911Truth.org responds to South Park

South Park Episode Hits Mark For Toilet Humor, But Misses On 9/11 Skepticism

October 12, 2006
by Bryan Sacks

It took longer than expected, but Trey Parker and company have joined with the growing ranks of the opportunists who distort 9/11 skepticism for fun and profit (unlike the screeds by Alexander Cockburn, Matthew Rothschild and Matt Taibbi, at least the South Park episode had its humorous moments).

They included the obligatory "the Jews did it" canard, and the focus taken was shallow and purposely exploitative. The underlying idea, if there was one to be gleaned, was: "the conspiracy theorists are retarded, because they believe the government was competent enough to pull off 9/11."

The psychological principle that unifies the distortions of Cockburn, Rothschild, Taibbi and the creators of South Park is avoidance. 9/11 skepticism is an easy target for ridicule, because it includes ridiculous theories (911truth.org is well aware of them, and has cautioned readers to be careful with them). But a commentator can take any attitude he wishes toward these theories. Our attitude has been to largely ignore them, and instead focus on the most striking and disturbing evidence of official complicity in the attacks.

The distortionists make sure to lump together the speculative with the completely ridiculous, and to avoid altogether the 'elephant in the living room' of complicity with our enemies.

The undeniable, indisputable and ugly political reality of our times is that the US intelligence apparatus simply cannot be completely separated from the networks of its supposed enemies. That is the story, and by itself it is cause for impeachment and treason trials for our top officials. But although this is "known," and has been known for decades, this potentially explosive information has been managed and de-emphasized by the information brokers in society to the point it's become "old news." Its treasonous particulars have never become common knowledge among mainstream folks. This dark truth of complicity is buried in the collective unconscious of the society, just like the repressed material individuals bury because it is too painful to confront.

When questions about the 9/11 attacks get raised, the repressed material returns in the form of pointed questions by certain members of society. And while there can be reasonable disagreement about the extent of complicity, there will always be those who will not be able to even face the possibility (or figure it makes more sense to simply ridicule it for fun and profit).

South Park's conclusion that "a bunch of pissed-off Muslims" did 9/11 ultimately says very little. The key word is "did": if Al-Qaeda was responsible, does that mean the US could not also be? Of course not, yet nowhere is this possibility seriously considered by them or by recent critics of 9/11 skepticism.

There's no shortcut to understand the deep politics of official treachery that characterizes our times. South Park wants to ridicule the impulse to a deeper examination of this reality by ascribing ridiculous absolutist beliefs to the members of 911truth.org. It's a cheap trick, and a sure indication they're running out of ideas.

After all, in this episode, they resorted to channeling Beavis and Butthead by spinning out a whole show which was essentially a 30-minute excuse for asking: "How many different alliterative ways can we say "take a shit"? (Heh, heh, he said “fudge dragon”!)

Not exactly great comedy. And not exactly a fair portrayal of 911truth.org on the show, either.

I broke the damn

I'm really getting tired of the anal ysis of South Park. It was much better than I expected. My 10 year old daughter is interested in 911 truth and now thinks her dad is pretty cool.

I'd love to see the 911truth.org stats.

By the way, not trying to discourage anyone from stating their point of view, I welcome it, its just I came away from the program feeling like Eric Cartman opened a few minds to possibilities they may not have entertained before.

I sleep much better knowing that Kyle was responsible for 911.

I agree that it was much

I agree that it was much better than expected. I can't remember South Park EVER promoting a website, even their own, and especially not for half the episode... Also, the end clearly makes the point the whole 'retarded' thing is just a joke - the episode makes it obvious there is much to be speculated about regarding 9/11, and then at the end to casually rule it off as "Of course it was angry Muslims - are you retarded?" and everone laughs was a blatant joke. If anything, they were making fun of the people who think that 9/11 Truthers are retarded. Sucks this movement is so lacking of a sense of humor...

The scene in the Oval Office was absolutely incredible - the best South Park sequence EVER, by a huge margin. We need to start posting just that clip to YouTube etc.; who cares what the rest of the episode was, that scene speaks for itself.

911Truth drops the ball!

They get the single biggest plug their site will ever receive, and all they can do is whine about it! See if I ever refer someone to that site again...

If you were an unsuspecting South Park viewer, and you saw that URL and visited the site not knowing what to expect, what would you think? As soon as you realized it was a legitimate website with legitimate questions, you would realize South Park was blatantly advertising the views of that site - the content of the episode itself would be irrelevant.

