WTC 7 Video From North, South & West Plus Rooftop Closeup

YouTube poster parkerjax found a video showing 3 sides of building 7. It doesn't look like there are any big fires or substantial structural damage on the three sides shown. Judge for yourself.

"I just found this obscure video of WTC 7 prior to its collapse on 9/11/01. The video shows a lot of important information.

The South & West sides can clearly be seen. Smoke is coming from the foreground (not WTC 7) and is also pouring out of WTC 7. The thick black smoke seems indicitave of diesel fires, although the NIST says, "no diesel smells reported from the exterior, stairwells, or lobby" [Source: NIST, Preliminary Response to the World Trade Center Disaster, April 5, 2005].

On August 2, 2005 the NIST made a "special call today for photographic and video images" and went on to say that they "are especially interested in WTC 7 and views of the South and West faces of the towers."

The NIST delivered 53 WTC investigative reports to the public on Oct. 5, 2005 but with 4 reports "incomplete". These reports cover the WTC 7 collapse sequence, WTC debris damage from North Tower, Seismic data on 9/11 & the Con-Ed substation beneath WTC 7. Their report names are respectively "NCSTAR1-6E, NCSTAR1-6F, NCSTAR1-6G & NCSTAR1-6H". Email and ask where these reports are and when will they be available?

Is the NIST creating the modern equivalent to the "mystery bullet" that somehow went through Connaly's shoulder, then into his hand, then trough his hand, and then into Kennedy and then came out looking perfect?

Ask questions, demand answers. The NIST has 10 times as many people available to contribute to this report now that they are done with the first 53 sections of their 9/11 report. Furthermore, all references to WTC 7 are vague and reference these dead end reports. Many WTC 7 documents are reported to be missing, and thus NIST says things are inconclusive.

One thing is clear. In the NIST April 5th, 2005 report on WTC 7, they admitted that the "massive size of columns 79, 80, and 81 appears to require severe fires and/or damaged fireproofing to initiate thermally-related failures" [p.29]."

The rooftop collapse video parkerjax refers to is here:

Massive smoke from incendiaries & explosives prior to collapse

The billowing smoke seems to be from the incendiaries & explosives planted in the building. I also see some flashes inside a few windows. (Don't forget WTC-7 was at least 350 feet from the nearest tower.)

Thats not billowing smoke.

Thats not billowing smoke. Its billowing dust for the Towers that just collapsed. This video was taken shortly after the second tower came down. If you look at pictures of WTC 7's southface later that day there is no smoke and no dust.

the videos of billowing dark

the videos of billowing dark smoke from WTC7 were taken late in the afternoon after all the dust from the towers had already settled.. in fact the oddity is that WTC7 had no smoke for most of the day, but then all of a sudden black smoke was coming out of the entire south face in the afternoon..

there is a new clip of WTC7 I embedded above, and a new one was shown in the Loose Change Final Cut preview premiered in NYC, you can tell the film is from later in the afternoon as everything has settled and there are the first bulldozers on the scene.. you can also find another new video of the south side of WTC7 on 911myths which shows the south side as well as what time it was filmed..

if anything this makes the story even crazier since the building went pefectly straight down, not falling over to the side which supposively had all the damage.. compare that to OKC and its pretty obvious it doesnt add up..

South Side Most Likely Gave Away First

And due to the building's unique design, pulled the rest of the structure down along with it.

At any rate, the above piece of footage just shows how badly damaged 7 World Trade Center actually was.

And the undamaged structure on the north side...

provided absolutely no resistance to the collapse at all. That makes perfect sense. Where did you get your engineering degree again?

I love it when people cite Building 7's unique design as a reason why it fell. It sounds great but it is a non-starter. If you take a look around New York, virtually NONE of the buildings there have the same design, thus, they are all unique. The only place you can go and find any appreciable number of non-unique structure is in the suburbs, where there are whole neighborhoods of cookie-cutter homes. Outside of that, every single building that goes up utlizes fundamental engineering principles but arrives at a completely different result because it has to account for the individual needs of the particular project. If you wanted to make a legitimate argument in this regard, you would have to argue that SHODDY design brought it down, not UNIQUE design. And in order to prove the design was shoddy, you would have to demonstrate which fundamental engineering principles were ignored during the design and construction of WTC-7. Anyone care to try?

