Shout-Out, For Collaborative Help!

Hello dear researchers and wordsmiths...

Working on a new letter to be handed out in the style of ( which has already received a mixed response at the Department of Justice, and a surprisingly receptive response at the Department of State (several voiced their solidarity with the truth movement, one even made a u-turn to voice his clear disgust at the "very strange activities" at the Pentagon where he claimed to be on the dark day).

This new letter is to be geared for FAA and NTSB workers. Appealing to their better nature, commitment to the Constitution, intellectual honesty, augmented by boldness and bravery to leak (unauthorized, if need be) documentation to We the People.

Currently, We would like more clarity on these areas. You all, are invited to suggest better avenues, or more pointed questions. Thanks in advance.

1.) Affirmation of the authenticity of the FDR (Flight Data Recorder) log which can not be made to fit the Official Narrative of that recorder descending low enough to strike the Pentagon.

2.) Why, for heaven's sake, has the NTSB failed to offer a report correlating the multitude of survivable serial numbers from time-change service parts of the four aircraft with their home-base maintenance log books?

3.) A counter challenge to NORAD which now pretends that they were critically dependent upon FAA/ATC for notification of hijackings.

That's what I have so far. Please contribute.

The overriding import of the leaflets, IS NOT to shame them for inaction to-date (as much as they deserve it), but to appeal to their fundamental patriotism, Oath to The Constitution, and their own skin when we are all steamrolled by the rogue government at hand.

Drop in ideas, comments, suggestions, concerns... whatever.