Israel and 9/11: Thou Does Protest Too Much

Anti-semitism is one of the most frequent allegations about people involved in the 9/11 Truth movement. Is it true? Are 9/11 truthers really anti-semites?

Well, prominent Rabbi Michael Lerner and other Jewish leaders are calling for 9/11 truth. Indeed, Rabbi Lerner says that uncovering the truth of 9/11 has the power to bring positive, lasting change to our nation and to our world.

And some of the leading members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth are Jewish.

As are some of the other prominent individuals who have called for a deeper investigation into the events of 9/11.

Indeed, some of the most committed and hard-working 9/11 activists, such as Jon Gold and many others, are Jewish.

So that must mean that these are "self-loathing" Jews, right? No, actually. I know many of these people quite well, and they are wholly comfortable being Jewish. Many are proud of their heritage and their faith.

In fact, the charges of anti-semitism are clearly illogical. For example, a book has been labelled as anti-semitic even though its co-editor is Jewish and it contains contributions from 4 Jewish writers.

While there are a very small number of people claiming that they are for 9/11 truth but making anti-semitic remarks, they are shunned by the overwhelming majority of 9/11 truthers who abhor anti-semitism.

Given these facts, I would say this to anyone who claims that the 9/11 Truth movement is anti-semitic:

Thou Does Protest Too Much.

Shalom will be here shortly

Shalom will be here shortly to call you a Nazi for daring to mention Israel. great blog GW.

Great posting

proud Truther here Jewish~Polish roots

I pass the kreplach test, too (i.e. I know what they are)

Another Jew here. Lately, people have forgotten that Jews tend to be pro-civil liberties, pro-tolerance, pro-intellectualism, etc. The Jews In The News are mostly these Right winger war monger types, definitely a minority.

I am an American, a US citizen. Israel is a foreign country, not my country.

is down right

is down right now?

The anti-semitism cries are

The anti-semitism cries are getting's their last desperate attempt at keeping the truth from being exposed. I actually almost take it as a compliment now, because it usually means I'm on the right track.

But you have to watch out for the disinfo too. Some of these guys try to blame the entire thing on Bush, big business, CIA or whatever and they completely ignore Israel, the Mossad, the OSP, etc...

9/11 - Holocaust Parallels

The Holocaust has alot in common with 9/11:

-TPTB behind each event weren't who we were told they were. Yet both events were "paradigm shifters" which brought about huge changes which were previously documented as being desireable to TPTB.

-What really happened in each event is dubious at best, with the official versions largely impeached when compared with their respective physical and circumstantial evidence.

-TPTB, the corporate media, and Hollywood are active/complicit in propagating the official versions of each event, and silencing revisionist versions, or shaming/ridiculing the revisionists. School textbooks, encyclopedias, etc present the official versions as factual.

-Taking a rigorous look at the Holocaust evidence and/or proposing revisionist theories re what really happened is even more taboo than with 9/11 at this point; it can actually get you locked up, incommunicado! Recently we heard Bush suggest that 9/11 Truthers are terrorist recruiters. Challenging the veracity of the official myth is probably soon to be outlawed, as it is with the Holocaust. The truth does not need laws to protect it. Big Lies do.

-Holocaust: Qui Bono? Israel tops the list (the justification for Israel's creation).

-9/11: Qui Bono? Israel tops the list (endless war for bankster cartel profits, MIC, Israel's Mideast domination)

-The official Holocaust myth (6M Jews...), "anti-Semitism" and the ever present "neo-nazi threat" all of which ADL labors to continually puff up, is used to unite Jews against a "shadowy outside enemy" (those filthy anti-Semites under every rock who want to do you harm! booga booga!). It's an elaborate deception designed to dupe good rank and file Jews to unite behind all things Zionist, a racist imperialist genocidal agenda which good moral Jews would not otherwise support. 9/11 serves the same function for John and Jane American, cynically using deceptively manufactured fear of a shadowy outside enemy, to dupe them into supporting racist imperialist genocidal wars.

-Holocaust Revisionists are smeared with a deliberately misleading, specially engineered MEME: "Holocaust Deniers". I've occasionally heard 9/11 Revisionists, aka 9/11 Truthers, labeled 9/11 Deniers" by those shilling for the official story. And yes, the really pathetic Official 9/11 Fairy Tale shills occasionally even roll out the worn out smear for all seasons (evidently!), "anti-Semitic", for 9/11 Revisionist Theorists.