In reality

WTC7 was one of the strongest most solidly built buildings in the entire city.
It was a brick shythouse, that is why the mayorial bunker was there and why so many Federal/Gov offices were there.


On September 11th 2001, one of our local newsmen, either CBS or NBC, had reported from the lobby WTC. I remember it because it was odd. Apparently this unidentified reporter had snuck into the building with his camerman to get a closer look at the inside. He was touting a position that authorities were worried thnat the building was going to collapse. This reporter even went as far to describe the building a squeaking and slightly moving as if he was seconds away from catastrophe. It was odd for many reasons. I clearly remmeber the camer being moved a bit back and forthe giving a more dramatic impression of the building shakiness. I remember thinking this guy was a little bit nuts, and must be eager to get a promotion. Only now do I realize that this was a setup, but a bad one. It turns out he was standing in the lobby and aside from the vacated premises and paper flying around outside the glass enclosed lobby, you see there was no damage to the lobby; whhich contradicts a story about a bioiler exploding and carving out a whole in the center of the building. Does anyone remember the anchors serving CBS or NBC, local NYC reporters?

Help Me

The reporter was in the lobby of WTC 7

I think it's pretty damn

I think it's pretty damn obvious this was controlled demolition, we now need to know why and by who, there is some footage of workers walking away from the building saying "keep an eye on thet building, it's coming down", has anyone ever found out who thses workmen were and what they were doing and why they were so confident it was about to come down?.

Great 5-minute compilation from many videos showing WTC-7 implod

Great 5-minute compilation from many videos showing WTC-7 imploding!

loose change final cut will

loose change final cut will have a good bit of the south side of WTC7..

and here is another new video of 7 mixed with the windsor building:

I still think the real reason the 7 collapsed

was because it fainted from experiencing the horrible and tragic loss of its sibling twins! That or this giant red arrow coming down from the heavens was the culprit:

Tongue out

You're wrong!

It was actually the Foot of God!


PS: I personally believe that there might have been smoke generators to obscure the South Face, covering up flashes and dampening sound from cutting charges - if you look at the footage, the entire South Face is smoking like a coal plant, and yet on the adjacent western face, even near the corner, there is no sign of smoke, let alone fires, whatsoever. Pretty unbelievable, really.

Wrong again. That's Monty

Wrong again. That's Monty Python's foot.

White smoke at base of towers - new video

Check out this video at 2:06. It clearly shows white smoke at the
base of the tower near the catwalk.

Masked cop & Amy Goodman waiting for WTC7 to fall...

What more can you ask for? Watch Goodman run through the crowd & shriek "Oh God", Oh God." (That's Goodman with the stringy grayish hair a few seconds before the video ends.)

I've been looking for this video!

I remember it was posted here several months ago, then I never saw it again.

It certainly looks like Amy Goodman (that gatekeeping wench), but has it in fact been confirmed that this is her? Has she ever gone "on record" about this?

I thought this would have been a great situation for her to address during the PM vs LC debate she hosted, but she spoke nary a word about it!

Definitely Amy Goodman...

I used to watch that gatekeeper on a daily basis. She is watching the WTC-7 demolition from near her NYC television studio about 3/4 mile north of WTC-7. As far as I know, she has never spoken about how she knew to watch "the building collapse."

How did these cops know the North Tower was going...

Who gave these 2 cops foreknowledge that the WTC North Tower was about to erupt & explode on them & the news reporter???

"They're pulling us out of

"They're pulling us out of here, the nth tower's leaning. Oh my god there it goes.."

What are the odds at being present at both 9/11 and 7/7 ?

Rudi was in London on 7/7 .

where did he come from?

Father of Flight 93 Hero Shamelessly Uses His Son's Death to Mislead Americans

News Hounds | October 10 2006

On yesterday morning's FOX & Friends First I was stunned to see the face of David Beamer, father of Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer, appear on my screen making a political pitch out of the tragedy of his son's death. In front of a montage of clips of his son, the 9-11 towers, soldiers fighting in Iraq and the Shanksville site where United 93 crashed, Mr. Beamer appeared in a political ad and uttered words cleverly designed to mislead FOX viewers once again into believing that somehow Iraq had something to do with the death of his son and 3,000 other Americans. The ad was paid for by Progress for America, Inc..

