Bill O'Reilly hammers (poorly) latest talking points about Kevin Barrett

For background see this 911blogger post and this comment.

On the October 11th edition of The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly repeated several false statements about Barrett and called him the usual names; "crazy," "madman," etc. He had two guests -- both students from UW Madison -- the editor of the conservative student paper and a student enrolled in the class. The newspaper editor is outraged, just outraged(!) that her school's reputation is being destroyed.

The student from the class said she wants to hear what Barrett has to say. She also corrected O'Reilly on his claim that students were being forced to read his essay. In a stunningly ironic move, O'Reilly read a quote from the book ("Like Bush and the neocons, Hitler and the Nazis inaugurated their new era by destroying an architectural monument and blaming its destruction on their designated enemies.") and asked her if she knew what that event was. He revealed that it was the Reichstag fire and then used the fact that she didn't know the answer as proof that her poor little head will be filled with Barrett's lies and that she just won't know what to do. She did a great job of standing up to O'Reilly's bullying and condescension, stating that she feels qualified to hear differing opinions and reach her own conclusions (rather than just accepting O'Reilly's).

Thanks, Bill, for spreading the word about a historic example of a false flag event! ;)

[dz - (added comment)]: thanks Ben for the video download!)

Edit: 10/14/2006 5:00 pm MST - just seeing if I can edit one of my blog entries after comments have been posted.

Show "I can not believe how" by Robby McCabe (not verified)

Hi Robby...

Please answer this simple question.

What is the definition of the word Conspiracy?

Oh, and in regards to O'Reilly...

"I don't think so..."


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I see posts like this and I

I see posts like this and I can't help but wonder if that's what he really believes. I hope he does, because all that could mean he just doesn't know yet.

If this is true, Robby, you understand that 9/11 truth is not an easy thing to accept. It is, however, the world we live in, and we must be aware for democracy to function.

I think it's pretty obvious that Bill O'Reilly does in fact understand 9/11 truth. This topic is the litnus test of who is corrupted in the media. But then, is anyone really surprised? This is exactly what the man is paid to do.

The girl on the left wants a piece of it as well, you can see plainly that she would like to be a part of the show, a brand new Coulter star. Maybe she knows, maybe not, but she does see an opportunity to advance herself by toeing the party line on TV.

im not so sure about what

im not so sure about what Bill really understands or thinks. He knows what his job is tho, thats for sure. This is by far the most disgusting 911 news feature ive seen so far. Seriously, this is like out of a movie. Too evil to be true.

Bill O"Riley

To quote Massa Bill- "I am shocked!" Bill will look good with the tar and feather jumpsuit once the truth wins out. What a scumbag.

Tell me then........


Please tell us what the orders were that "still stand" by Cheney as told by Norman Mineta during the 9/11 hearings.

Why were warnings given to Cheney about how far the craft was from the Pentagon?

Are we "conspiracy nuts" because incidents like this weren't investigated?

By the way, if you haven't seen Norman Mineta's testimony, the video is below in my signature.

PLEASE explain for us the Mineta testimony, if you will.
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

“There is a principle

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

I can use the same tactics

I can use the same tactics you people use to prove that the Matrix is real

Deal. Go ahead, try to prove it using "our" tactics, and let us shoot it down. Then we do the same about 9/11 truth, and you shoot us down. Loser buys dinner.

You will soon find that our arguments are more than sophistry and simplistic thinking. Something you would already know if you had "degraded" yourself to actually look into our arguments.

Who's making millions?

Who's making millions?

Robby McCabe the deducer.

Ignore the Robby the deducer. He is posting this same messages all over the place. He is a troller.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

why no promotion for Fetzer?

you guys do know that Fetzer is gonna be on O'Reilly tonight right? Fetzer kicked some serious ass(all things considered) last time he was on Fox with Hannity, this could be good. if anyone can match verbal strength with O'Reilly, it would be Fetzer, he wont let Bill bully him.

got you covered, email me

got you covered, email me next time, i saw that about 20 minutes ago and lost it amongst 20 other things.

haha, sorry man, i already

haha, sorry man, i already e-mailed you like 3 times today, didnt wanna bother you again. will do though.

What else do we really

What else do we really expect from Bill, he's towing the line of his puppet master Rupert Murdoch, Fox news isnt news at all, it's the opinions of right wing morons who don't know there arse from them elbows.

It's so biased and slanted it has to continually remind you "your now entering a no spin zone" or "fox news fair and balanced" any news channel that has to continuously remind you that they're "fair and balanced" is obviously the exact opposite.

Typical O'Reilly Condescension and Bullying....

...and we all know how Bill likes to bully women, or young girls in this much did his ex-producer make in that sexual harrassment suit against Bill again? (who was the "madman" then, Bill?)....could he have been more insufferably patronizing?

I'd love to see him try that shit with Barrett....but, no, that would be a fair fight...and we all know bullys don't like fair fights...

Typical hysterical ad hominum attacks, calling is always an impressive debate tactic...oh wait, he wasn't debating the object of his smears....that does make it much easier, doesn't it....?


almost had forgotten about this little episode. Activist callers to his show should plug this every now and then.

