Debunking Popular Methaddicts' Crack Pipe, Part 1

Here's the Methaddicts' lie about the molten steel.  This pretty much amounts to their claim: the steel melted because the rubble piles were insulated from the atmosphere and so the temperatures kept rising up to the point at which the steel melted.  Yep.  They claim they heard this from three experts, yet the paragraph is cleverly embedded so that one may not notice that the three allegedly making this claim are not in fact the three experts mentioned in the subsequent paragraphs, who are named and make much more reasonable and less relevant claims themselves.  I would eat Davin Coburn's hat if the three named experts were to claim they were responsible for the absurd "pressure cooker" theory of the molten steel in the rubble piles, or if PM actually would deign to name the sources who really did make these absurd claims which are patently false.  I may not have the time, so I encourage others to run with this straight at PM and their cult-like following, including John McCain.

popular mechanics'lie #1

"Popular Methaddicts"

That's pretty darned funny.

They're a funny crowd! Esp. that dreamy Davin Coburn!


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