New Southpark Episode on 9/11 Conspiracy this Wednesday Night

Simuvac posted a blog entry today regarding a new South Park episode airing this Wednesday night at 10PM EST. The trailer for the new episode is available now via the link below.

Mystery of the Urinal Deuce -

The world’s biggest conspiracy of all time will finally be uncovered when Eric Cartman exposes the true culprit behind the September 11th attacks. No one in South Park is safe from the people who are the real brains behind the 9/11 conspiracy. When Kyle and Stan hit the road in search of the truth, they come face-to-face with the masterminds who pulled off the most elaborate, intricate and flawlessly executed operation in American history..

It should be noted that the trailer that aired tonight ended by showing a drawing of Kyle holding a knife on the projector with Cartman saying 'and you almost got away with it, butthole' which isn't in the trailer available for download.

Thanks Simuvac for the heads up.

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Time to see if SP creators are that cutting edge

Or just a bunch of guys willing to mock everything for a cheap laugh and treat their audience as unsophisticated. It seems unlikely any serious treatment will be given to it. Here's how I hope it will go: they treat the 9/11 commission report and goverment officals somewhat the way they treated the religon of scientology(showed it as totally silly) and scientologists (as lead by greedy leaders and followed by sycophantic cultists). If it does anything along these lines which I think it will, then it's stirring the pot of controversy and spreading the idea tha, "yes, holy shit, like for real", there is validity to the claims of conspiracy and no 'proof' or even real credibility of the goverments claims. It's like what keeps getting said here over and over. The truth is no one knows exactly what happened, and that at every level people trying to figure out that truth have been impeded (even the 9/11 commission researches).


I wouldn't expect much from the guys. They certainly are masterful at teenage boy humor, but they've never illustrated anything meriting a noble cause. In fact they've exeplified the opposite. They are the creators of the hilarious, yet vulgar and pro Bush Middle Eastern policy movie, Team America, World Police. I would guarentee these Studio Stooges are eager to spin 911 anyway their check-writers want them too. They are probably going to try to enforce the notion that anyone questioning the Official story are idiots.

Meant to reply to below comment

this is a reply to the comment below

If you think Team America is

If you think Team America is pro-Bush, you completely missed the point.


Team America while being a comedy did manage to hit it's target of being a satire on terrorism and American nationalism.

the scene where they destroyed Paris.... but stopped the terrorists from destroying Paris was classic!

Team America wasn't pro-bush, maybe it wasn't anti-war enough.

And maybe i'm the only one who thinks that all the characters were puppets for more reason than because it looked funny.

Will Make a Complete Mockery Out of 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

And for good reason.

Think John Edward (Biggest Douche in the Universe) and Scientology (Trapped in the Closet).

Puke Jokes & All

Punked on MTV is one thing, but 911 Truth Movement getting "South Parked" is another. Putting a hit on Scientology is not the same as a public outcry for justice in a mass murder investigation. Trey Parker and his partner should be ashamed of themselves. Any of your attention towards them from this point forward is capital for them and their sellout lives. They are simply studio servants with a penchant for teenage boy humor, the magical target of most media market film campaigns. They're not exactly the types you can expect any sort of greatness from because that would require the ability to empathize with your fellow man's concern. And right now the 911 Truth Movement is filled with fellow men crying out our concerns. Not recognizing the cry for truth is one thing, denying it is another, enabling a horrendous lie in the face of mass murder is utterly disgusting. I guess that sums up much of the South Park humor and the maximus of the South Park creators and writers, digusting..

yes, you are the only one

yes, you are the only one who thinks that.

I think the southpark guys

I think the southpark guys will give about as much love to 911 truthers as they give to mel gibson. Probably less. Any conspiracy theory that winds up pointing at a cabal of zionists will certainly get the mark of insanity from a bunch of hollywood jewish folks. I bet you anything this will provide great confidence to the "I don't read, or investigate, but still know you're all crazy." crowd. Unabashed ignorance has become a badge of patriotism anymore. It works because it makes ill informed people feel in the know.

Major Hit Piece Potential

Sorry, but this has hit piece written all over it. I've seen a few episodes that prominently feature Cartman and he is usually portrayed as the idiot. Kyle and Stan will make fun of Cartman to no end and Cartman will be like "Screw you guys, I'm going home."

The best we could possibly hope for is that they present a few tidbits of interesting information that makes a few people look into the alternative theories for themselves. I hope I'm wrong but 99% sure it's a hit piece.


