People often say 3,000 people died on 9/11. I have done so several times. That's not accurate. The amount of people who died on the day of 9/11, was 2,973.

As 911Truth.org just said, "Some 70,000 people are sick as a result of the toxic air after 9/11."

Some of the individuals affected by the environmental impact of 9/11 are quite literally, "the walking dead."

I do apologize for referring to them as such. It is callous. However, like most painful truths we have uncovered, describing it as succinctly as possible, is important.

Let it be known that I have the deepest respect for the first responders. The deepest respect.

I think it is important that from now on, people do their best to say, "2973+", when describing the amount of people who perished on 9/11.

If we are not accurate, then the sick and the dying are forgotten.

People often say 3,000 people died on 9/11.

The amount of people who died on the day of 9/11, was 2,973+.

Ashcroft is into "barbed wire sculpture" & torture...

"9-11: Press for Truth"

Accurate or the lost will be forgotten

Ironically, I was just having a conversation with my wife and step daughter last night about the value of a college education. I have one, my wife does not. She contended that it is of little value, by the reasoning that she has known so many with a degree that are outperformed, outreasoned, and to put it simply as her father has, they are "Educated Idiots". I supported getting an education, that you will gain knowledge and learn how to think, be better informed and know and recognize the truth. It unfortunately doesn't translate into IQ points, but rather IQ can have a limiting effect on "Getting Smarter".

The Point:

I felt last night that I was accurate, and that I proved my point and won the issue of the value of a college degree. That was until I came to the 911Truth website. The fools, and yes the founder, Jim Fetzer, show so little cognitive ability, and display such an outrageous ignorance, that I fear my wife could very well be correct. After all, these dark matter brains are teachers! That's right, a philosophy Ph.D. referring to himself as an expert, in the third person no less. And just how stupid, or uninformed must one be to fall for the numerous inaccuracies presented on the homepage. (see st911.org, click on a few- they are hilarious, well at least to anyone that got a real education, from a real Ph.D. )

Only these mental midgets could be stumped by most of the mysteries here (though cursory critical thinking can eliminate the mystery of many). The remaining, seemingly mysterious questions may be harder to answer, or can't be answered but If you can read, check out a basic consumer publication, "Popular Mechanics" , for some plausible answers. Of course they enlist "experts", I suppose it is possible they got their degree from Sally Struthers, or PHDSRUS.com.

Well this post will probably be pulled, but I was just a little perturbed having a pinhead like Fetzer prove my wife was right, I was wrong, and of course there is no reason for her daughter to seriously consider college when at 16 she's already smarter than a whole panel of Professors.

Accuracy really does count- You should take it a lot more seriously. Perhaps you could consult a Ph.D. in the Psychology department, time isn't on your side.

This has to do...

With the sick and dying from the environmental impact of 9/11 in what way?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


The experts at PM have changed their story so often its ridicoulus. First they say the buildings pancaked and now they say thats not so. Now we are supposed to believe that the part above the impact zone crushed the part below with no resistence from a structure that was built to withstand multiple jet impacts according to one of the engineers who desigined it, Frank demartini, a former harvard professor. The idiots at NIST have given us no historical, experimental or graphical occurance of their newest Pile driver theory.

I would like answers to the following questions

If the fires were so hot why didnt the windows break?

Is it not suspicious that fire never has caused a high rise building to collpase, then three magically collapsed symetrically in the same day?

How come NIST can barely explanation to the bright orange reaction right before the collapse, it fits a thermite reaction like a glove, but NIst speculates its from the aluminum burning, but sorry DR jones conducted experiments and its not. Aluminum even when mixed with office materials is silvery. Please explain.

according to the new york times the steel was evaporated, you need temps far higer than a office fire to do that......5000 degrees, whats your hypothesis?

What about all the engineers that designed the building like demartini and skilling that said the building could easily withstand jet and multiple jet impacts?

According to nist FAQ their newest pile driver theory which was supported by a couple sentences of speculation and not one historical example (of course fires have never caused buildings to collpase) the part above the impact zone crushed with no resistence or conservation of momentum................how did the block above the impact zone turn into dust in midair.................HOW COULD IT CRUSH THE BUILDING IF IT WAS TURNED INTO DUST IN MIDAIR?

In my opinion, the number

In my opinion, the number 2973 can be justly rounded up to 3000. It is only fair to say 3000 and many more to follow, however sad that is. It's a scandal the media aren't covering at least this scandal!

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell