Another blatant lie from Popular Mechanics

I dont want to make it appear that I have a vendetta against Propaganda Mechanics but lets face it I have. Listen to this radio appearance by Brad Reagan from PM. Its not that long, only about the first 20 minutes of the file. During the discussion Brad and a caller say that there are NO COLUMNS IN THE CENTRE OF THE TRADE TOWERS.  A blatant lie!!!

As usual the host lets on callers to just agree with the PM guy.

I am startibg to hyperventilate over this now.

 We need a strategy to debunk these cretins for good.


Listen here:

too bad......

too bad we do not have any real money, like most movements.

i would love to hire a lawyer (who is sympathetic to the cause) - to file a (mostly symbolic) lawsuit against Populare Mechanics.

The basis of this lawsuit could be a class-action to charge Popular Mechanics with fraudulently and grossly misrepresenting the truth.

yeah - i know this sounds like pie-in-the-sky dreaming, but a good lawsuit (if it ever went to trial) would place supoena power in the hands of the people, and witnesses and evidence could be brought into the case.

in effect 9/11 would be on trial.

it would not matter if we won the case against Popular Mechanics. what would matter most is putting the evidence on trial and compelling people to testify.

i just wonder if there is any legal precident for sueing Popular Mechanics?

I believe that there has to

I believe that there has to be a concerted effort to debunk all that comes out of Popular Mechanics because they are effective at muddying the waters and swaying people over to them. I've noticed a growing backlash recently to 'conspiracy theories'. Someone should get their book and dissect it to pieces.

I think what you're noticing is...

The desperation setting in on the other side. Basically all they have is these PM hacks going around lying for them, and Bill O'Reilly mouthing off. I've noticed an increase in the number of "thanks" and thumbs up that I get when truthin' it up in public. It's not just that, it's the fact that now people are coming to me asking for DVDs becuase they heard I have them. These guys, especially the Popular Mechanics crooks, are TOAST, and they know that if they don't fight they will just look more guilty. They have no choice butt o grab their lies and start peddling hard. problem is, it's all a show--the callers as you pointed out are plants. The shills in the street get shot down as soon as they're aksed about molten steel. Anything they say can be countered with "How did building 7 fall and how did all that steel melt?" If anyone gives you the old "Where are the passengers, or you think they're that competent," just repeat "How did building 7 collapse, and how did all that steel melt?" Remember to point out the melting point of steel (2750 degrees) and the maximum burn temperature for hydrocarbon fires (1800 degrees). Think about it--are they going to admit they were lying? Never! Are we suddenly going to seize the airwaves? Not for a while. So the only thing is to keep spreading the truth in the streets and online and pretty soon anyone parroting the conspirators' talking points will be getting a visit from honest law enforcement agents. Easy as that.


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they wont win

they cant win. Its 45 years since kennedy was shot and people are still investigating it. Do they think they can silence a movement of millions with provable lies?

They just irritate me

yep, they're just trying to buy as much time as they can

but it's like bailing water from the Titanic with a teaspoon. good luck Davin & Co.!!

Davin Coburn

Davin Coburn

Davin Coburn....

if that's you're REAL name!


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The PM vermin are just another example of the CIA...

moles & shills that infest our mainstream media! Some people don't understand that it's very easy for elements of our gov't to infiltrate or operate what look like legitimate businesses.

well apparently...

the previous PM staff were cleared out not long before they started on this article

True that, and then they hired Ben Chertoff

who of course is Michael Chertoff's cousin. So what does the director of homeland "security" have to do with one of the authors of the popular methaddicts disinfo crap? Well nothing, except that they're cousins. But according to popular methaddicts:

PM jacks their Chertoff


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