Of course, 911truth.org generally has such lame stories on it's front page that I can't imagine many of those people really had their interest piqued... And the South Park dissing probably didn't help.

As expected from the SP

As expected from the SP gang, they pretty much ridicule both sides of any debate. The scene in the school where people were hushed down for voicing their view, and the whole 'retarded' thing, is a critizism of the level of discussion and the blind patriotism in America as much as anything.

I was thinking that too

I was thinking that too sortof. I don't know how to edit video, but someone should get the cartoon and cut it down to a completely flattering 911 truth statement. If you cut out the parts that were anti truther and that silly hardon boys filler, it would be just scathing. I agree with people on here though that say it was positive. Even at the end when they say we're retards, the detective guy says really dismissively "we'll, now that we've solved that mystery." I think the joke was about the fact that this debate is going to rage on for years to come and everyone knows it. It was great, and fun, and funny as hell, and it makes it even more hip to look into it. There were all kinds of little things in there that you can't deny, like when cartman walks out of the school to go on his quest for truth and he's shown under the american flag. It said subtly that it is a good american who questions his government.

Just a heads-up for everyone

My apologies for being off-topic, but I figured everyone would want to see this:


12 October 2006
Interview: Jim Fetzer of Scholars For 9/11 Truth will be the guest of
Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor", FOX TV
8-9 PM/ET (7-8 PM/CT); repeats 11-12 PM/ET (10-11 PM/CT)

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

Thanks for that dude,

Thanks for that dude, someone tape this!

Kind of gay of them really,

Kind of gay of them really, I don’t think the episode was that bad.


I agree. Like I said before: The episode was pro-Truth if anything. Yayaya, they had to backtrack at the end, but the majority of the show was shockingly direct. Bush standing there saying 911 was an inside job and then blowing someone's brains out? The 911truth.org plug? The fact that they even brought it up and focused so much attention to it? Come ON! I'm so happy with the episode!

911truth.org should have thanked SP for plugging them.

Something tells me our government would like us all to believe that the show was a "scathing attack" at Truthers. I heartly disagree.

dz - The point system is wack. Obviously there are some fanatical people on here who mark down any post that they don't completely agree with.

See that -1point next to my

See that -1point next to my last post? What did I say that should be marked with a negative? dz, the point system is wack. I don't care, really 1)I'm anon 2)I'm not personally offended. But what if someone else, someone on the edge of the fence, was reading this. Might they be discouraged by a Truther opinion if they see the negative mark? How do you know gov agents aren't signed in here giving people negative ratings? I'd throw away the point system if I ran this website.

South Park Republicans

skatalogical skulldugergy

glad that's out of the way - unfortunately a lot of the noisy fringe brings this on - at the very least, some new vocabulary might be introduced to the mainstream media lexicon (e.g. false flag) - but we do really need to focus and as I've done of late in other places around this blog - I highly recommend Webster G. Tarpley's incisive analysis:


Isnt Oprah's show spose to

Isnt Oprah's show spose to touch on 9/11 "theories" today?

it was about 9/11,Iraq and

it was about 9/11,Iraq and Katrina and how the media treated them. i saw a 5 minute segment on Iraq where some guy(maybe Frank Rich?) was talking about how the tearing down of the Saddam statue was basically staged for the cameras. i didnt see the 9/11 part, im still waiting for someone on here who saw it to give an update.(hint hint people)


If he overcomes a deadly head wound and comes back into power as the king of Babylon, then yikes, you can bet the end times are upon us.

Lighten Up

I have to say this high brow response is probably counter productive. The episode wasn't that bad. I mean were're talking about a show that regularly makes fun of Jesus Christ, and has a singing turd. This holier or smarter than thou attitude is misplaced to say the least.

Yeah, they made fun of us,

Yeah, they made fun of us, but it was kinda funny, I have to admit.

A lot of us really are

A lot of us really are holier and smarter than thou, though.

I thought the episode was

I thought the episode was hilarious and .org's letter sounds so wimpy with its vague talk of "blowback" or "double agents" or whatever the hell it is they are saying. I laughed my ass off, especially at Cartman's song. And it's sure to wake up a lot of people.

My experience

(Boyfriend turned me on to the movement 4 years ago.)

Boyfriend and I had a major argument going on it's 3rd day. We were barely speaking and ready to break up.

This morning, after another bout of tears, I decided to watch this episode of South Park to get my mind in a better place.

Half way through, boyfriend's like "No WAY!"

He made me start over from the beginning, and we watched it in laughing stitches.

The argument forgotten, the rest of the day positive.

If anything, this episode saved me from another night of fighting, made my boyfriend laugh, and left us both feeling better about South Park than ever!


So sorry to post my personal load like that.

I just wanted to say that this episode was worthwhile and positive. I don't agree that it was a 'hit'. I think that the 'court jester' has always been so important to rulers through-out the ages because they bring truth without the depressing harshness.

A tea-spoon of sarcasm helps the truth go down.

In the most delightful ways!

The Lyrics to Carman's

The Lyrics to Carman's Song:

It plays while he's shown looking at 9/11 websites!!

"Is it wrong for me to ask questions
Is it wrong to seek the truth
I can't just blindly accept their version
I can't base my logic on proof
Almost all the evidence points one way
but I'm not Charlie Sheen and Gloria Estefan
I need to know what really happened
on 9/11"

Embarassed on behalf of

I'd just like to say i feel really embarassed on behalf of all you poor schmucks who find South Park funny. The writers think their satirizing the idiocy of contemporary America, when the tragic irony is they're a particularly embarassing part of that idiocy. You can't satirize low culture until you've made some attempt to become even a little more sophisticated than the culture you're purporting to satirize. Like the characters they create, the writers are incapable of understanding or giving a shit about anything. And understanding and giving a shit about something are essential to good satire. You want a sophisticated, scary, phantasmogoric and hilarious satire of contemporary culture? Try The Ren and Stimpy Show. Now THAT was funny. There's more psychological acuity and subtle representation of acute cultural alienation in a single scene of R&S than in a whole series of South Park. The satire of R&S is uncomfortably close to insane, the way any authentic satire of our insane cultural life ought to be. Whereas watching South Park, just like watching the Simpsons, is all about people who don't understand or give a shit having a self-satisfied chuckle at the charming idiosyncracies of middle and low-income America. The tone is: "ha ha ho hum, aren't we delightfully silly ("we Americans", as if we aren't laughing across class boundaries); but we love it and we wouldn't change a thing..." Well, there's a different way of laughing, one which isn't self-satisfied on any level. Its the mad laughter of camaraderie in hating the dehumanizing nightmare of the logic of late capitalism; its laughing at the small and greedy and repulsive creatures that logic makes of us (think of Ren Hoek hilarious and frightening bouts of insane rage or jealousy or avarice). At the basis of that sort of laughter and the sort of sophisticated satire that provokes it is the belief that the more we're able to laugh at the sick creatures our institutions make us into, the better chance we'll have to begin to change those institutions into something more human. The writers and fans of South Park, on the other hand, just don't give a shit. They have no cultural critique. They are what they're unsuccessfully attempting to satirize.

Thank you for you

Thank you for you freshman-university lecture.

I'd just like to say i feel

I'd just like to say i feel really embarassed by people who post pathetic rants like that one to this site. I have never seen a more misguided interpretation of South Park, a comedy show rivaled only by the Daily Show in terms of political content (and I'd take SP over DS anyday). The poop jokes get the little kids, and the political jokes get the adults. In the end, the kids are exposed to real ideas, and the adults are remided to get a freakin sense of humor for christs sake. Statements like "The writers and fans of South Park, on the other hand, just don't give a shit. They have no cultural critique." are catgorically false in every way, and in fact the exact opposite is true.

To compare the show to Ren and Stimpy - a bunch of animals jumping around singing about logs - is really pretty funny to me. I will still entertain the possiblity that your entire post was a joke, but I'm really not picking up on any sarcasm...

