I'm FED up

You come home from a two week trip and open the door to your bathroom only to find your dead dog laying there A bottle of shampoo laying next to him. You go to the dog dish in the kitchen and see all the food gone. You wonder why the dog sitter didn't do their job while you were away for two weeks. Your asking how can this happen? Crying and sulking you suddenly look and realize that the shampoo cap is off and your are now certain that the dog had been poisoned by ingesting the shampoo. You take the dog to the vet and sure enough the vet finds shampoo residue in his mouth and has determined that the dog had died from being poisoned. You then call the dog sitter to find out what happened only to find out she had been in a bad car accident and is in a coma She of course can't tell anyone that she was responsible for someones pet and to go take care of them. After further investigation you find out that the last time she came to take the dog for a walk and to feed him was 3 days before you got back from your trip. A few days go by and the dog sitter finally comes out of her coma and you go to visit her in the hospital. she happens to mention that she was really sweaty from the last time she took the dog for a walk and decided to take a shower. A few weeks go by and you begin to think about the dog sitter taking a shower. You may have thoughts about the shampoo. Did she use up all the shampoo? Did she forget to put the cap on? Maybe the trash can in the bathroom was tipped over and now your wondering if the bottle was thrown away. Did the dog tip the trash over and just lick the bottle realize it didn't taste very good? If so how is that enough to prove fatal to the dog? It must be. How else could the dog have died?  The truth of the matter is that dog had just finished eating then walked into the bathroom where he turned around and accidently closed the door on himself.  He tipped the trash can over to find something to eat or drink and found the shampoo bottle that he licked but didn't like very much.  The dog being trapped in the bathroom starves to death and did not die from poisoning.

Here is the question I pose to everyone especially those who criticize the 9-11 truth movement.  Should anyone who questions the official story above be attacked and smeared or called a conspiracy theorist? 

Of course not.  So why would anyone want to attack those who question the official story about 9-11?

Please forgive the story above as it comes off the top of my head without any rewriting.  I tell this story to point out something that is very important.  The 9-11 truth movement gets attacked by others for reasons I just can't understand.  Let me explain using the above story.  You come home to find your dog dead.  The official story based on what you saw and what the expert say and that he died from being poisoned from the shampoo.  However other details start to come to light that suggest another possibility or the impossibility of the official story.  On 9-11 Highjackers fly planes into the WTC and other targets.  We all see this happen.  Then a fire starts in the those impacted floors.  Then some time later we all watched the buildings collapse.  The official story is that the steal was weakened by the heat created by the fire causing structual failure and the buildings came down into their own footprint.  Everyone agrees this is what happened and we all agree a war would be an appropriate response to this attack on our country.  Then one day your handed a documentary that show eyewitnesses at ground zero on 9-11 making statements to news organizations of hearing explosions in the sub basement of the towers.  Hearing multiple explasions throughout the building.  Hearing pop pop pop.  Saying things like "There were bombs going off."  We hear Larry Silverstien referring saying they pulled building 7.  Donald Rumsfeld said twice on TV that they shot down flight 93.  hundreds of thousands of dollars are wire transferred to Mahatta Adda by Pakastanin intelligence.  Osama Bin Laden is the most wanted man in the United States and the Bush family are buddy buddy with the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia.   Then you start to look at the conflicts of interest surrounding the 9-11 commission.  And the millions of dollars being made from no bid contracts.  Lets not forget mysterious passport of one of the hijackers that flew through the fireball and just happened to found in the rubble.  I could go on and on.

The bottom line is this.  Why on gods green earth would anyone attack those who question the official story.  Even if the official story is what occured then there is nothing to worry about.  But the fact of the matter is this.  No one knows the whole story except those who were responsible.  No one knows the whole story so that begs questions lots of them.  So why on earth would anyone attack those who are doing what any good person would do.  Those who question the official story obviously are seeing something the others are not.  If you are one of those that attack the 9-11 truth movement I can think of a much better function for you.  Stand off to the side and just watch.  Our intention is to find out what really happened on that day and the only people who would logically want to apply counter intention to this movement are those who are responsible.  So the next time you want to attack those in the 9-11 truth movement ask yourself what logical reason do you have to want to stop something like that.  Either join us or get the hell out of our way.    

I'm terribley sorry to hear

I'm terribley sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved pet. I know how this goes, as magically one day my dog passed away for unknown reasons. It's terrible to loose a pet.

Agaian im sorry, and my hopes go out towards you.

All the best

Knowledge is power, and words are our weapons!

Oh don't be sorry

I made this story up off the top of my head to prove my point about questioning the official story and when you see an inconsistancy it should be questioned. I am however sorry to hear about the loss of your pet.

The one part of the story that is true is that I was dog sitting for a friend and in the middle of the night the dog did manage to enter the bathroom and close the door on himself. He knawed at the wall to try and get out. I found him the next day he was ok.