Jesus christ Fox news is

Jesus christ Fox news is horrible, what crap they spew.

This guy is like a shark in

This guy is like a shark in the water. You can basically pinpoint when he knows he can go in for the kill with this girl.

Anyone else laugh when he dropped the names of the schools he went to? He loves himself and the fact that he's so much better than his low brow minions.

I wonder if the bootlicking

I wonder if the bootlicking Mr. O'Reilly knows that Stephen M. Walt is a professor at his alma mater. Would he also categorize Mr. Walt as a "Madman" ?

The "no facts to back it up" claim simply boiled my blood. I guess since it's his own program he can lie at will and not worry about being contradicted.


Man, that was something else. O'rielly is just very stupid or a shill. One of the two. And a sex pervert on top of it all!
I believe that girl on the right is more intelligent than O'reilly. Maybe she should take over his show. How do these assholes that never get anything right get their own national news programs? I wonder.

Show "Name Calling" by steve (not verified)

Dear Ann

I agree with you on the name calling.As far as liberals,you should do a little research.There's a alot of unanswered ,justifiable questions left unanswered in the events of 9/11.
I tell my kids to look at all questions,all angles.
It is only then that you can come up with the most logical conclusion.I seriously doubt that you have.
This country is run by the elite...(money)
Republicans,and Democrates sold us out a long time ago.
So Ann all i ask is that you look at both sides.
Then decide.

Today we'll laugh.....

Today we'll laugh at our office as we discuss O'Reily's show and how you conspiracy people are so wacked out. Then we'll catch ourselves as we realize how serious it is because these insane, pill popping, liberal Bush haters, are actually brain washing our young people. I've looked at all the "real" evidence many times as I have in the Katrina disaster. No sane person could come to any conclusion other than terroist pulled off 911 alone and Katrina was an act of God and the same thing would happen in Holland if they had a like hurricane. We did go to the moon. Oswald shot Kennedy. The earth is not flat. Humming birds don't ride on the backs of other birds on their journey to central America. Big Foot doesn't exist. Fairy's don't exist. No one's been abducted by aliens. Please go to your psychiatrist and tell them about your thoughts on the 911 conspiracy and they'll try to help you.

Oswald shot Kennedy? you

Oswald shot Kennedy? you honestly believe that? is there any government conspiracy theory you wont buy hook,line and sinker?(you do know Congress admits there was a conspiracy right?) jesus kid, your hopeless.

As long as there are people as gullible as you....

....CEOs in the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil, (and a certain Real Estate mogul, who perfectly timed the lease--and insurance--of some expensive White Elephants, I could name), will have smiles on their faces as they count the tax dollars they have had transferred to them in the "Sham on Terror"....

You know you've been played, deep down...and it bugs you, doesn't it.....?


that crap isn't going to work. Keep it up, it only makes you look even more pathetic. You want to stand around and talk about what was said on Faux News when Faux News is proven time and time again to be a bunch of bootlicking nazi shills. You're all going to feel even dumber when you finally accept what's going on.


that crap isn't going to work. Keep it up, it only makes you look even more pathetic. You want to stand around and talk about what was said on Faux News when Faux News is proven time and time again to be a bunch of bootlicking nazi shills. You're all going to feel even dumber when you finally accept what's going on.


that crap isn't going to work. Keep it up, it only makes you look even more pathetic. You want to stand around and talk about what was said on Faux News when Faux News is proven time and time again to be a bunch of bootlicking nazi shills. You're all going to feel even dumber when you finally accept what's going on.


that crap isn't going to work. Keep it up, it only makes you look even more pathetic. You want to stand around and talk about what was said on Faux News when Faux News is proven time and time again to be a bunch of bootlicking nazi shills. You're all going to feel even dumber when you finally accept what's going on.


that crap isn't going to work. Keep it up, it only makes you look even more pathetic. You want to stand around and talk about what was said on Faux News when Faux News is proven time and time again to be a bunch of bootlicking nazi shills. You're all going to feel even dumber when you finally accept what's going on.

We're name callers????

That's rich...

Did she see O'Reilly just name call after name call Fetzer last night?

These people's brazen, mind-boggling hypocricy knows no limits....

They are cartoons....

Oh, the irony

"liberals use name calling to cover for having nothing useful to say."


"you are about as smart as the bug I just smashed. Your [sic] idiots."

Oh the irony?

A mispelled word? Is that the best you can do? By the way, your sentences are INCOMPLETE! If you would look at the entire post, you'd see that it was a joke calling you idiots. There was an apology to Ann prior to calling you that for acting like a liberal. The irony is that you people will believe this but you won't believe that Bill Clinton did lots of drugs, had all kinds of sexual relations with not only interns but state employees while in Ark. I know, I know several of the people who helped set up these ventures. You are the most closed minded people since the Germans who set back and watched the Nazi's take over. Seriously, if you people went to psychiatrists and let them analyze you, then tell them what you believe, you'd be medicated for your own protection. Let me ask this, do you talk to animals? Do they talk back? I'll have to appoligize because I'm just adding to your illness by writing this stuff. But, it's kind of like teasing the monkeys at the zoo. Lots of fun!