Matt stone, one of the creator of South Park, once said that he is a registered Republican. I don't want to imply anything, but he is also a secular Sephardic Jew. He doesn't like Michael Moore and once called him "fat".

This is going to be a hit piece, no doubt.

Yes, perfect! You know

Yes, perfect! You know exactly what it's going to be and so do I. I'm glad you said it too. This will be a hit job that will make you feel nervous and silly for having a thought in your head. It will have no other purpose than to make you feel terribly uncomfortable for having questioned these issues at all. I would bet any amount of money that this will be the case and for the exact reason you suggest. Good call.

I wouldn't expect any

I wouldn't expect any miracles from south park considering last weeks episode was nothing more than an advertisement for Blizzard (owned by Vivendi, a French partner of NBC) and Best Buy.

My best guess

So its pretty obvious that Cartman say that it was a Jewish conspiracy, and that Kyle is motivated to prove him wrong. So Kyle and Stan go on a journey, metaphore anyone, to discover the truth. Pretty good so far.

What they discover is certainly up for grabs. This episode will make many friend and enemies of South Park. I suspect that we will be disappointed.

My best guess is that they will either discover that the government is hopelessly incompetent, or find Bin Laden, and who knows where that would lead.

I agree with this

I agree with this prediction. Im dreading seeing it.

mel gibson did it?

no, it was the jews, ya?

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As a huge fan of south park,

As a huge fan of south park, I think you're all jumping the gun about this.

For a start, although South Park uses childish humour, anyone who's familiar with their more recent work will know that they use childish humour to make sophisticated points about pressing moral issues.

Take the recent episode about Family Guy and how they wanted to show a pciture of Mohammed - the South park guys actually drew a pardoy of Family Guy which had a picture of Mohammed in it, but Comedy Central refused to air it so a message came up on the screen saying so. They pushed the issue of freedom of expression to it's limits and for good cause!

They have made smiliar scoial commentary about Paedophilia in Catholicism, Scientology, Mormonism, Smoking etc etc

Although I doubt this episode could be of much help to the movement, I am not going to presume that it will be a hit piece.



when i think of OT i

when i think of OT i remember the "tooth fairy" episode. in fact i thouht it was a 9\11 refernce in the show. other from that, i believe they might be pretty much close to the truth in the episode that connects pedophilia to secret Vatican cult. don't really want to investigate though, i prefer to stay "limited hangout" on that topic...

I actually watched the episode....

Well... Sorry that you all were wrong, 9/11 wasn't blamed on Jews, Bin Ladin, the government, muslims, or anyone for that matter. Actually, I found this episode to be quite entertaining from both sides of the conspiracy fence. Cartman uses 9/11 conspiracy evidence (and pictures from all the websites of the towers and pentagon) to prove that it links Kyle to dropping a deuce in the school urinal, and while giving his typical "stupid Jew" comments, doesn't link it to the Jews at all. The boys go on a mission to disprove Cartman when the whole school is convinced that Kyle caused 9/11 and won't go near him. Long story short, the boys meet a man who leads the website and watch him die at the hands of GW himself, only to learn that the man was faking his death and the government is running the website and creating the theories. After a ridiculously poor impersonation of Bush and a speech that practically recites word for word everything on about the attacks, he claims that the gov't didn't do it at all, "it was the angry muslims, retard!", but that they were running the websites to promote fear of the gov't to give them absolute power. I loved this twist on it. And why? The gov't will never confess to any wrong doing and we will never get the truth out of them, so noone will ever know what really happened except that the gov't has capitalized on it something fierce. But, I will say on the conspiracy theorists POV, that crazy man running around in the t-shirt, is going to cause more hits to that site that there probably have been in the past 4 years. South Park is watched by millions and millions of people who while they may not buy the theory, will be curious enough to check out the website and browse around. Thank you Matt and Trey!!!

Hey retard... pay attention

Hey retard... pay attention to your own speak.. you just said "they didn't blame it on Jews, Bin Ladin, the government, muslims, or anyone for that matter."

and then in your own post, you go on to say how the end up blaming it on angry muslims... which they do.. the whole episode is made to trivialize those wanting the full story behind 9/11.

Hit piece all the way

Hit piece all the way without a doubt. They're woefully inept with some of their research - ie - they're take on global warming.

We seem to be in agreement..

