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I'd like to start by recognizing the obviously big news that South Park, in whatever way, has chosen to give exposure to the truth movement. It is a fascinating development no matter how big or small their audience, no matter which truth site they advertised, no matter their treatment, fair or unfair of the subject. It is a blip on the radar and that is all that matters. These blips are currently being picked up by more and more people in more and more walks of life. One of those walks of life with which I am most acquainted is the walk of students and other members of the Harvard community through their daily routine. Last night I pulled of a hat-trick--three DVDs handed out to three passing students--the tendency for people to follow an example is evident in this and other cases--when people see others doing something, they are curious, and want to add to their knowledge of the world around them by participating in whatever it is, or at least taking an interest as an informed spectator. The more people look like them and talk like them, the more likely they are to be receptive to the new thing they see the people doing. Right now, one thing a lot of people around Harvard are doing is becoming familiar with the issue of 9/11. More and more people are posting links to message boards, sharing DVDs, emailing their friends, talking in the dining halls, and personally waking up to an unfamiliar but gripping reality. We need not make matrix references at this point--what is happening is not a movie and drawing the parallel is an exercise in redundancy. We live in a manufactured reality, and until now the creation of meaning and truth has been confined to the few while the many have trusted--very important that word--that they were getting the whole story. Sadly they have been deceived. Fortunately they are realizing it at a breathtaking pace.

It matters little that the president of Harvard continues to either feign ignorance or wallow in it. His own reality is changing around him whether he realizes it or not. It's not for us to figure out if he is being deceived, and by whom, or if he is the one doing the deceiving (or thinking that he is anyway.) There are those who we know are actively spreading deception and discouraging others from finding out the truth. These are our adversaries and they are hanging on in some numbers (fewer each day) to the hope that their campaign of deception has legs to carry them to the next batch of reinforcements, if they indeed are forthcoming. One can at once admire their perseverance and be repelled by their arrogance and evil intentions. It matters little how we feel about these pawns in a much greater game that has been afoot for some time now. They have no more power than a pawn on the side of the chessboard silently and helplessly watching his comrades fall one by one. Watching the once-thought brilliant plan unravel into threads of flailing desperation, doomed to be contained and removed from the board. Popular Mechanics is perhaps the bishop in all of this, securing the diagonals of one color, limited as it is to these, having no better chance than the late pawns to stave off defeat.

Remember though that life is not a game, though it encompasses many. Life is what happens, as the saying goes, while you're busy making other plans. Life has recently surprised a growing number of people, and we can rest assured that this is just the beginning. When great power is wielded by those not worthy of it, havoc does tend to ensue. That havoc is of their doing and if properly tempered by those with the strength and courage to do it, has the potential to be turned around 180 degrees in such a manner as to set things right, to strike the balance that none can ultimately dislodge, for it is what is, nothing more and nothing less. Far from nothing, this balance represents harmony, of which justice is one of many kinds. While we bring the many discordant chords around us into tune, let us not fail to do the deed completely. At this moment something unfathomably great is beginning and each of us has the potential to contribute or detract from that effort.

What is to be the role of each? Only time can tell. We have already made more than once the mistake of trusting in the leadership of men and of women. We have also made the mistake of trusting unseen hands to ensure our fate. The question is asked and the answer not offered. It is a simple thing then--seek it. Seek it within yourself and seek it amongst your fellows. Seek it song and seek it in science. I screened 9/11 mysteries for a group of friends yesterday and if you haven't watched it, or watched it through to the very end, you should. The messages that appear on the screen at the end are profoundly meaningful, and it gave me goosebumps to think that those might be read by the 3 folks at Harvard who took the DVDs yesterday. Will those messages resonate with them? I can't see how they could not. Conversion is of course often a religious experience regardless of the context, and we would be wrong to believe that religion is purely the realm of God. God would seem in most cultures to be the personification (as if that made sense) of a human experience (the religious one) exemplified by clarity, awareness, and the peace that comes from it. I don't draw these parallels to encourage any kind of cult of the truth or of personality. Quite the opposite--I write to warn against such perversions of something as special as what is currently awakening--it is not something to be controlled, exploited, manipulated, or profited from. It is the new way of things, and we are all priveleged to explore it and share our wonder before it as it transforms our realities in unison and harmony free of the tethers of the corruption of men.

Onward truthers, in good cheer! We are free, and we have many yet to be emancipated from the shackles of the lie.

Each freed soul becomes one more strengthening the tune--it's time to sing and dance.

Half agree

I'm not sure I can agree with the notion that bad representation is still some representation. From the fan website of South Park this is written: "For those of you who've wanted Matt and Trey to make an ep making fun of 9/11 conspiracies, here's the scoop from South Park Studios: The world’s biggest conspiracy of all time will finally be uncovered when Eric Cartman exposes the true culprit behind the September 11th attacks. An attempted assassination in South Park means no one is safe from the people who are the real brains behind the 9/11 conspiracy. When Kyle and Stan hit the road in search of the truth, they come face-to-face with the masterminds who pulled off the most elaborate, intricate and flawlessly executed operation in American history. A deuce is a #2 - poop. What's a piece of poop doing in a urinal? That... is where the conspiracy comes in!"

I've written a rebuttal to the sites owner challenging him to watch 911: Press for Truth as well as several other videos, here's what I wrote to him:


You may intend not to explore or read further, but as a fellow South Park watcher, I love the show and for the first time, they are representing something that I feel they have not educated themselves well enough on. This is the right of freedom of speech and I applaud that, but it should also be understood that the writing staff of South Park may have fallen prey to the same propaganda that steers most Americans currently. Those who write off the conspiracy issue have typically not done anything more than here and watch the government’s story and its continual parroting of it, or listened to theorist’s ramblings without taking the time to follow up on the validity of what they say. The evidence refuting the government’s story is abundant, yet difficult to find since mainstream media does its best to suppress it, and the government is working hard to fuel “don’t fall prey to conspiracy theories”. Funny how within days of 9/11 Bush needed to state this in a news conference. For the sake of the roughly 500,000-1,000,000 Americans who are on board with this (and its growing daily), I encourage you give “benefit of the doubt” to watch this video titled “9/11: Press for Truth” http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5589099104255077250&q=%22911%3A+....

This shows quite well the struggle of 9/11 victims families in trying to get the government to investigate how 9/11 was allowed to happened, who was responsible for allowing it to happen, and who’s heads should roll for letting it happen. What it uncovers is an obvious coverup that is undeniably and shamefully represented in the video.

This should leave you with several questions about what they are actually covering up. I’ve listed several other respected videos on the subject,

911 Mysteries

Reopen 911
Free DVD offer
Reopen 911 Trailer

Loose Change 911

911 Revisited

What we are up against is no different than a 1940 German citizen trying to convince fellow citizens that Hitler was a maniac, or a 1967 Americans trying to convince the rest of us that Vietnam was a sham that sacrificed 50,000 American soldiers and 3 million Vietnamese, or a 1990 Catholic trying to expose the pedophilia rampant thru out a church more interested in social image than protecting our children. All those who fought these causes have been vindicated. Recognize the possibility now, and give “benefit of the doubt”. You will not be able to watch the first video without wanting to know more. If you discover any validity to this, feel free to forward to the creators of South Park if you have their email addresses. If you feel the need to review further evidence, a search for “9/11 Truth” will yield thousands of supporting sites including these 4 prominent ones,

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

9/11 Truth New York City

Veterans For 9/11 Truth

911 Truth.

Thank You"
Central Mass 911 Truth Alliance

Thanks Larry! I liked your letter, and we WILL be vindicated.


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