I'm Fairly New At This, But the Whole 9/11 Thing Sounds Fishy To Me

I am fairly new at this, but the whole "official" story sounds fishy to me and the more I read and listen, the mor fishy it

To this day, I don't know exactly why, but the moment I saw the second plane strike the South Tower, I asked myself,"
Where is Bush in all of this".About three years on I start reading extensivley and my "fishy smell" alarm starts to go
into overdrive. First I find out that several of the alleged suicide pilots flucnked flight training. Then, allegedly six or seven
of the hijackers show up ALIVE. Then there's the problem of the 9/11 cellphone calls: it would seem that, at the time of
9/11, cellphone calls could not be made above about 8,000 feet. So, did the callers somehow miraculously override the
laws of physics?

Later, videos of Bin Laden are broadcast and the Bin Laden shown is different each time!

This thing has holes I could drive a 767 though!

Browse 911research.com for a

Browse 911research.com for a couple of hours and you will very easily be able to add a few hundred more holes to the picture.

Loose Change 2nd Ed is the way to gain new truthers...

I don't know how anyone could watch Loose Change 2nd Ed. and not be convinced, or at least have tons of suspicions that 9/11 was an inside job. I'm surprised that every college student in the U.S. hasn't seen LC2E at least once. Don't fellow students & professors routinely show this video to their friends & colleagues? What could be more important then spending 80 minutes to watch LC2E.

Yep, the fish smells

Yep, the fish smells baaaad.
Id also suggest to watch '911 -Press for truth'.
You should find it on google video.
And, if you havent yet, read / watch about WTC7.
Have a look at Steven E. Jones 's paper.
Youll see that the stinky fish is huge.