Why are Stephen Jones and Davis Ray griffin articles ignored?

The two best papers on the collapse of the towers are the jones and griffin paper "why the towers collapsed" They are sourced and scientific. If a movie was made summing
up their main points that was a slickly produced as Loose Change it would spread. They have so many quotes and contradictions to NIST specifically and the flawed investigation.
Although movies like loose change and 9/11 mysteries are good, the jones 12 points he brings up and the contradictions articulated in a entertaining video format would be very nice
to see.

Points that are brought up in the jones paper that need to be spread in a new loose change type movie

1. evaporated steel
2. molten metal
3. nist claim that they only investigated the "pre collapse events, not the subsequent collapses"
4. Nist floor models that did not melt or sag, so they resorted to computer modeling that was rigged. (read jones paper)
5.The samples from the fire area that only showed evidence of fire reaching a max of 250c, no more
6. windows not breaking
7. bright orange reaction that fits thermite reaction like a glove.
8. block above impact area that turns into dust in midair. (how could it crush the rest of the building if it turned into dust?)
9.Conversation of momentum
10 and many more points, read the paperat st911.org

These points need to be put and made into a viral video soon. Stephen jones paper is underused, it would be alot more effective to use his paper to make a movie that dance in the streets
saying "impeach bush" if you ask me.

Doesn't 9/11 Mysteries address all of these issues?