Time to put up or shut up!

They call us nuts. Time to put up or shut up! If they feel so confident what better way then to show it to the
masses then to face us in a national televized event!
Ed Haas has already tried once to set up a national debate.The first time they ran like cock roaches when the lights turn on.Now they pushed it out for months,and still the NIST,9/11 Commission,Popular Mechanic run,and hide!
This event needs to be an all day event,advertized a week in advance.Covered by FOX,ABC,CBS,NBC.
There you go Mr Orilley.......TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

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no officials will ever show

no officials will ever show up at any national 9/11 debate - as soon as they did they would be proven wrong.
as long as they (NIST, commish, etc.) continue to ignore all real questions and skepticism then it can forever be painted as conspiracy theories by the mcmedia.
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