Everybody is expecting a hit piece, and rightly so. While it is a very funny show, i don't watch regularly, but I did catch the Al Gore/global warming spoof. That show' s basic attitude was that global warming is joke and Al Gore is only interested in his own status. For all the ignorant kids and stoners out there it probably convinced them not to see "An Inconvenient Truth," and that's huge disservice to our world. I was apalled that they couldn't muster any seriousness for such a critical subject as global warming.

I will watch the 9/11 episode, if it is a total hit piece making fun of the 9/11 truth movement and our supposedly "self-righteous" or overly "earnest" character, I will boycott South Park for life. I call on the rest of you to do the same and tell your friends that just because the show is funny doesn't mean it isn't damaging propaganda.

The creators know that they have a specific demographic--many people who don't watch/read the news and aren't very informed DO watch South Park. Thus it is not just a harmless little cartoon; the stuff they cover and the attitude they express is very important. Not everything is a joke. When you have an audience of millions, you have a responsibility to some sort of honesty and public service.

International Truth Movement

The whole point of the South

The whole point of the South Park guys is that they can' t muster any seriousness about anything. They pretty much fart on seriousness.

I will quit those guys.....

I will quit those guys..... Again!

Show "Al Gore IS only interested" by Anonymous (not verified)

lol you're so dumb.. Gore

lol you're so dumb..

Gore wasn't president for 8 years.. he was VICE president, moron.

your george clooney is an anology for nothing other than your complete and utter stupidity..

thats ANALOGY, stupid.

thats ANALOGY, stupid.

This is absolutely going to

This is absolutely going to be a hit piece. They're going to paint all of us as raving lunes. They should be asking themselves what drives us to rant and rave, maybe it's the fact that we're right and our government was involved in attacking us on 9/11. Oh well what more can you expect of the guys who helped demonize Saddam and make it easier to equate Iraq= Saddam rather than Iraq = Millions of innocent people + Saddam and some other twisted people. By doing so they made it easier to bomb the innocents. In my opinion they're just as culpable as the NY Times. I still laugh my ass off at their shows but when it comes to certain issues they completely bomb.

Yes, it will definitely be a

Yes, it will definitely be a hit piece, Who the hell cares what some dumb-ass cartoon has to say anyway? This is far too big a subject to be dealt with in a clumsily animated "cartoon".

you are a lune if you think

you are a lune if you think you're 100% right in your SUSPISCIONS about the govt. involvement... look, it's one thing to be a skeptic and a truth seeker, but i have to say that if you think you're "right" when we don't know the real truth of the matter, then maybe you are a bit of a lune..

it'll probably be about some

it'll probably be about some guy who shit in a urinal on september 11th, 2006 or something.. not THE 9/11.. they love that prank type of stuff.

The whole episode will be

The whole episode will be one big "spoof" of 9/11 truth activists, or as the media spins it "conspiracy theories".
The cynical left/right media loves to make fun of us just like they like to make fun of Bush. In fact were seen on par with the neocons. Daniel Ellsberg who we all thought was on our side, turned around and said were no different than Cheney and his "1 percent doctrine"...but you know, as much as its going to reinforce the notion of questioning 9/11 as "nuts", I cant wait to see it. I guess its like a Star Trek enthuist waiting to see how they'll make fun of em. South Park likes to spoof all it people who live on WoW, or "research 9/11".

uber pwnz0rs


I'm leaning on hit piece

but with the more self evident truths layered in it?

like the coverup ect.

that's there style.

I could see them emphasizing the zionist angle, but making purely a "jew" issue, as that is the typical banter between kyle and cartmen.

Just my two cents.

"Urinal Deuce" Using Jewish

"Urinal Deuce"

Using Jewish scatological "humor" to prove that jews are god's chosen.

betting on slander of both sides

This is just my guess, but Cartman will blame it on jews, (hurting the movement) during his presentation, and then Kyle and Stan will investigate and find out that the truth is (helping the movement) in some form. That leaves us with one rational option! An investigation maybe?

But I'm happy regardless that 9/11 truth is getting so much attention. Did anyone see Boondocks last week? One character stood up to a mic and said "the government is lying about 9/11" and later on the smae character was explaining "no planes hit the pentagon". Interesting.

Excited for the episode!