According to SourceWatch, "the PFA was, from the beginning, 'closely associated' with the Bush administration, the Republican National Committee and 'their consultants.' PFA was established in 2001 to support George W. Bush's 'agenda for America.' The PFA Voter Fund, which was set up in 2004, raised $38 million in support of Bush's 2004 election bid." One of the most prominent names affiliated with PFA is C. Boyden Gray, a major Republican power broker.

Here's what David Beamer had to say on behalf of Progress for America in support of the war in Iraq.

This isn't a "new video".

This isn't a "new video".

We showed it on INN World Report, on Satellite TV two and a half years ago and i also mirrored some parts of it on

It was filmed by Lenny Charles, who missed the collapse of WTC 7, while he was peeing (True Story!).
I convinced him once (2004) to finally make his private tapes available to the public, which also took some months, including editing, because we were always busy that time as well.

The whole feature including the video above originally included former editor of, Michael Elliott.

( meanwhile belongs to
We obtained the domain, where i once also mirrored my 9/11 encylopedia)

The complete footage has other interesting scenes, but we decided to pick the highlights, which doesn't show much fire.


"It was filmed by Lenny Charles, who missed the collapse of WTC 7, while he was peeing (True Story!)."

Thanks for a laugh!

Wow, more shameless Fox propaganda!

Beamer's dad looks very much like a career G-man war hawk. (I'm still uncertain about how many of the "passengers" that day were real people. Operation Northwoods called for "imposter passengers.")

he probably knows

He probably knows that his son really isn't dead.
Either that or he's just plain not too bright.

Look at the Texas Landmark

Look at the Texas Landmark building implosion, the CBS video shows how the smoke in clinging to the surrounding buildings exactly the same as with the WTC7, right at the end of the video. If you'd cut the video a certain way the building would look like it's billowing smoke.

Haven't found a way to save this video.


Has anyone read the two Counterpunch newsletters in which they refute the controlled demolition theories?
Wondering if anyone has and has a summary.

Texas Landmark

Video looks EXACTLY like the WTC7 shot and makes perfect sense now.
WTC7 was NOT on fire like it appeared in that picture, was mearly pyroclastic cloud leftovers from WTC collapse.
Clearly this is the case because only on that one side do you see smoke of anykind and the fires were scattered and small on just a couple of floors.

That Texas Landmark footage is important!!!

That footage is a great find.

Awesome observation. Looks

Awesome observation. Looks identical to the smoke 'sticking' to the face of WTC 7.

I captured the video using "SnagIt". Workded great.

This is pretty old actually,

This is pretty old actually, I saw this time ago. A part of it's in Loose Change 2 also I think.

How about this recipe for creating a new 9/11 Truther?

Approach gently...ask how many buildings at WTC "fell" on 9/11? (9 times out of 10 they will say 2).

Then, play the video of WTC7 (as a fellow Truther friend of mine refers to it) "their face melt"....

Let that sink in. Let the implications sink in.

Then talk about the phenomenom/history of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism. How common it is, why it is done....

Last, give them a copy of "Terrorstorm".

Let coallesce for a day or two.

Presto: Truther, ready to expose the criminals...

new short movie on the

new short movie on the demolition of WTC7

Probably the best video on WTC-7 I've seen so far!

That is probably the best video on WTC-7 I've seen so far! Thanks!

Firemen/Explosion video verified

Remember this video with the firemen making a phone call when an explosion occurs (sometime after one or both the towers have fallen?). This may be an explosion at WTC 7 (location not verified). Some questioned if this video was "real". Well I found a video showing the one of the firemen in the 1st video being interviewed by a reporter in another video....

Wrong link on second Video

Ops - that second video is linked here...

Show "Fake plane is more and more" by brianv

I think

you mean to say every time I see it I lose another brain cell.
How can anyone in thier right mind look at like 5 different views of a damn plane hitting the WTC from left right, north south up and down, then HEAR the sound of the plane coming and hitting, hear the explosions from several different audio sources and then proclaim,
"Fake plane is more and more obvious everytime I see it."
You are either insane or disinfo agent take your pick.

So bloody obvious.

Show "Shut up NSA boy!! Stick to" by brianv


Disinfo boy, you aren't fooling anyone here.

not trying to fool you, you

not trying to fool you, you are a fool already.

Show "Listen ignorant" by ewing2001

Go phuck yourself

Nico, you are a braindead idiot or a serious disinfo agent and everyone here knows it.

