Donahue Takes On The Spin Zone

Donahue doesn't let Pinhead O'Reilly push him around

Bill O Reilly is a disgrace

You need to watch the movie "Outfoxed" where Bill O Reilly gives the same treatment to a young lad whose father died in the trade centre. #

Donahue is a hero

Pinhead Factor

I was actually watching the Pinhead's show when he did that.
He's watching out for his dick.
"Not being aware of these facts is in itself an evil because ignorance serves evil." Juri Lina - "Architects of Deception"


Every time I watch the Slime Oreiley I want to strangle him. THIS is a perfect example of his tactics....But I have to hand it to Phil. PHIL WINS on this battle. Good Job Phil. Kick his ass.

Good clip. I think it's a year or 2 old. Where's Donahue lately?

Good clip, but where are Donahue & Sheehan now? They need to speak some 9/11 truth pronto!

Thanks Phil!

America needs more support for the truth!