , recently in that Fox interview.
What was that again, the people who died at the pentagon were 90% accountants?
2.3 trillion, thats a 'pile' of 100us$ notes from berlin to madrid. 2'300 kilometers of freaking 100$ notes.

should be 9-10-2001 above..

should be 9-10-2001 above.. damn us date format:)

The tiny, reinforced wedge of Pentagon was where accountants...

Whatever struck or blew-up the relatively tiny, renovated section of the Pentagon is said to be where gov't accountants, budget analysts, financial data, etc. dealing with the missing 2.3 trillion were sitting, and most were killed & their records destroyed!

Here are some of the names

Here are some of the names of the accountants:

Pretty ironic that the man

Pretty ironic that the man who was comptroller at the time was the same man in charge of a company that builds/sells remote flying systems for 747s and 757s, and oh yeah, a member of the famed PNAC also.
But Im sure this is just another coincidence....not

This amazes me also! It's

This amazes me also! It's like something is numbing the American population. If 911 did not occur and this happened 10-15 years ago, Americans would have demanded answers to this!

it is amazing. i wonder,

it is amazing. i wonder, where are the 'left gatekeepers' on this? i mean, this is not a conspiracy theory!!

here is a rare braodcast regarding the 2.3 trillion Dollars!

very interesting. thanks for

very interesting. thanks for posting this.
its suge a huge sum, a considerable amount of $$ for each taxpayer. which should be reason enough for people to care.