911oz Content is De-indexed by Google

www.911oz.com has been online since January of 2006.

During the time the website has been online, web stats showed an average 40-50 unique visitors per day. In early September I added a number of RSS news links to the main page. On 11 September 2006 there was a sharp spike which lasted for one day, as expected. On this day I had 120 vistors. Traffic then returned to the previous average.

In the week following the anniversary of 9/11 there was another sharp increase in the number of visitors to about 250. The traffic then spiked again to about 400 visits per day after I posted an essay on 9/11 Blogger.

A few days later the traffic dropped again sharply - and is now back to the previous average of 40-50 visits per day. There is a major difference in current traffic statistics however - whereas before a large part of my traffic came from google searches, now it is coming almost exclusively from "direct links". In order to investigate why this might be I ran a few google searches on blocks of text taken directly from my home page. The search results in all cases came up empty of links to 911oz.

Example: the following text is copied from the 911oz home page: 

I would like to share some examples from recent mainstream articles which purport to cover (and in reality insult, smear, mock, ridicule or condescend to)  the 9/11 Truth movement

If you paste the above text into google you'll see, in position 1, my recent blog entry on 911 Blogger (which is a copied from the 911oz home page). You will not, however, see any links to 911oz.com. I have done this with numerous text samples which are unique to the 911oz website - and found the same results every time. It appears that all content from 911oz has been de-indexed by google - which explains why my search engine traffic is so small.

Some search phrases still work - for example: "Australian Research on 9/11". This is the content of my <META> title tag. Similarly, entering 911oz directly into google still works.

Any comments or advice on what to do about this will be greatly appreciated. I am reluctant to interpret this in a "conspiratorial" manner. There may be genuine reason why this happened.

(: 911oz 



You are ignorants... Google

You are ignorants...

Google delists for many reasons... 99.99% of which are totally automatic and purely technical.

If you for instance, while being logged in, watch porn pictures. The google servers record this "abnormal" behaviour, and associate it with your site.

or your provider was doing maintenance when teh spider came.

or your pages are badly contructed ..

or your server was slow... after 20 seconds google-spiders record the site as NOT REACHABLE..

also, have a look in your source code... its a veritable mess..

META tags are mostly ignored anyway.

ho hum.. why not have a simple page?

Even 911blogger looks shittier then ever..

reduce the gimmicks...

make a links page, rather than cramming everything on the front page.

crawl back

under your rock u2.

Google has done this same thing to Terrorstorm also.