Time for a Trial

There is one that that American’s love – and that’s a sensational trial. It is time, my fellow Truthers, for a 9/11 Trial. This trial should be “televised” live on the web, but also made available on Google/YouTube in daily segments.

The format of this trial will be a civilian court to present the 9/11 case against the Bush administration in public, with full disclosure. Twelve impartial jurors will be selected and present the evidence. This court can appoint a defense lawyer for each defendant (Bush, Cheney, etc) if they refuse to appoint their own.

The trial will be conducted by real (perhaps retired) judges / prosecutors that believe in the 9/11 Truth cause.

Let the world and the american public see that the 9/11 truth movement is more then just a group of website fanatics.

The time has come. Our government does not represent us any more. We have the right under the Constitution to take such measures into our own hands when the people feel that they have been betrayed. The time is now to be strong like the founders of our great nation: Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Franklin and the rest.

In the end, at least this effort will perhaps create a significant amount of buzz on the web and in the MSM.

Any one interested in pursuing this venture please comment back.

That is a fantastic idea!

That is a fantastic idea! Even a mock trial, moot court, or a kind of play would be good if we can't get into a real court for now.