There is an outside of you

I just think the vast majority of white Americans (at least those above the poverty line) aren’t really able to laugh at themselves in anything other than a smug, smarmy, self-congratulatory way. White America is just far too comfortable in its position as world cultural (and economic) hegemon. Only black Americans can laugh at themselves in the deep, spiritually renewing way of other cultures who don’t feel as if they’re risking their dominant position when they put themselves and their institutions into question by laughing at themselves profoundly. White Americans, from my experience (and I’ve had a lot of experience foisted on me), just feel as if they have too much to lose to let go to that extent. Even British people can still manage it from time to time. It has nothing to do with being white, and everything to do with being the rulers of the world. Because even those of you who strongly disagree with your country’s foreign policy exploit the cultural and economic booty of your country’s domination of the planet in all sorts of ways. Almost all of you (yes, even most 911 Truthers!) spend most of your energies nurturing your authoritarian personalities – attuning you’re antennae to be ever more sensitive and ready to answer to the demands of institutional authorities. And the upshot of your sharing in the riches of world domination is that whenever you laugh it sounds decadent, like a laugh track from one of your generic sitcoms – laughing at the right time and in step with everybody else - rather than the deep, Dionysian laughter of the madman, which can still be heard in many places outside the company of white Americans. You don’t know how to really laugh. Ask a Russian or East European, ask someone from the Mediterranean, ask a Scotsman or an Indian, ask an African American. (Or ask one of your ancestors – go and read Melville or Emerson or even Joseph Heller.) They’ll tell you “Yeah, watching white American comedy can be quite edifying as an exercise in the cultural anthropology of the oppressor. But it’s nothing like what we do when we laugh at ourselves.” There ought to be a little risk in your laughter - a little madness. And I DON’T mean Will Ferrell! Or the embarrassingly puerile and idiotic South Park.

Sorry, no, most of you white Americans (and anyone who laughs at South Park) only know a careful, sanctioned, insipid kind of laughter. But, well, shucks, you can’t have everything, right? Even if everyone told you since first grade that you could. And you can dominate the conversation and rant and rage as much as you will against points of view that negate the supposed fact of your full spectrum dominance. You still won’t get it…

Silly play of the race card...

First of all it's absurd to break this down into some sort of racial issue. When you laugh at Ren and Stimply, are you laughing in a "deep, spiritually renewing way" that I am unable to experience? Or what about Chapelle? They figured out a brilliant formula there: have a black guy make fun of black people, and nobody will think it's racist! No surprise, everyone loves it, black or white... So yeah, please provide some examples of this 'sophisticated' humor that is far beyond us elitist white Americans...

There's clearly two different issues here that you're trying to meld together. One is that white people dominate the most powerful countries on Earth - the inevitable outcome of five hundred years of colonialism - and the second being a criticism of 'white' American culture. Obviously the two are related in some fashion, but nothing like you make it out to be.

Personally, I think the American sense of humor is one of the greatest things about this country. I've lived abroad, in Europe, Mexico, and South Africa, and I could never find the local comedy to be all that funny. And yet, in every case, the locals simply couldn't get enough American- made entertainment. Obviously this situation is readily taken advantage of, but that doesn't mean there isn't something universally appealing about the American sense of humor. Name one country that's as 'funny' as ours - just one. South Park episode 1009 is ground breaking: such an elaborate form of expression could never have been possible in Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia, or any other empire this planet has seen. And if you want to find a TV show that makes fun of 'White America', I can't imagine a better place to start than SP... These are dark times, but American culture alone has enough global power to enact many of the changes we are all struggling for. Don't alienate that power, instead try and nudge it in the right direction.

Of course, you'll probably deny this is a universal struggle - I'm pretty familiar with people who reduce everything to an issue of race. I would have bitter arguments with a guy in SA who's parents had both fought against apartheid in the MK revolutionary army. My perspective was that apartheid was really an advanced form of economic oppression - much like slavery in the US, but with an unlimited labor force to draw from. In essence, the racist ideologies were simply a product of greed (ie capitalism), one of the most fundamental human traits. My friend would have none of it - he insisted that the white South Africans were fundamentally racist, and that any government or economic systems that arose were simply a product of that racism.

Today, South Africans keep bitching about white/black issues while a handful of people (split pretty evenly between the two races) loot the country and continent as a whole for everything it's worth. Silly racial bickering is the best distraction that a corrupt government could ever ask for... don't play into the trap.

'When you laugh at Ren and

'When you laugh at Ren and Stimply, are you laughing in a "deep, spiritually renewing way" that I am unable to experience?'

EXACTLY, Luke. Heh heh.

Another thing about imperialists: they have an unlimited capacity to indulge the pointless tantrums of their subjects with unflappable self-assurance.

