9/11 Truth Crashes Left Gatekeeping Festival

Real Truther was on his way home from Truthing in Harvard Square when he happened upon a lively festival of leftist peace activists. Real Truther worked on antiwar stuff with a lot of these folks so it was a bit of a reunion since these folks had not been receptive to Real Truther's 9/11 outreach, no doubt in part because of their tendency to idolize the likes of Chomsky and Amy Goodman. It wasn't long before a pair of college freshmen approached RT to give hime a hard time. "You're insane" they said. "Why don't you kill yourself" they asked. You know the types.

Of course when RT asked them about molten steel, the said the fires melted it. When RT pointed out the difference of 1000 degrees between the maximum temperature of hydrocarbon based fuels and the melting point of steel, they asked about my engineering credentials, and why they should believe me on those simple facts. Again, experienced Truthers know what I'm talking about. Where is your evidence, they demanded. I then opened up my posterboard full of clippings from Painful Questions and Waking up From Our Nightmare. Photos and analysis of the explosive collapse of the towers and the implosion of building 7. They were not impressed. We don't care about your pictures. Where is your evidence they repeated.

By then we had attracted the attention of more than a few honest leftists who backed up RT and told the kids to look at the evidence--that there was a very clear and strong case for what I was saying. RT began to feel bad for these kids, who may or may not have sincerely believed they were right, when every single peacenik who approached us was in fact a skeptic of the official fairy tale. The young brownshirts were caught with their pants down and ended up a bit shell-shocked by the experience--this was NOT the progressive gathering they envisioned--where were the gatekeepers? Had they abandoned their posts and left the pair alone to guard the wide open gates of truth? Being blindered, the young shills in training could not see that the gate is no longer even there. The exodus has begun.

I do have a word of caution to add--the truth movement is being joined by people from across the political spectrum, and while this is a very good thing, we cannot fail to consider the importance of building the bridges necessary to reach as broad a consensus as possible on the meaning and consequences of the true account of the Septembver 11 crimes. We must continue to think forward to the next steps of a viable global movement, one that welcomes a diversity of views on non-Truth issues and that can use 9/11 to move us all beyond divisive politics as usual into a world of better understanding through better information. We have for too long sown discord and been dismayed to reap tragedy. We must now plant the seeds of compromise and honest and fair debate on disagreements so that the tree of truth is not overwhelmed by the surrounding garden of human differences. Let's take humanity to a higher level--let's all learn the lessons of 9/11. Let's begin to build a better world, not for an ideology but for each other.

No truth, no justice, no peace. That is not a threat. It is a fact. Truth and justice for all, and peace will follow.