Some time ago you will remember the "Call to Action" by Alex Jones regarding the next false flag attack possibly on American soil. A lot of us rose to the occasion and compiled media emails for USA & Canada and fired them off.

I personally fired emails to all of Canada media and most of the USA, asking the media to stand up and report on the false flags and also the inconsistencies in the official story in general. Yesterday I received an email from THE CANADIAN NATIONAL NEWSPAPER stating that they ran a story on 911. Take a look.

Maybe the tide is now turning, however, we need to keep the pressure up.

Susan, I'm not much impressed by the article text



Susan, I'm not much impressed by the article text that hides behind the URL you gave:


"Apocalyptical 'pseudo-Christian' cult groups apparently applauded the destruction of WTC. In their apparent view, the World Trade Center was a modern day 'polyglot' version of 'Tower of Babel' in a city of 'mongrel races' and 'sinfulness', reminiscent of Babylon in the Bible."

Also, your supposedly "The Canadian National Newspaper" gave you a link to something called "". And the article is "Copyright 2005".

Don't tell me that "Canada's media is breaking through", based on this single occasion of a weirdo text publication from last year. Because it isn't..

Hey Little Pipe, the article

Hey Little Pipe, the article was written 10/10/2006 as per url link. (C) 2005 does NOT necessarily mean that it was written in 2005.

I think the artical although far from what I would like it to speak out with, is a step in the right direction. That cant be a bad thing!



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