According to Ann Coulter, liberals use name calling to cover for having nothing useful to say. I'm beginning to believe that she's right. You conspiracy people should get something intelligent to say or shut-up. Here I are about as smart as the bug I just smashed. Your idiots.....sorry Ann.

Submitted by steve (not verified) on Thu, 10/12/2006 - 10:27pm

Now I have been attacked for doing the same thing O'rielly and Coulter do for a living. If you watched the video you just watched O'reilly insult and degrade Professor Barret. I didn't here him offer any corroberating evidence for what he was saying. Just unfounded lies.
When O'reilly said Barret had no evidence to back up his claims that is a bald faced lie. All the evidence is on the truthers side. Thats what the whole movement is about. There is plenty of rock solid evidence. We can lead horses to water but we can't make them drink You are like one of those horses.

Theory with no Proof

What you folks have is nothing than theory, amazing how college professors can pull crap like this and then grade students poorly who can not back up their theories. Not only do I wonder about you folks, but I also wonder what you teach in college. Yes you have free speech, free speech that I protected in the military for 21 years, but college is to further expand ones mind, not for a professor to use to get his or her insane message accross. Then you want to promote books on this subject. To me you are no better than the terrorist that attacked us because you are using the situation, putting spin on it, and selling your books to make money; blood money at that. You jack asses need to go and live in North Korea, then maybe someday, if you survive, yu will learn that although our country is not perfect it is still the best place to live in this world.

You protected free speech

You protected free speech for 21 years? But you don't mind when someone can strip it away from you in 5 years?
Don't you think it's time to stop patting yourself on the back and maybe take a look at the facts? Start by turning off your tv..

"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention"

How does the military protect free speech?

By killing commies and terr'ists so they won't crack down on the Bill of Rights? By killing commies and terr'ists so they won't be able to manipulate public perception through the MSM?

Where was the military when HR 6166 was signed? Where was the military when free speech was limited to so called "free speech zones"? Where was the military when the White House proclaimed that "Americans should be careful what they say"?

The military protects economic interests. That even after 21 years of service you still have not realized this suggests that your assessment of 9/11 might be similarly deluded. No, I'm not being disrespectful, I'm just being honest.

"The Military protects economic interests"

Well said. It just doesn't "protect" them, it even initiates killing to further those interests.

655,000 Iraqi civilans dead, so far.

Mark of Great Falls would benefit from reading the great General Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket".

You know Mark you can sit

You know Mark you can sit there and say that over and over again... "you have nothing but theory" but all you are doing is parroting Fox News hook, lie, and snicker. Ever heard of Operation Mockingbird? I bet you think that's a conspiracy too... heh and look how well it's worked on you!

The facts are there, you're just not looking, probably because O'Bill isn't looking. His show is the antithesis of personal research. His show is about being spoonfed propaganda, because most of his viewers think he's smart, or whatever. But he's not. An hour a day of independent online research for one year is all it takes to become light years more informed than him.

And I know it's true that he hasn't looked at the facts because if he did he'd be shooting down the "conspiracy theorist's" facts. Boom boom boom, he'd be taking em down one by one like a machine gunner... but he cant' even attempt to do that because at the very least it would expose LIHOP. And that's something that would hurt people like him even more than MIHOP, because of his ego. So all he can do is use ad hominem. And that is exactly what he does.

Bill O'lieley

This guy just lies through his teeth. Obviously the only reason he can get away with it is because he'll pull the other person's mic. It's so obvious by now that it only makes him look like an idiot.

He keeps saying there's no evidence blah blah blah. He talks about how facts are so important but do you ever see him actually argue the facts?

When a crime is committed and then there is an investigation of that crime, and then there is a cover colossal up, the people who did the covering up should be bumped to the top of the list of suspects. That's pretty basic stuff there.

When the people charged with the defense of this country are proven to be lying, they too are bumped to the top of the list of suspects. So you have Condi, who incriminated herself, and you have Cheney, who also incriminated himself, in addition to Mineta's testimony, which btw was also COVERED UP. You have Rumsfeld and all the other PNAC people incriminating themselves. They're all proven liars.

Bush himself is too dumb to be involved in any way. Even Al Franken describes him as "the front man for this bull"... and that's exactly what he is.

So right there you have enough evidence to be suspicious. Then you take all the media stories that were buried, plus the links to Pakistan that were ignored, plus the real and ACKNOWLEDGED threat of planes being used as weapons. That's right, they most certainly knew of the threat, because they were warning people not to fly and they were mounting AA on the tops of buildings. (G8 in July 2001)

You got whistleblowers being gagged. You got people running around with their "hair on fire".

Well it is just so easy to sweep all that and 100x more under the rug, then claim "you have no evidence." It's pathetic and it's not going to work on any but the most dumbed down Fox news viewers who probably don't know what year 9/11 happened and think Foley is a democrat!