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Just a reminder to listeners that False Flag News now airs at 9 p.m to 10 p.m. (EST M-F). DL will probably have a lot to say about the plane hitting the highrise in NYC today.

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Roy Shivers

Got a question, you can ask Roy

Show's on now. just started...

Love this intro music

Kurt Nimmo is the guest tonight.

Not sure if this show is

Not sure if this show is live. He hasn't mentioned The plane in New York thing yet and he's already into his first break. So this may have been a "false flag reminder" ...lol

It's Live

Has he said anything about

Has he said anything about New York yet? If he did I missed it.


Maybe it IS a re-broadcast - didn't think it would be, so soon after the show moved to primetime.

Good show though, and I haven't heard it before.



I called in

the person who picked up the phone said it's live.

Why he hasn't mentioned New York I dunno?

Not happening

Did he mention the crash today? Tuned in late. My guess is probably not - sorry to say, some of y'all are going to have to do a lot of creative mental meandering to find an inside job in this one. Sometimes an accident is just an accident. Though I have to say, the post-er of the numerology info - THAT was pretty interesting! Coincidence??

Yeah what are the odds?

10/11/6 flipped over 9/11/01

Obvious planned event imho.

By the way, there was no mention of the crash on False Flag News tonight..

Damn Yankee Terarists

I suspect all the Yankees are down in Gantanomo getting the water board treatment. Imagine, those dang terrarists are so smart they've managed to infiltrate the NY Yankees. I never did trust that Steinbreener guy.

To Dan A.

Just a couple comments for Dan, who I anticipate will read this. I posted these at an unrelated bbs a while ago, so a bit of copy/paste.


(month ago)
Thumbs up to the new Dan Abrahamson show on RBN, he's a young and vigorous 911 Truther, here's the archives,


(2 weeks ago)
I've listened to all of Dan Abrahamson's False Flag News radio mp3s now, and I'm still a fan but I have to temper that with a groan about his "I'm not one of these rabid anti-Zionist people" fixation. From the first show and since, daily he gratuitiously launches into this big disclaimer to distance himself from RBN's vocal anti-Zionists (like Piper, and formerly Bollyn), and certainly DBS, though he doesn't name names. He's not even replying to a caller with these rants, he just works it into his initial monolog every day. Get over it I say. And then he continues about how he's not a gatekeeper, blah blah. Well he's young, 23yo, and maybe he'll mature quickly as his show goes on. He is very bright, energetic and pragmatic, so I'm still listening daily, despite his lack of show descriptions on his archive page.


(Posted on 8/20, re WGT's 8/19 show, on which you Dan were a guest)
I was disappointed to hear WG Tarpley mischaracterize Ruppert on his radio show yesterday, beginning 11 minutes into the 2nd hour.
He parrots all the same talking points which those who've sought to discredit Ruppert have focused on.

Tarpley made the following descriptions of Ruppert, all of which range from misleading half-truths, to demonstrably false.

-Ruppert's "the leading spokesman of LIHOP", based on his reporting of his experience with Delmart Vreeland... a very small part of the picture of 9/11 which Ruppert paints.

-Ruppert "read himself out" the 9/11 Truth Movement with his Jan '05 "Elephants" speech in Seattle.

-Ruppert argued against trying to fight the '04 election vote fraud by the cheney regime.

-Ruppert "constantly harped on the red herring of Peak Oil, itself a fraud by the oil cartel" (obviously PO is a matter of spirited debate).

-Ruppert had "embraced Malthusianism, the notion of population reduction, kicking over into genocide."

Unfortunately, there is somewhat of a battle of egos among the 9/11 Truth leaders, including AJones, Tarpley, LC2, and Ruppert. Ruppert alienated all of the former in articles like SAYING GOODBYE TO A GIANT where he calls Alex Jones "internet trailer trash"; and THE NY TIMES PUTS 9-11 QUESTIONS IN THE GRAVE where he calls Loose Change a fine piece of CIA disinfo, and in HEY CHARLIE SHEEN, WAKE UP! where he describes Tarpley as "a former senior researcher for Lyndon LaRouche—whose intellectual capacity far exceeds his street smarts."

I've said Ruppert's ego/temper is a liability for him, and results in these sort of unproductive cat fights with other Patriots.


Anyways Dan, I've noticed (esp in your first week) you saying some disparaging things about Ruppert, adding that "you did read his book Rubicon". You also worked in a slight towards MCR in you 8/19 WGT show appearance above.

I think Ruppert is a patriot of the first order, and you Dan, as the operator of False Flag News should be especially grateful to him as it was Ruppert/Kane/FTW which lead the way in extrapolating the 5+ wargames which deliberately crippled NORAD's response.

Again, you see any irony in running FFN, while also repeatedly slighting Ruppert?

Incidentally, here's a hidden page at FTW (Ruppert didn't want to help publicise WingTV- and I don't blame him!): 10 QUESTIONS ANSWERED, which you'll find address several of WGT's bogus talking point seeking to discredit MCR above.

I have noticed you've lightened up on the "I'm not one of these anti-Zionist guys" rants since your earlier shows... kudos for that. I did notice one show, you describe the anti-Zionists saying roughly, "what they really mean is, they don't like Jews...", and I urge you not to make that dishonest leap. You know very well, it's possible to object to the racist imperialist political movement which is Zionism, distinct from people of the Jewish ethnicity or honest practitioners of Judaism the organized religion. Also see, True Torah Jews Against Zionism.

Anyways, my advice is, don't burn valuable time telling us over and over, gratuitously, what you're NOT-- just get on with the subject matter at hand, and let us decide for ourselves. Beyond that, keep up the fine overall work.

Ahhhhh-sorry to disappoint, stay tuned tomorrow

Hi all,

This is DL from FalseFlag- I just read this post after the show, and realized there must have been some disappointed listeners.

I probably could have discussed the plane crash today, although I was swamped all day long and was still forming my opinion of the situation. Some message board posters are speculating that NORAD allowed the plane to enter the protected air space of Manhattan, while others are saying it was a simple flight error.

My instinct leads me to believe it was probably just a random crash, and not everything is a conspiracy. But we all must investigate further. Sometimes planes just crash- although the pre-election timing, and similar imagery to 9-11 is convenient for the GOP fear machine.

Certainly no matter what happened, the images will be used to recall the 9-11 attacks and remind the sheep about how "everything changed when the terruh-rists hit us." My guess is the propaganda value will be short-lived and this story will die off rather quickly, perhaps to be forgotten in a matter of days.

The rumors of a passport emerging from the crashed plane again sound strange (and eerily reminiscent of the 9-11 passport story) but again, those could be false reports.

The key is to stay skeptical but not jump to any conclusions. Surely someone will be screaming "Cory Lidle was an undercover CIA quadruple-agent!"

I want to read more about this situation tonight. I will address it on tomorrow's show.

Thanks to 911Blogger for publicizing the show, and to everyone who listens.


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False Flag News LIVE

hell yeah

Awesome show tonight

Great work, Dan.