Popular Mechanics are really starting to p*ss me off

I heard Davin "DNA" Coburn from Propoganda Mechanics on another radio show and a caller asked him
if he had ever heard of Operation Northwoods. He claimed he hadnt heard of it which I find hard to
believe as he is meant to have fully researched internet conspiracy theorists. He went on to say that his
boys are happy to look at any new evidence and we should send it to them.

So I have done just that. I sent a pdf of Northwoods to them and, as is usual in such cases, I have recieved
no reply. I am calling on you to send any smoking gun evidence you have to them. If you dont get a reply ring

popularmechanics@hearst.com is the email

212-649-2000 is the phone number

212-586-5562 is the fax number

"Propaganda Mechanics"

That's pretty good, too, but why waste your time running circles in Wonderland with these psychos? He's obviously just lying about not having heard about ON. That's his job.

yes but...

yes but the point is if we send them all this evidence they can no longer deny having seen it. Should we just sit on our hands instead and do nothing???

" they can no longer deny having seen it"

Sure they can.
And will.
As an analogy, the government still has web pages claiming that Bush never signed any such thing as a Security & Prosperity Partnership agreement. It can be verified a thousand times in a hundred different ways, but they "can" always lie.
It doesn't matter how many times you "catch" somebody on something--there's simply no way to hold them accountable when they're "in the right."
We shouldn't sit on your hands, but we should devote our energies to causes less hopeless than the propagandists themselves.

an example

look what charles goyette did to davin coburn, it was wonderful. We should confront these people with the best evidence abnd watch them crumble