; )

True words man, I'm not down

True words man, I'm not down with 911truth.org and Alex Jones' ppl for responding to the South Park episode like that. They just don't get what the show is about, and to be straight up about it the only "hit pieces" that I'm seeing are the responses to South Park like the one above. And I'm sure this dude Brian Sacks from 911truth.org is a good man, but that reply in my opinion kind of badly written, and if the South Park guys make fun of his name over it then I’d say that’s fair do’s. They plugged the crap out of 911truth.org and they get paid in kind with an overly defensive reply that’s just totally off base and misguided, not cool.

I would be totally with you...

EXCEPT that you lump the Simpsons in with South Park.
Simpsons is (or was for the first seven seasons) several orders of magnitude more sophisticated, thoughtful, and emotionally acute than your precious Ren & Stimpy (a good show, but you're a little overboard with your glorification of it).

Analyzing South Park's 9/11 Show


911 truth has finally gotten into mainstream entertainment. You should be cheering! The only possibly greater achievement to be made in this area is if Fetzer or some other illustrious character from the 911 research community makes a cameo in The Simpsons!


Was the flag hanging on the wall with the red "crescent" on white/blue supposed to have some kind of significance, or is it an actual flag that I have never seen before?

It made me think of the disgusting 9/11 "memorial" they want to make in Pennsylvania that's in the shape of a crescent (the symbol of Islam) here:


Are you talking about the

Are you talking about the flag for Colorado in the South Park show?

islamisevil? are you friggin

islamisevil? are you friggin serious?

Good idea bad plot holes

as a young philosopher, animator, and watcher of soutpark, im always down to watch the obvious metaphors that cartoons can display. Crapping in the urinal is a good simulation of the situation. Why would someone want to crap in a nice clean urinal. The urinal being the pisshole that is the 1/4 of americans that are retarded. This large hunk of crap is very obvious now in comparison to the 1/4 percent. The crap being the 911 conperacy itself. This mastering of metaphore is what allows this 1/4 percent of americans to understand this concept in a simple way. And this simple fact of the hardly boys and basic mystery solveing and contemplation. What alternative motives are thier, who and why would anyone benifit from this. The episodes main point they lead to at the end is that the government wants americans to believe that they have total control of the planet and scare the masses into super security. This brings a new factor witch i never brought into concideration! But their is still strong evedance that the episode avoids. they say the building blew up from the inside but everyone ignores it, and they go off on other searches. This completey ignores the evidence that our government had something to do with it. They at the end of the episode say that some angree muslims did it. well this is true and the govnment consperacy is true too. Picture you where told that you were going to be attacked. Not only that the attackers were going to let you know when this was going to happen. And the soul reason they are doing this is to send a message that money cant save them. What do you say to that?(doesnt it seem to good to be true as well?)
Well seeing that they gave us the componants necassary to solve the problem but not send a message back.
Well hows about we turn the situation around on the tarrorists and make it a stailmate untill they make their move. The muslims wanted to waste our money and kill people to show that money isnt everything. SO we take their plan and turn this attack into profit!!!!!!!! This is monumental that somehow threw the power of insurance in this market economy we are able to turn a hellish event into profit. WELL NOW. its seems that the government is laughing in their faces and asking them for another move. My metaphore would be someone with a sword tells you that they are going to stab you in 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes you can dig a hole in front of you, cover it up, and plan to sell the sword and the man attacking you. Now does the person with the sword get this info.....NO... thats where the consperacy leads in. The whole thing did need to look real to an outsider persepctive. To the americans it only mattered untill that attackers attacked. Then the info if free game. That way the man with the sword will be stupid enough to walk into the trap that he set for himself. Now the real question here was this a good choice for the government to make. Could the muslems have picked up on this and swtiched their efforts, making the chess like move of the government, look stupid and wasteful. Apparently they made the right choice and called the tarrorists bluff by setting up this situation so if it happened nothing would happen but retalliation and profit.