OT: NY Daily News article (Bloomberg admin/Fresh Kills landfill)


Nix 9/11 kin suit, city urges court



The Bloomberg administration has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit aimed at forcing the city to excavate and give a "proper burial" to tons of World Trade Center debris at Fresh Kills landfill.

But they burried that debris

But they burried that debris with thousands of tons of concrete...just like OK City debris.

ain't ever gunna be dug up.... wonder why??

The 9/11 Truth Movement: It's all about Phallic Power

In it, he explored why the terrorist attacks affected so many so profoundly.

"Towers are symbols of phallic power," Lakoff explained, "and their collapse reinforces the idea of loss of power."

"And if you think the Twin Towers were symbolically profound, wait till you get a load of the Pentagon: "Another kind of phallic imagery was more central here," Lakoff wrote. "The Pentagon, a vaginal image from the air, was penetrated by the plane as missile."

Are we supposed to construct

Are we supposed to construct buildings and rockets in the shape of vaginas?

There was a mall under

There was a mall under ground at the world trade center. It's a little known fact that the japanese architect designed it in the exact star shape of a bung hole. If you recall, the building collapsed into the basement. This was symbolically profound because the large phallic symbol disappeared into the corn hole shaped basement soil of manhattan. This was symbollic of George bush getting all of america straight up the ass.

I broke the damn

i'm really interested in a psych evaluation of Tom and Jerry.

And I want it by two days before the day after tomorrow!


oh my goodness gracious.

Some people are saying it

Some people are saying it will be a hit piece, others are wondering if this might be the breakthrough we need, and I'm just wondering if it will have a flying poo in it. Or a gay dog. It would be good if it had a gay dog in it.

Even if they make fun of the

Even if they make fun of the movement, I'm gonna let it slide. These guys are on mainstream tv and we know CC cencors them to an extent, making fun of pop culture is what they do best, just them bringing it UP puts a spotlight on the issue, plus, they're damn funny.

It's South Park for chrissakes

People, if you're not prepared to be made fools of and completely insulted by this episode, don't watch. These two numbnuts (Not that I'm not a huge fan of South Park) are not going to break out on the side of 9-11 Truth. They're going to make the whole movement out to be assholes.

Super Adventure Club

Does anyone here doubt that the south won the civil war?

Checkout my new website:


Replying to myself... add that the SP guys aren't cutting edge or progressive on issues at all. They're pretty mainstream "everything is bullshit" fart joke masters. They make fun of both sides at once to conceal their leanings. That's why people see "Team America" as pro and anti-Bush. You haven't seen much of anything from them that's anti-Iraq War, they made out Gore and global warming to be bullshit, and now 9-11 Truth is up for an ass-kicking. By ridiculing both sides at once, they get a pass. Jesus, conservatives thing these guys have their values, and maybe they're right.

I've always laughed at the show, but I've also been aware of how much it must suck to be in their sites. Jeanine Garafalo was a fan until "Team America" made her out to be an empty-headed, headline-repeating leftie who gets her head blown off by the terrorists she wants to coddle. All fair in the public domain I guess, but she had to talk about that with her nephews who saw the movie.

So prepare for an ass-kicking, and keep your sense of humor.

Best post

Couldn't have been said any better.

Looks like everyone here is missing the bigger point.

Will the South Park 9/11 episode be a hit piece on 9/11 Truthers? Almost certainly. Trey and Matt showed their true colors when they made the sickeningly sychophantic piece of propaganda shortly after 9/11 when the boys went to confront bin Laden, and again when they did their cute little hit piece on Gore.

But that's really not the bigger issue here. The real point is not that Trey and Matt are going to do a hit piece on 9/11 Truthers, but that the 9/11 Truth movement is real and substantial enough to merit a hit piece from South Park. That alone is cause for celebration.

Certainly, it would be nicer if they treated the subject with the gravitas it deserves, but c'mon, guys...they're Trey and Matt...we really can't expect too much from them.

No matter how negative the hit piece turns out to be, it will still benefit the 9/11 Truth movement by doing what the MSM has so far steadfastly refused to do...acknowledging it as real.

I agree. These guys are

I agree. These guys are very, very conservative (even though they love toilet humor and swearing) they LOVE bush, they totally support his middle east policy, they hate anyone who identifies themselves as liberal, they hate environmentalists, gays, people who drive hybrid cars, and people who protest anything. I knew they would do a 9/11 hit piece this season. It'll support the official story, and paint everybody who questions the official story as jew-hating holocaust-denying idiots. They said in an interview recently that they made Team America because they wanted Bush to get re-elected. Google "South Park Conservatives" if you want to know where these guys really stand.

stop wasting your time with inane cable tv shows

thank god i cancelled my cable. i suggest you all do the same. if you still need to watch tv, use an antenna or your computer. what a waste of time and money. in addition to sites like and youtube, check this link out. you can live television from around the world for free.

