Muse frontman claims 9/11 was Inside Job.


2006-10-11 18:30:13 -

MUSE frontman MATT BELLAMY has sensationally claimed 9/11 was an "inside job", insisting the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was orchestrated to give America a perfect an excuse to invade Iraq.

Bellamy is convinced the US government knows more information surrounding the attack on their country in September 2001 than the public is aware of.

The outspoken singer says, "September 11 is clearly an inside job, there's massive evidence that suggests that it was either allowed to happen or even worse, deliberately made to happen.

"There was a document called PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICA CENTURY which was made by neo-Con (right wing) writers in the 90s who supplied most of the agenda that (GEORGE W) BUSH is putting into place now, which clearly says, 'We need a Pearl Harbor-level of event so we can have an excuse to invade the Middle East.'" Bellamy's outbursts are sure to find him causing controversy with the band's US fans, but the outspoken singer refuses to be silenced, insisting he wouldn't be surprised if he was being monitored by the FBI.

He says, "With the world we live in I think with the books I've ordered off Amazon I'll already be on lists."

this guy kicks ass. i heard

this guy kicks ass. i heard him on Alex Jones, sounded like a great guy.

these guys are AWESOME.

these guys are AWESOME. best new band in the last 25 years, imo. #1 band in europe as it stands.

check um out....

good news from MUSE....



actually a pretty huge band

actually a pretty huge band in england, and they get some healthy airplay here in the states as well.

They're massive in Europe...

MUSE are huge in Europe especially UK and western Europe. Awesome live rock band.

In fact one of their last concerts one of the band members wore a TERROSTORM t-shirt... huge respect to them.

MP3 of Alex Jones chating with Matt Bellamy...

"Bellamy wore a T-shirt with TerrorStorm written on it while performing to 80,000 fans and watching millions at the Reading festival."

Listen to their music if you have a chance.

far more credible than charlie sheen

muse is one of the most celebrated and honored acts in the uk, among critics and fans alike. they've sold millions of albums (on madonna's label) and will no doubt cause thousands more to look into this mess.


This band is Huge
just go on and their music videos
will make your day

Muse -

I am a huge Muse fan, Matt

I am a huge Muse fan, Matt Bellamy is the man to come out and make his statements fills me with a great feeling that this lie cannot go on. When are these "toe the line" lemmings and sheeple finally gonna wake up and smell the proverbial coffee.
I seen Muse perform in Edinburgh in August and gonna see them in Glasgow in November you should listen to their Albums more recently Absolution and Black Holes and Revalations !!!!! the lyrics tell you wot you need to know about Matt Bellamy he is an inspiration to me !! 911 was a huge False Flag attack Operation Northwoods is testament to that JFK blackballed this and look wot happend to him Reichstag as Mr Oreily so poinantly pointed out being another. I have just seen the feltzer interview on The factor and Bill O is an ignorant ass hole !!!! I was a little disappointed in Jim as he did not impose himself enough although with all the usally childish name calling there was not much of a chance Bill like the asshole Hannity are 2 of the same mold ignorant to the point it is actually laughable but not in the funny sense i would love to see Alex Jones really go toe toe with BIG Bad Bill and Mr Hannity these guys are Morons of the highest order. I live in Scotland and sometimes find it hard to comprehend some of the American Media do they really take you all for idiots i watch the factor and hannity just to find out the shit that they actually spout it really is unbelieveable No Spin Fair and Balanced HAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! A great man once said "Blind ignorance does mislead us wretched fools open your eyes" how apparent in this day in age in the world . Orwell Huxley they had the foresight to see and everything is falling into place i suggest every lemming out there really have a look in the mirror and ask themselves some serious questions who is fooling who, these zionist neo cons are taking us all for a very serious ride. People like the poster robbie must do at least a little research before you make statements as you have done, 19 hijackers and a man in a cave carried out the most orgainsed to the tee terroist attack in the history of mankind this is the CONSPIRACY.

Black Holes and Revelations

The lyrics on this album are refreshingly overt in their political content. Bellamy clearly appreciates the gravity of the world crisis.
I think "Invincible" should be the official song of the Truth Movement:
"During the struggle
They will pull
But please, please let's use this chance
To turn things around
'Cuz tonight, we can truly say
Together we're Invincible!"

Muse have earned my utmost respect for speaking up...

when so many other musicians & artists refuse to!

Yeah, Matt Bellamy wore a

Yeah, Matt Bellamy wore a tshirt that said 'Google Terrorstorm' at the Reading Festival, glad he's keeping it up.

It would be nice...

if he hadn't misquoted the PNAC document. Kind of makes him seem uninformed. But it's nice that he's speaking out.