You freak

Nothing you say makes the slightest bit of sense at all.

You are seriously more phuckedup in the head than some Creationist nutbag that believes the Earth is 6000 years old and man was created by some mythical sun god with the wave of his magic wand.
Dont matter how much solid, irrefutable scientific evidence is presented, you just deny it all.

You know damn well what you are doing and that is to trash the 9/11 truth movement knowing that a few bad apples can destroy the whole barrel.
Nobody in their right mind can look at all the available video footage and not clearly see that in fact planes hit the WTC.
They "may" not have been the planes we think they were but they were planes none the less.
You are full of shyte.
Can delete my post for telling the truth if you like but as long as you keep allowing such utter garbage to be posted here everyone should have the right to tell these freaks what we really think.

Why should i respond to

Why should i respond to this?
1 month after the anniversary this movement looks like it has its biggest crisis ever.

Their opponents play them like they never played them before including the complete leftwing, the anti-war movement, the liberal editorials and much stronger than ever before the rightwing flagwaver blogosphere.

Worse, this movement starts to sell out again with a new LIHOP compromise and other hangouts, just watch the extreme off-topic overload only on *this forum* lately.

What happened with your former "smoking gun no.1". Controlled Demolition?
Eaten up by Pakistan and Sibel Edmonds instead?

And you are wasting time with *me*?

Keep dreaming because *you* don't know at all what *you're* doing, cultist!

More "Flashes" in WTC Collapse

While we're on the CD topic, look at this video of the WTC collapse that shows the inner core
before it goes belly up. Does anyone else see the "flashes" in the smoke to the bottom right
of the spires? These seem very out of place for just a gravity collapse.

All the smoke pouring out of

All the smoke pouring out of 7 is certainly a new wrinkle. I'd like to hear Steven JOnes or some other technical types views on this new footage. 7 still should never have collapse the way it did.

Incendiaries like thermite/thermate make lots of smoke

Incendiaries like thermite/thermate make lots of smoke when cutting steel beams.

I have to say, this has been

I have to say, this has been a very interesting set of posts. There was alot of black smoke coming out of building seven. If those firefighters making the phone calls heard that noise and that was after the towers collapsed and before 7 collapsed, that could have been that diesel tank blowing up. This would explain the black smoke. The smoke may have been hugging the building as in the other link posted, but it appeared that some very heavy black smoke was coming out of the lower floors around where the tank was. I have to say I was certain about the way I saw things before I came here today, and I am not nearly as certain now.

So the Pop Mechanics' folks lied. Duh.

it is almost like predicting the sun will rise tomorrow......

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.

WTC 7 one of the smoking guns of 9/11

Most of the smoke your seeing from the south side of WTC 7 is from WTC 1,4&5 not WTC 7 and the smoke you can see, you can't see any fire in the building

One of the....

...."non"-smoking guns, then....


Sorry, couldn't help it...

Fire / Smoke

I believe that you are incorrect. If you watch the every end of the clip you will see several fire spots in WTC 7. Also the non-WTC 7 smoke is a little lighter, which is more apparent at the beginning of the south side clip and towards the end of the south side clip. The darkest smoke does appear to be coming out of WTC-7 at multiple floors.

WTC 7 still best argument

IMHO WTC is still the best argument to newbies. Great to see we are completing the picture.

OFF TOPIC: I think I made an imprudent blog entry that was deleted: Access denied .. You are not authorized to access this page featuring this picture: referring to these dead links: .. ... ...
DHS debunked it!!! Its an old commercial! ... I commented: hmmm the google video has blue writing where the screenshot has none. Also, there is a picture from the chopper showing the WTC towers that IS NOT shown in the google video. Hence, there must be yet another video... -- the ORIGINAL footage. But, hey, it probably has nothing to do with the 911 mass murder mystery misery ... So it was deleted because it has nothing whatsoever to do with 911... right? Here is another version: and here Oh my gawd ... I just realised.. its an UFO thing.. outch! Crop circles! Homeopathy!! Astrology! ... Ts Ts ... I should remember my own rule Number One: ITS BAD LUCK TO BE SUPERSTICIOUS!! ;-) .. sorry for the bizarre interlude.. that explains why someone deleted the blog entry. I shut up now

what happened to........

find out what happened to flights93
and 175, here is the link.............