Screw South Park and Trey

Screw South Park and Trey and Matt or whatever the hell their names are. I don't like the idea of being made fun of. They can stick their heads all the way up their keesters, and keep them there for all I care.

Whatever you say, sunshine.

Whatever you say, sunshine.

While I fully support exposing the truth, I also know that 9/11 isn't everything. Life still goes on, thank goodness. I still have to laugh once in a while, ya know?

I really don't care if these

I really don't care if these South Park creators believe the official story or not. I mean, who the hell are these guys anyway? They make some awkwardly animated cartoon. Gee, I guess we will really have are rear-ends handed to us on a platter if these guys make fun of us. Gosh my feelings are hurt so badly, I may never recover. LOL

wtf are you on about

It is called satire. They make fun of people who take extreme stances on things, instead of being level headed & logical. Anyone who thinks Team America was pro-Bush needs their head examined. Of course, everyone has their own interpretation but what I got out of the movie is that it is a tough job that someone has to do, and the US has stepped up to the plate, although making alot of mistakes in the process.

As for the interview "They said in an interview recently that they made Team America because they wanted Bush to get re-elected. " The only thing I have seen is them talking about a letter than Sean Penn sent to them saying that they were going to get bush re-relected, which they responded to with "We're just like...No we're not first of all and second of all, that's not what we are here to do and either should you be, but your an actor." at

Don't tolerate the anti-jew BS.

I started coming here, several times a day, about a year ago when the site was new.

Lately, I've been really disheartened by how much this blog tolerates anti-jew hate talk in the comments. Honestly, it's making me question motivations, and turning me away from this whole movement. I think this problem is the downfall of any hopes of finding out what really happened. If we can't control it, we are sunk.

"Please follow these basic guidelines to avoid having posts or blog entries removed:
Do not post entries that are abusive, offensive, contain profane or racist material, or resort to attacking other users."


I think the problem is that

I think the problem is that the antisemitism is streaming in faster than the moderators can deleted the comments. These Nazis (whether they're plants or not doesn't matter) are working overtime.

please vote these comments

please vote these comments down, that way the community can help with the moderation.. i've removed a handful already today, but the end solution is to have our users vote down the comments like these which are against our rules..

It's a damn shame...

This will be especialy painful for me, as I consider this show not only the funniest, but also frequently the most thoughtful and insightful show on TV. In fact, it's the ONLY show I'll watch regularly... which is why I know they're gonna hit us hard. It's been tough for me to come to grips with the fact that these guys seem to inject conservative views into their shows while disguising it as lowbrow humor. They hate celebrities... and most celebrities are liberal.

They will absolutely ridicule 9/11 truthers and make us out to be complete conspiracy nutjobs... and they will do so with great skill.

Team America IS a partial defense of US foreign policy... especially the final, profanity-laden monologue about the "three kinds of people" in the world. The implication is that while America makes some mistakes... it also keeps the world safe. The celebrities in the movie openly support Kim Jong-Il, who's bent on world domination.

It's very sad, because if they took the time to study 9/11, they could make an extroardinarily funny and powerful episode ridiculing the official story... which would be not only easy, but hilarious.

SP specializes in below radar trends

9/11 is definitely a just below-surface major societal trend, which is what SP loves to rip apart. 100% Stone and Parker are aware of the 9.11 truth movement but haven't bothered to investigate it and think everyone involved in it is a putz. The episode will definitely mock truthers.

I'm sure this piece will be

I'm sure this piece will be about as "fair and pro-9/11 Truth" as Penn Jillette or MythBusters.

MythBusters did 9/11? what

MythBusters did 9/11? what specifically did they try to "debunk" about it? i cant believe i missed that. link anyone?

Bring on the negative oints for this post...

Two months after the 9/11/01 attacks, I was convinced it was an inside job. Ever since, I have researching and running my mouth when I felt it was benificial.

But the biggest problem I have so far found with this important movement is the anger the people "in the know" direct at everyone else.