From The 9/11


The 9/11 truth movement has suffered from some infiltration by advocates of what is euphemistically called Holocaust revisionism, who have written in defense of various aspects of Holocaust Denial and have praised neo-Nazis who seek to downplay the Holocaust.

The 9/11 truth movement has attracted a lot of people who want to be instant experts. Some crave public recognition. Others, no doubt, have their unique psychological reasons, some good, some not so good. But those who make very bold conclusions while being ignorant of most of the available evidence run the risk of "foot in mouth" disease, and worse, their antics can rub off on the rest of us, especially if they seek to connect neo-Nazi pseudo historians and 9/11 truth activists in common cause.

Due to these (and other) efforts to link 9/11 skeptics with Holocaust denial, there are a fair number of citizens who think that 9/11 investigation is really all about blaming "the Jews" for the atrocity, both from those who want to blame the "jews" and those who think that 9/11 investigation is anti-semitism.

Not all "conspiracy theories" are true - some are blatant revisions of history to snare the gullible or those who let their anger get in the way of the facts.

The 9/11 truth movement should not be co-opted by those who want to pretend that one of the greatest crimes in history was oversold by Jews in order to justify a land grab in Palestine.

If you strip away the emotional layer

isn't it obvious how the defenses of the Holocaust are similar to those of the 9/11 OCT? It's never about facts, it's always about how despicable and irresponsible it is to ask certain questions, how it's all well-established, how everyone but the loons agrees with it, et cetera pp ad infinitum.

It's kinda ironic to see seekers of truth mirror the behavior of those they're fighting when it comes to this topic. Indignation, ridicule, accusation, avoidance of factual discussion, censorship, et cetera pp ad infinitum.

*wanders away shaking his head*

"Neo-Nazis", "the Jews".....

"...especially if they seek to connect neo-Nazi pseudo historians and 9/11 truth activists in common cause..."

This writer debases his credibility when he smears Holocaust Revisionists with the misleading engineered "Holocaust Deniers" meme, and labels them as "Neo-Nazis", and repeatedly characterizes their beef as being with "the Jews", rather than with that racist imperialist & machiavellian political movement known as Zionism, which many good, independent-minded Jews oppose as well.

He also reveals his slanted agenda with a title like, "No Planes and No Gas Chambers" which again seeks to marginalize Holocaust Revisionists, lumping them in with the 9/11 hologram-planers.

I think the very striking 911/Holocaust parallels are spelled out above, and I don't hear anyone addressing them... only smearing the messenger with the same worn out engineered-meme-phrases. Maybe someone can get Shalom from AIPAC on the line?

In Short, 9/11 Truth Attracts Parasites...

...who don't really care about 9/11 Truth.

Anti-Israel/Zionism is not Anti-Semitism..

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Points whore. Just kidding

Points whore. Just kidding George, great post!!



Enjoyd the works of Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Steven Spielberg, Jon Stewart, Isaac Asimov, Mel Brooks, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein (well, jewish heritage, but agnostic) etc etc..probably hundreds of people who I have no real idea which religion they devote their lives to and don't really care.

Not a fan of:
Henry Kissinger, R. Murdoch
Kristol (and neocon buddies)
Much of Israel's politics.

Not much of a fan of any fundamentalism. So this goes for the muslim extremists without a doubt to the christians as well.

Unfortunaly there is a group of people within the movement that tend to point their fingers at jews...but theyl seem to be a minority.

"An alternative [U.S. foreign] policy offering real security would require ending the support of oppressive rulers in the Middle East and elsewhere, pursuing a more balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, changing our oil-dependent energy policy, and replacing the drive for overwhelming global military dominance with policies for the peaceful prevention of atrocities and deadly conflict."
Friends Committee on National Legislation


Methinks thou shouldest have said, "thou DOST protest too much"... (I do, thou dost, he doth/does, we do, ye do, they do)


Original: Me thinks the lady dost protest too much.

Then commonly said as "Thou dost protest too much"

Now, most commonly said (according to google) as "Thou does protest too much".

Methinks not

nay, methinks not,

Original: Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

doth=3rd pers singular (arch) dost=2nd pers singular (arch)

as for what google says, and what many "commonly" say, perchance this be true... but only because they know no better.

Human lives were lost

Many Jews died on 9/11, as did several Muslims-- Human beings ALL. It doesn't matter WHO the bastards who did this are. If the perpetrators be Democrats or gentiles I'd feel the same way. I want the TRUTH to be known and those responsible prosecuted and punished.