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Bill O'Reilly invited Dr. James Fetzer from Scholars for 9/11 Truth onto his show tonight. Bill was at the top of his game tonight in his mastery of 5th grade insults not seen since he berated the son of a victim of 9/11.

O'Reilly's only purpose for inviting Fetzer on this evening was to invite him to be his personal body bag to verbally abuse and insult as a sort of follow up to his coverage last night of Kevin Barrett (be sure to check out Ann Coulter Jr.). Dr. Fetzer perhaps got in 3 to 4 sentences edgewise during O'Reilly's gradual melt down until O'Reilly quite literally advocated the government having the FBI track Fetzer down to find out "what you guys are up to" - Bill O'Reilly quite clearly proved tonight that he is in fact a fascist.

Not mentioned in opening

Crossing my fingers he will still appear. Bill will probably use the Mel Gibson piece as a lead into the 911 anti-semitism charges, then shout over Fetzer's rebuttal.Radical Pragmatist

they just previewed a

they just previewed a segment on barrett.. guess he is following up with that..

btw, nice to see you back dood!

O'Reilly won't shut the fuck

O'Reilly won't shut the fuck up.

He won't even let Fetzer talk.

Show "Bill O'Reilly is Really Giving it to Jim Fetzer" by SCReuter

Who are you? Why are you

Who are you? Why are you here? Do you know you're a mindless dipshit? Do you know you're killing humanity?

Do you know

You sound like a college freshman, for chrissakes. Let the guy be an asshole. And of course, even given that, he has a right to be here. Ignore him if you want. For my money, he's just one of these desperate types who needs to be a nuissance, a prick. So here's a quote for him, and for all of us for that matter:

One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important.
-Bertrand Russell

I'm not that many years

I'm not that many years removed from being a college freshman, and I don't see what you have against young people. From my experience, young people have more open minds than the middle-aged.

Perception of the open mind

is just that: a perceived notion. The mature mind is not necessarily more closed, but it is more experienced, vis-à-vis what it has been "open" to experiencing. The young mind is not necessarily more open, it simply has before it more options, vis-a-vis its temporal relationship to the cosmos, and may slam shut as quickly as a head banger can shout, "I want my MTV!" And, you can rest assured Beethoven is "rolling over" in all his immortal glory.

O'Reilly fan huh? who would

O'Reilly fan huh? who would have guessed.

when the new world order

when the new world order takes over God forbid,Ihope they take you to their newest camp

Yeah, well, it's started.

Yeah, well, it's started. O'Reilly just stamped his okay on treating 9/11 Truthers as traitors.

Let the mass roundups begin.


I would be so unimaginably mad if Bill Oreally told me I hated my country on live tv. I don't understand why Fetzer didn't seem to take offense to that charge. I really want to fight Bill Oreally for indirectly saying 9/11 truthers are unpatriotic.

What kind of an American is O' Reilly?

He doesn't act like anyone who defends his country, He acts more like someone who knows it all and if you don't believe what He believes, then you are bullied on his program. How pathetic, it shows what a true ass he is.
Keith Olberman should invite to be on his show and give him the same treatment . Man I can just dream how that one would turn out.....

Show "Fetzer SUCKS" by Anonymous (not verified)

People Who Tell Truth are persecuted

This is a fact throughout history. If you tell the truth you will be persecuted. So Fetzer realizes this and merely does what ever it takes to bring the truth to the masses. If this means getting up on FOX with this clown O' Reily and being called names SO BE IT. You have to do what you have to do.

You say he sux? I say he is very courageous.

Tell us how courageous you are. Would you be as professional as he was? He was very polite and courageous which exposes Oreily for who he is. A childish name calling ranter.

I agree

I think Jim is great. I love the man!


Copy that.

I can't say I would have done any better on O'Reilly's show than Fetzer did last night.

The only thing I *really* wish he had done differently was correct O'Reilly on the whole "These people claim Bush did 9/11" type nonsense. He used it right out of the gate when he was talking about Barrett and then repeated it several times.

Because that canard provides the easiest target for arguing the "Incompetence Theory" I think it is worthy of shooting down in no uncertain terms whenever it is encountered. But that's just me.

Or am I wrong about these two? Hae either Barrett or Fetzer ever claimed that "Bush was behind it"? If anyone has a citation, I'd like to see it.

For that matter, have any prominent truthers claimed Bush was behind 9/11?

yeah, cut fetz some slack.

yeah, cut fetz some slack. He's getting out there in a hopelessly rigged situation; going on a state run propaganda channel and taking the shit for us so he can get a link or website plug in here and there. Give him credit.

Show "man you guys are something" by LJ (not verified)

Same old story...can't

Same old story...can't handle the FACTS?...cop out with ad hominem attacks. O'reilly...just another SLAVE.


I really wished he would have bucked up... He got his ass handed to him. Barret on the other hand bit back and didn't take shit! Maybe that is why they got Fetzer? I like Fetzer, but come on, buck up!

I Agree

I wish Bill O'reilly would debate Keith Olberman. Bill makes me sick...Fox is such a crock of sh*t.