Fuck Bush, but I wouldn't say the same for my fellow brothers and sisters who are living out their lives, some ignorant, some confused, some in the know. It makes me angry that people on this board diss anyone who won't say exactly what is expected to be said! #1 Matt and Trey are FUNNY and they have prevoked great movements in the free speech zone. #2 My father actually thinks "Bush isn't so bad". Grrr. It's frustrating, yes, but at the same time, my Dad is a world traveller, high-roller, VIP. He's not stupid and he's not to be so easily dismissed (Actually, by humbly listening to him, I have learned a lot about my world and what I need to do to address such issues).

People on this sight should stop dissing everyone who dissagrees, and should instead try to learn a bit about reality, a bit about STRATAGY if they want to make great headway with their own views.


Words of wisdom

A samurai bides her time, learning all she can, formulating her plan, before she makes haste.

I hope this one won't just

I hope this one won't just be a hit piece.

btw, Trey Parker and Matt Stone made fun of Bush in "That's My Bush!".

Um, people, it says right

Um, people, it says right there in the synopsis;

"the most elaborate, intricate and flawlessly executed operation in American history.."

connect the dots.

Well, did anybody actually

Well, did anybody actually see it?

It hasn't aired yet...

It hasn't aired yet...

yeah, i saw it, they didnt

yeah, i saw it, they didnt exactly make fun of him. it was very weak. such an easy target and they couldnt bring themselves to really give it to him like they should/could have. cowards.

I don't know what to make of

I don't know what to make of that episode. But it looks like the site is down thanks to them. The URL was plastered on the t-shirt of the guy with the glasses, pictured above in the screen shot.

They brought up quite a few

They brought up quite a few solid points (melting point of steel) that might turn some people's heads, even though they end the episode by calling conspiracy theorists retards

Sadly, exactly as predicted.

Well, I just finished watching it, and it was every bit the hit piece we all knew it would be.

I know it's futile to expect more from Trey and Matt, but I still can't help but feel disappointed. They had a chance to do something real, but they chose to support the lie instead.

A spaced out odyssey.

You guys scare me.

To paraphrase the famous spaceman, " My god, it's full of idiots."


You guys scare me.

And you guys never fail to disappoint me.

To paraphrase the famous spaceman, " My god, it's full of idiots."

You've got that right. The evidence is right in front of you, but you and the rest of the third of this country who blindly support this corrupt administration consistently choose to look the other way. Run along...American Idol is on, and if you missed it, what would you have to talk about with your vapid little friends tomorrow?

I don't know what to think...

There was a lot of good in that show, and a lot of bad.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Just watched it.

Just watched it. I was dreading it but it wasnt so bad. It was actually sorta umm... interesting.

Matt and Trey showed their usual level of seriousness, and it was obvious they didnt do any research at all. But hey, it was still funny and thats all they are really good for.

The 9/ site is down? Maybe some of the mindless south park viewers will actually read the site.

I'm pretty happy with that

I just watched, and I think it was great. Maybe I was hearing what I wanted to hear, but it seemed to include some of the "hooks" of the Truth movement, without doing anything to refute them, other then some silly "the conspiracy was a conspiracy" jokes. I didn't see it as a hit job at all - on the contrary, that episode made me feel like the writers are on our side, but had to be very careful about how they addressed the issue.

And that's why you are a

And that's why you are a conspiracy theorist. You can make anything look good in your mind, even when they flat out call conspiracy theorists retards. Hopefully it will keep people from diverting their attention away from things that are happening now like they did with Scientology, Mormons, etc...

Yes Virginia, there really are 9/11 nutcases.

You guys are hillarious.
So, the Twin Towers were brought down by explosives that the dirty Jews snuck in during the night?
Let's see .. you would need several hundred tons of the stuff. But I suppose making shit up about Jews is more important than the truth, right?

I pity you fools. I blame it on Fox no longer running "The X-files".

To the kid above this post

Yes choke down everything you hear out of a cartoon. I guess you searched out this site just so you could pretend you knew what you were talking about, how pathetic. Dont bother to see if there is any substance to the theory, just go around acting like an ignorant asshole. Only twelve year olds do that, so I guess your not old enough or mature enough to actually consider something that isnt in the realm of mainstream news. Jews have nothing to do with 9/11 being an inside job, Trey and Matt mislead your easily influenced mind into thinking that 9/11 theorists hate jews.
Kids do your homework, stop watching cartoons.