I ways this is relavent to the TOTAL TRUTH movement.Before the events of 9/11 i was amazed at the cover-up
of the death of JFK.This is how i stumbled across the 9/11 FACTS.
Appauled at every sentence i read.Angered at how crooked our great country has become,it pushed me
further to find out how,and why?
Vote? You have to be kidding me! I think ill stay at home and call the Rockefellers or Rothschilds and find out who will win.
The Big PROBLEM starts with the elite,and the Federal Reserve.It seems they've been screwing the american people since 1913,and before.
I just would like to let you truthers know how messed up they system is ,and why.
Find ,and watch the movie The Money Masters.Another good one is The truth about the federal reserve on Google video.
This ,put's it into perspective! What an eye opener!