9/11 Politics Special Project Results From Florida

911truth.org launched a new project entitled 9/11 Politics about a month ago. This special projects workgroup set out to ask all senate and congressional candidates their stance on 9/11 via this questionnaire, and they could use your help. So far this group has 10 candidates on record stating their support for a new investigation.

Mia sent in a link sharing her recently received results which you can find here:
911 Politics - FL Candidates Respond

It is now open season on political candidates and I went out with Elaine and we bagged a few on Sunday when they all came to roost at a 'Get to Know the Candidates' event in Ibor City hosted by the Green Party. I presented all the candidates including the judges with the questionnaire and took a minute to explain that there are legitimate concerns and that the new crop of candidates needs to know the truth. Some had heard rumors about 9/11, some knew the truth, some were in the dark. One school teacher had taken the DVD I gave her at a previous event and shown it to her class. Another candidate from the prior event was anxious for more DVD's. People all over are shifting their positions at this very moment as they pop in their new DVD's and sit back for the slide down the rabbit hole...

This project is not too big, not too small, it's just right. Get organized now and make a difference. Take charge of your home state and seek out your own core group of comrades-in-truth.
Get started now and you'll wrap it up in a week! JUST DO IT!

Head on over for the full posting as well as resources to help you get started with your own local candidates. Please help out if you can!


A new piece from FTW that seems more like an ending than a beginning. Lots of tough talk against most of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Makes some good points however, and worth a read.

9/11 is history. Yes, it is critically important history, and that is why Mike Ruppert wrote a book of 600 pages and 1,000 footnotes to put this critical event into the proper context.

But FTW is done with over-analyzing 9/11. We’ve made the case, and no one has presented a serious challenge to it since it was published two years ago. 9/11 only holds a small fraction of the information that will help humanity understand the world we live in today and what is coming tomorrow.

i said it before and i'll

i said it before and i'll say it again. FTW bashing and sniping at the 9/11 truth movement? you dont say! i guess Ruppert isnt the only giant walking ego over there after all.


Did you guys see the promo for South Park this Wednesday. It's going to deal with 9/11 theories. I'm sure they will rip us a new one. But, maybe more people will start talking about it.

those two kids deal with

those two kids deal with demorat/repug issues;

all in the past