Brooklyn - Friday the 13th - VOXPop hosts C-SPAN BookTV 9/11 event

This Friday: Vox Pop Welcomes C-SPAN's Book TV

"A Celebration of the Shift in Public Opinion Around 9/11."

When: 7-8 PM Sharp
Where: Vox Pop, 1022 Cortelyou

What: A celebration of the publication of the Vox Pop's newspaper New York Megaphone, and the shifting public opinions about the 9/11 attacks.

Author of Big Wedding Sander Hicks will give a talk, and then host a public forum/discussion around 9/11. Big Wedding will be available for half off, all night, that night only.

How Much: Free Admission.

Other Info: Two Drink minimum. Pints of beer will be $3. Veggie Burgers will be $1 off. 7-8 PM, sharp, at Vox Pop, 1022 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, NY 11218.

A brooding, intense musical performance from Evan Duby to follow, at 8 PM. "His songs are an artful look into the hearts and minds of characters searching for answers to the complex questions of love and life."

New York Megaphone issue# 2

9/11 Five Years Later:
The Official Story Falls Apart >>


The recent confrontational protests bring up an interesting question.

What are the ethics of yelling? When is yelling appropriate or morally justified?

Also, I saw a website that created an art form called “conversation art” similar to “performance art”.

This is a technique that uses public conversation to make a point.

They are short conversations between people that use a scripted dialog in a public place where a number of people can hear the conversation. For example in a restaurant, pay for your bill, then have the conversation as you leave.

“It's more of a philosophical exercise than a debate. If people do it with love, I think it will always be right.”

An example would be:

Truther One says in a voice so everyone in the room can hear:

“But there is no way OUR government would do something like Reichstag fire!”

Truther Two responds:

“Then you don’t know about false flag operations; look up Operation Northwoods on the internet. It shows exactly that. Look up Operation Northwoods.”

They leave. Short and sweet, not confrontational or arrogant.

These questions can be scripted for all aspects of 911 and the Empire.

Thought it was interesting. I’ve tried it a few times and there were no problems. I used the above and the following.

Truther One:

“What do you think about these 911 theories?”

Truther Two:

“There's no way your gonna prove that the neocons were involved in 911, unless you can find a smoking gun, like bin Laden worked for the CIA or that al Quaeda was created by the CIA. Unless there's something as absurd and over the top as that, nothing will happen.”




Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good. ~ Lao tzu


The most unfree souls go west and shout of freedom. Men are freest when they are most unconscious of freedom. The shout is a rattling of chains. ~ David H. Lawrence

Have You Ever Wondered

You know how the media made a big stink (well, not BIG, but made known) the gizz about the NSA wiretppings and GITMO. Those are serious crimes, but it seems funny that the MSM has made those stories bigger. What if that's all part of the propoganda machine? To "plant the seed" that there are people 'spying' on us.... I was thinking about this today.... I live in Chicago and today I had to walk through hordes of people, ride a stuffed train, go to school with normal people, run errands made possible by normal people.... all mostly like me in daily life and problems. I'm passing Mexican hangouts, people caught up in their daily lives.... And I was thinking.... What if the NSA wiretapping is just another decoy.. What if the hype is greater than the reality? How much is interplanted within our own doubts to make us more afraid.... more observant, more questioning, of our actions. It's a lot cheaper and eaier to spread disinfo than it is to actually impiment it.

That said, there has been an almost over-reactional push against 9/11 by the MSM. That speaks words within itself.

Just Mulling. It's more interwoven than we'd like to admit.

like "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith lol

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I'll be there with bells and whistles. It's in Brooklyn, right.

Maybe, But What If . . .

In relation to Google developing eavesdropping software:

A friend of mine mentioned that all new cel phones already have GPS and it would not take much to activate only the microphone in your cel phone to listen to what's going on. If one were a criminal it would be very easy to track where ever one goes and listen to everything one says.


All natural institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit. ~ Thomas Paine

Am I the only one who was

Am I the only one who was questioning all the recent school shootings? Kinda strange that all these 'random' shootings happened and now police have almost full control over the students (searches without probably cause and the like).

youre probably not the only

youre probably not the only one, but im not with you on this. hmm, not everything that puts more power into someones hand is a conspiracy. a bomb would be much easier btw, and have much more the kind of effect some people like then a 'random shooting' like this. comme on!! dont overdo it!

I think that...

the media focus on school shootings is a prelude to implement gun control as soon as the Demoncrats take Congress. They'll invoke the dignity of the grieving Amish to shred the 2nd Amendment in short order now that the 4th 10th and 8th (and by some interpretations of the enemy combatant laws, the 1st) Amendments are all eliminated.
The Government's army of crypto-agents need to be assured that no one will protect themselves in their own home before people start getting disappeared in earnest.

there are some policies that

there are some policies that the fascist republicans cant implement that the fascist-lite democrats can, and gun control is one of them.

We need more informal discussion sessions with screenings or

group readings.

churches have bible studies, etc

groups have meetings, like masons :-)

the 9/11 movement needs to do thoughtful discussions more frequently and in more areas.

Tuesday night there was a screening of 9/11 Truth in my hometown area, which I plan on making arrangements to make things like this a regular thing.

We can blog all day but the people we need to reach can't be seen on your monitor.

And there's nothing like that human touch to a situation.

makes it all the more real.

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Interesting review of David Ray Griffin's book in West Virginia

Good book review on DRG's book “Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action” in a West Virginia newspaper of all places!


Someone just mentioned to me that if there was a full examination of the WTC debris in the dumps, it would be likely that you could find pieces of the RF detonator circuits. It would be long and tedious, but if demolition is true, I'll bet that evidence would be found.


Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind folded fear. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Important story about the death of reporter Gary Webb

Tells the tale of how reporting on the forbidden story of the CIA, in collusion with Contra drug smugglers, attacking America with cocaine led to his destruction. The dark hand of government in his account is similar to that of the 9/11 morass in that many lives were destroyed (in this case by distribution of harmful drugs) by those who were supposed to protect.

RF Detonator?

Are these the way explosives would be ignited via radio transmission?
From what location do you think the transmissions were executed? Helicopters?
Nearby building?


Hmmmm, I'm not completely positive about any of this. But if I were going to do it, I would do it with RF detonators. The person controlling the detonations could have been anywhere, even a van,a car or a boat.

Which brings up another question. Is there some way to see if there were any strange RF signals or RF interference at the time of the collapses? I don't know much about RF controls, but to have the detonations necessary to bring down the three buildings at different times with many multiple detonations per building would seem to use a lot of band width. Seems at some point it would interfere with something. Or not, the range would be pretty short.

wow you guys are idiots. Alien Abduction anyone?

amazing to see just how far the idiocy of people go. Alien abductions and 911 stuns me that such idiots exist out there that buy into this absurd nonsense. If you want a very logical, reasonable and rational source of violence against westernism, not just at 9/11 but in Toronto, London, Spain, Bali...look no further than ISLAM. When you stupid morons start looking at the barbarism of 8th century radical Islam, you will finally see the answer you are looking for: motive, and means.

but your brains are so fried on pot or whatever else, you will be incapable of logic and continue to postulate your idiocy. I feel sorry for your parents. How could they have known they would raise such a bereft monkey?

Name calling right off the bat.