Google at it Again????

Google seems to be playing the games with all 9/11 videos. Terrorstorm was knocked out of the top
10 videos a couple weeks ago, with Google admitting an "ERROR" in the counter system. Well now that the video has come back to be #83 on most watched list, Google has frozen the counter. For over 5 days the counter has remained at under 160,000. People are going crazy on the google comment section...

Here is the link... then click "comments" to see..

we should be thankful they

we should be thankful they are still even accessible

Youtube Filtered!!!

I had "Favorited" several Iraqi Sniper videos on Youtube, which showed how our US forces are getting killed. ALL OF THOSE HAVE BEEN DELETED on Youtube as of yesterday! The only videos left on Youtube when search "Iraqi Sniper" is the videos from our troops. Funny how they eliminated all of the rest?

Blatant censorship!!!

Now that Google bought YouTube, we must beware of this sort of blatant censorship! All key truth videos should be uploaded to an assortment of web hosts, IMO. They already have firm control of the msm, now they want to censore the internet too!

You are Right

With Google Buying Youtube....we need a single NON CENSORED site to make #1 Any Ideas??

And by the way Google fixed the counter...and Terrorstorm is moving up will be #1 again soon, we will see how long it takes to "ERROR" reset the counter?