The people's US Congress has set legal interrogation techniques and amnesty!

This prisoner was later killed under legal circumstances.

The people of the USA plead necessity to defend the home of the brave, the land of the free.... The greatest nation on earth, armed and ready to defend human rights and democracy ... all over the globe from 600 military bases. To live in peace with every nation and to deter any evil attack on democratic nations.

Brave US Soldiers honourbly sacrifice their lives.    Maming and killing thousands is the sacrifice we Americans are willing to make on the altar of a world free from fear and economic strangulation.

Petroleum prices has nothing to do with it. We may laugh and enjoy our wealth, but we suffer for the freedom of the underdeveloped, always ready to bring our aid and staunch compassion, even to those that will not understand all the good that we do.

Vocabulary Builders
serious adj.extreme, as in allowable infliction of lawful “serious pain,” defined as “bodily injury which causes extreme physical pain” - U.S. Congress, 9/28/06

Yet, some nations do not understand this seriousness, they are poking sick jokes at our reveered leaders.