The main things the muslims where trying to point out by this whole attack is the fact that this government is corrupt and guilty of treason. So on both sides someone was trying to have an after effect by pushing buttons. The muslims pushes the buttons in order to reveal the governments direct and only intentions to abuse knowlegde. But if the government was as smart as it thought it was it would have not fallen into the same trap the attack was supposed to provide in the first place. They basically put the government in checkmate.(so maybe they did know it would do this and they dont want to look stupid so they make the consperacy look stupid, which might have been the better choice then revealing the info to the public. Which come to think of it might have made the attack not happen at all.) No matter what the government did about the situation it demonstraited to the citizens of the country that the government was corrupt and would jump on the oportunity to be corrupt. Like a mouse deciding if he wants to eat the cheese with the electric shock. Sure you'll get to eat the cheese, but then everyone will know that you aite the cheese beucase youll have burn marks.
(more simple metaphores to prove a point. haha)

So could this paradox of a chess game be going on. It seems this way but there is no real way to know how much each side knows about anyside of anything. The whole situation is on big cause and effect. But once 911 happened the pieces already started falling and now thier is no way to take back that origonal move. Now they can only refelct on the first move and figure where to go with the next. But it seems to not even be that complicated. Becuase this isnt chess and we are not trying to eliminate every person on the map, motives can easily be figured threw process of emimination. Which berings us back to the first point the muslims wated to make, that the people in office are corrupt and guilty of using information that should have been shown to the american people in order to gain more control and money. Thus treason. In most places of the world people in power who are guilty of treason are.................killed. This is why bush wants the consperacy to be a consperacy so that they can avid being blamed for making the move that the muslims wanted them to make.

Sure anyone could look at the conperacy and think oooooo scary but untill the southpark episode that took the consperacy people out of the box. People need to step back and look at not the content of the information, but the information it self, ask where it comes from , why was i able to get this info so easily or so hard, and what other links and motives are thier. (metaphore is a good way to break down similarities, and think of things in a broader way.)

These 911 websites are stuck on one thought that the government is totally responsible for 911. But their is the answer for why would they crap in the urinal. or why would they destroy thier own buildings. Because they arn't the ones soully resposible. The muslims pushed them to take atvantage of the situation.

The main point of these sites should be to convict bush and the rest of the office of treason, or to make them present why they had no choice, or why they feel what they did isnt treason.

"In law, treason is the crime of disloyalty to one's nation or state. A person who betrays the nation of their citizenship and/or reneges on an oath of loyalty and in some way willfully cooperates with an enemy, is considered to be a traitor."

The crime isn't exactly the definition of treason, but with the evidance they are guilty of abusing power. Which can be translated into themselves as the outside nation or group and they are betraying the power of the whole nation to allow thier little group to survive.

Corruption can not be tolorated at any level of responsibility.

Check out "The Yesmen" to get more info on how dumb the 1/4th of Americans are

(p.s.- sorry for spelling and grammar i hope my point gets across)

The Poo in the Urinal Subplot/Running Gag

I think it's kind of amusing/ironic how this little running gag gets overlooked as being just a shit joke.

The whole gag was a metaphor for 9/11 - someone took a big shit all over our country and no one seems to want to do anything about it, no matter how much, how artfully worded or how often the problem is explained to them. In fact, the more Mr. Mackey railed on about it, the more people seemed to tune him out.

Sound familiar?

It happened to be buried in a shit joke, sure, but I think this is one of the numerous subtle hints as to Matt and Trey's position on 9/11 - like the scene where Bush confesses.

5 years after our figurative 'turd in the urinal' no one's been held accountable, Ground Zero's still a hole in the ground and the people who should be doing something about it are sitting on their hands. A lot of people still tend to bristle when you bring up 9/11 as well, and it's the same reaction you'd get if you talked about, well... taking a shit in the urinal.

I identified with Mr. Mackey because of this and also the guy who stands up and says that 'There's still a lot of unanswered questions about 9/11' and the crowd groans at him.

And an even looser interpretation is that 'a piece of shit is not where it's supposed to be' which is an excellent metaphor for the Bush Administration (pieces of shit) being in power and occupying the White House (where they aren't supposed to be).


i think alex jones and

i think alex jones and 911truth.org may have jumped the gun by labeling this a hit piece. it was very kind of someone creating a hit piece to plug a truth website throughout the episode free of charge...it was equally kind of them to choose one that does not contain extreme far out theory. but, even if it was intended to be a hit piece, it has great potential to open young and young at heart minds...alex jones and 911truth should be more careful before labeling things as hit pieces. those south park guys may have woken up at some point along the way...we all have to at some point.

Let's lighten up

For those who think this was a hit piece, I say let's lighten up. This is south park, they make fun of everyone. It was funny, and I think we can laugh at ourselves once in a while. Although far from totally accurate, we could not ask for more publicity. The benefits definitely outweigh the consequences. The fact that the 9/11 issue is getting this much mainstream coverage by anyone has got to be a plus.