The Global Dominance Group and 9/11

Finally got a chance to listen to this excellent talk by Peter Phillips, which ties in nicely with his chapter in the recently released 9/11 and American Empire Vol.I. I highly recommend checking out some of the other great shows in the Guns and Butter archive as well;

The Global Dominance Group and 9/11

Sep 06, 2006
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Presentation by Director of Project Censored, Dr. Peter Phillips, at the June 4th, 2006 "9/11 Education and Strategy Conference" in Chicago. This talk is based on recent research conducted at Sonoma State University which identified 240 global dominance advocates who have been the primary promoters and beneficiaries of the so-called war on terror before and after 9/11. Dr. Phillips covers the rise of the neocons and their agenda, who benefited from 9/11 and permanent war, the complicity of the corporate media, and the stolen presidential elections. It's a "who dunnit" analysis and investigation of the most spectacular crime of the 21st century.

Just wanted to say that I

Just wanted to say that I thought the speech/lecture was excellent as well. It was quite revealing and very informative. I tried to pass it around to some people at work but nobody gave a shit.

I also recommend Guns and Butter most recent offer as well with William Pepper. Unfortunately it gets cut off at the end because they're in a fund drive but still it's an excellent speech including Wayne Madsen from 9/11 2006.