Please Stop Posting Blog Entries Not Related to 9/11

Please do not post blog entries which are not related to 9/11, and I don't mean 7 degrees of seperation either.

If it isn't related to 9/11 directly then please don't post it, it just serves to flood out the other blog entries which are. Non-9/11 related blog entries will be unpublished.

"Non-9/11 related blog

"Non-9/11 related blog entries will be unpublished."


Is questioning this "act" 9/11-related chairman?

i dont know dz, i respect

i dont know dz, i respect your rules, this is your website, but many of the so called non related blogs have been great.(of course not all of them). i understand your point about wanting to keep this strictly a 9/11 website/resource, but i gotta say, a LOT of interesting info has come from the blogs and im going to miss them for sure.

but people come here for

but people come here for 9/11 related stuff, if we allow everything from chem trails to mkultra to UFOs and depleted uranium then we are going way beyond the scope of this site.. there are sites out there for those subjects, this one has to stay 9/11 related, because we don't want our blog section to become a voice for everything under the sun..

i'll keep it within reason for sure, just saying that a blog entry completely non-9/11 related could be a reason for it disappearing.. i am going to break up the rules into rules for comments and blogs tonight prolly..

i totally get where your

i totally get where your coming from, really i do, but regardless im still gonna miss some of the off topic blogs from the likes of DHS and others. regardless, keep up the great work, with or without blogs(off topic or not) this is still easily one of the greatest sites on the web.

Not so good when "off topic" includes Holocaust Denial...

People who have been frothing over "off topics" such as Holocaust Denial, and various degrees of anit-Zionism, have been diverting us from the focus on the hard evidence we have regarding 9/11.

A scientiic analysis that demonstrates that a 757 could not have passed thru a wormhole in the Pentagon, or that the strongest hypothesis for the molten metal in 3 buildings on 9/11 is explosives, do so much more for us that debates on the "off topics" that for some people is really their "on topic".

Unfortunately, some people have a perception that the 9/11 truth movement are really loonies who will believe all kinds of crap (e.g., the Apollo astronauts never landed on the moon, there neve was a Holocaust), and use forums such as thing one to pursue their crazy agendas.

They don't really belong in the 9/11 truth movement, they only want to exploit it, based upon their contempt for the earnest ones who are fighting the lies of the establishment.

I totally agree with this new policy: it is not censorship.

Those who want to argue there was no Holocaust and no moon landing have all the "freedom of speech" in the world to do so outside of this forum.

They need to get a life, and if they want to help the 9/11 movement, start focusing on the science and the news, and stop hurting us all with their not so hidden agenda.

I wonder if you could combine the best of both worlds into one

I wonder if you could combine the best of both worlds into one, by dividing it into 2 sections of blogs? An author would have to choose a tag for each of his blog entries before committing it:

Like this:

  • one section is for "9/11 related blogs"
  • another section is "off-topic blogs"

with the power for the site admins to move a blog entry from one section to the other (if the original author didn't use the desired self-description for his blog entry)..

It could be made into a sub-selection underneath of "blogs". Just like "news" do currently have "daily news" + "tags" + "by day" + "by month", the "blogs" could have these two different categories (and default to "9/11 related blogs" of course), with the offtopic ones being one more click away.

I'm sure I personally will scan always all off-topic blogs as well, and read the ones more closely which are interesting to me.

You'd keep freedom of speech, while at the same time making it clear to "site newbies" which blog entries are regarded as "more mainstream 9/11 truth" and which ones are rather "fringe".

Off course, some of the blogs deemed "off-topic" will start arguing that they in fact are on topic and complain being treated unjustly (and probably be the scene of many a flamewar too, if participants are not careful); well, so be it -- the offtopic folks still could argue their case, and they would still not be censored, and their point of view would still have a chance to make into mainstream at a later stage. [And in case of too heavy flamewars, you could still consider outright censorship for known and outright troll posts...].

What do you think?