Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book

Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book - UK Daily Mail

"Twelve eyewitnesses state seeing another jet nearby."

"They claim they saw an F-16 move closer in and fire what were probably two Sidewinder missiles, one of them catching at least one of the Boeing’s huge engines, after which the ‘plane dropped like a stone’."

"Someone else ‘heard a loud bang’ and saw the airliner plummet. A Vietnam War veteran said he ‘heard a missile’, a sound he knew well... there are numerous and highly credible witness accounts of a mysterious white jet being seen after Flight 93 went down."

"Jim Brant, owner of the Indian Lake marina where debris was found, said he heard the roar of jet engines overhead, then saw a fireball rise into the air. He looked up and noticed a white plane circling the wreckage. ‘It reminded me of a fighter jet,’ he said."

Alex Jones confronts John Ashcroft

on the ManCow show this morning. Go to the 10/10/06 archive and scroll to 2 hours and 30 seconds.


John Ashcraft: "Uh er um"

John Ashcraft: "Uh er um"

Or "Asscraft"...

... if you've participated in blogamy with the ever beautiful, one of a kind, Dr. Block.

Instead, the real story is

Instead, the real story is mired in cynical manipulation and warmongering propaganda. I am convinced there is evidence to suggest a wholly sinister twist to the tale that already holds pride of place in American folklore. For I believe that Flight 93 may well have been deliberately shot down as a means of stopping it from reaching its ultimate target — even at the expense of the 40 blameless people on board. It is a suspicion that was held even by the FBI, but was swept aside as a shaken America clung on to the official version of selfless sacrifice and raw patriotism.

Today, with the approach of the fifth anniversary of 9/11, some will still say that such speculation only serves to lend comfort to terrorists and does a disservice to the dead.

man, thats a great article.. i had promoted it to the front page before noticing it was actually a couple months old.. i didnt notice til after I modified your blog entry a bit, feel free to change it back.

great find, we may have already covered it, but its hard for me to stay on top of what the other team members do so this was new to me!

I believe Flight 93 was a

I believe Flight 93 was a failed attack in the sense that it was probably intended to strike the US Congress or White House or other high value target, and some DECENT air force pilot/commander disobeyed the stand down and shot the plane down.

If so, I would assume the target was also laden with explosives.

 Question is, is there any unusual construction activity noted at any of the probable targets after 9/11?

I know the Anthrax attacks did prompt extended evacuations from congressional buildings...

or there was a bomb on board...

like the air traffic audio suggests...

and it blew up in the air, or on the ground upon impact?

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Where is the wreckage?

I keep hearing about this part or that part found scattered for miles but I've seen precious few pictures of any of this stuff. It's so easy to take a list of people and pretend they boarded a plane, sorry. Absent any credible and conclusive evidence that 93 was a real flight I don't think we should be using it to support claims that there were hijacked aircraft on 9/11 when there is no evidence other than some bogus audio fragments that hijackings actually occured. Let's start with the obvious demolition of building 7, move to the almost as obvious demolition of the twin towers, then when we've established what happened in those cases I bet we can start getting more info on the nature of the planes said to have been flying about hijacked. Otherwise we're putting the smoke before the gun, or the horse befopre the cart, or something like that. EVIDENCE, people. Where is the HARD EVIDENCE OF HIJACKINGS? The kind that can't easily be faked or lied about?? Where?


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There's nothing solid. As I see it, if they were audacious enough to invent the plane hitting the pentagon, what should have kept them from inventing another? One for the shock, one for the awe. The bigger the lie, the better...

In any case, if 93 was shot down, who dug the hole on short notice?