Here is the problem...... Fox news always gets people on that are well educated, and understand the issues, but these people have not been taught how to DOMINATE the debate as Bill does with every guest. This is planned. If these experts (That we all know are loved by us) had the experience of "On camera Debate" with these fox F**Kers, they would crush Bill by telling him to "STFU for a second". O'Reilly as well as Hannity and Colmes and all the rest, get our guys on who are experts at what they know, and have proof......but they are never allowed to express thier real view without constant interruptions which throws them off of thier game. Lets see any one of these FOX F**KS debate Alex Jones......THEY WON'T. They don't have the balls. Fox......Pisses me off to the core....

Love all you guys.....

See you in the Concentration camps.

Fetzer's RBN show is posted

Fetzer's RBN show is posted, guest Paul Craig Roberts. They both sound like they're on tranquilizers, esp Roberts, tough to listen to that half-speed of dialog. Haven't gotten to hour 2 yet though...


Tranquilizers and slow talk? Maybe he's trying to be sober and reflective, at least a counterpoint to Fetzer, who, although quite sound in thought and knowledge, often comes across as just a tad too truculent. Griffn mellows it out with Fetzer the same way in another interview. Mixing the styles is good, otherwise it all just sounds like the choir, (which we must admit it is most of the time on these shows), and the questions for the guest overly 'rhetorical'.

Dont be a fool

Well I think its better not to appear on such programs. This type of smearing doesn’t benefit the cause it only makes you look like a fool.

If the truth movement wants to persuade people, then you have to smarter then that.

Boycott this fox whore!

im recording.. but if it

im recording.. but if it doesnt happen then we'll just remove the post.. keeping my fingers crossed (and doing dishes).

man, orielly is such an ass.

man, orielly is such an ass.

typical O'Rielly..

typical O'Rielly..

not an interview, nothing but a lecture.

Fetzer was already on?

Fetzer was already on? damnit! im at work, somebody give me quick run down of what happened.

fetzer came on, orielly

fetzer came on, orielly lectured him as a traitor, an idiot, a moron, any other 5th grader term he could think of, and fetzer only was allowed to say about 4 sentences in the 4 minutes. it was nothing but a rant by orielly, fetzer was just there to take it, that was the only reason he was on the show.

Show "Correction - O'Reilly came on Fetzer" by fifthworld

Bill O'Reilly...


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Someone please...

Get me the media listings he mentioned, and the transcript for this...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Fetzer archives

Here's the straightest route, all Fetzer's RBN shows archived.


Oops sorry

Too quick on the jump. I was thinking of the Roberts interview. The Fox stuff I'll leave to someone else who knows.


I hope your following up with facts and links as always.Radical Pragmatist


Where's that footage dude? Hi.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


I'm working on it.!!!!!! My personal life has not been offering many breaks recently. My daughters pulling my leg to go to bed at this moment, because I kept her up to watch Bill O'reilly make an ass of himself. I thought Fetzer did the best he could...looked professional and calm, and got in Building 7. I'll be back after Bedtime stories.Radical Pragmatist


Bill mentioned the San Francisco Chronicle, and I seem to remember an article there, but I don't know off the top of my head. I also remember the Los Angeles Times... and I'm sure there are several others that have mentioned us... but, if I remember correctly, he basically said no newspaper/media has mentioned us.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Los Angeles Times...


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

And guess what...

He was fired.


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Good stuff Jon

That Democracy now interview only makes Amy's lame repitition of "I don't know" in response to my question to her of why progressive journalist have not covered 911 truth. .....You get fired and ostracisized!!!!!!! Thats why!!!!!!!!...........oops .....you haven't seen that interview yet because some lame ass Yankee hasn't posted it yet....It will all be up this weekend I promise!Radical Pragmatist

Did you hear what that Nazi

Did you hear what that Nazi MFer said? He thinks that Bush should get the FBI to go after Fetzer! We are on the verge of a total full blown dictatorship in this country, and this shameless piece of filth will be right in the front of the line when it finally comes down. God I despise that big mouth phony!

We need to find out how much

We need to find out how much he's getting paid by his OTHER employer. If those anti-Cuba journalists at the Miami Herald were being paid hundreds of thousands, he's gotta be getting paid millions.

oreilly goes to the bottom of my sh** list

at least Bush ACTS like he's not a dictator. Oreilly comes off like Hitler's left hand goon. He says he hopes the FBI trails Fitzer. Is that some kind of threat? Oreilly is a mf.

O' Reilly always lies

No surprise.

He lies every day. or more.

cf. Al Franken


You mean, like how James Fetzer falsely claims...

"Larry Silverstein publicly admitted to demolishing 7 World Trade Center."


"It's physically impossible for the Twin Towers to have collapsed the way in which we were led to believe."

Really, everything that comes out of that man's mouth is bogus, and he deserves to be ridiculed.

(And I'm especially appalled at Fetzer's mocking of the dead.)

"If you had the evidence,

"If you had the evidence, somebody, somewhere, would take the evidence. Why don't bring the evidence over to France? Why don't you give it to the French Media, or the Canadian media, or the CBC, or BBC. Are they controlled by the American Federal Government. Are they afraid? Why don't you take it there? See what they'll do with it? Huh?"

You can't get any legitimate news organization in the world, to put your stuff anywhere, because it's all bogus. "


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Him wrong...


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Oreilly way over the top

Oreilly disgraced himself, throwing every name possible at Fetzer. Fetzer kept his cool. I think Fetzer won the round, even though Oreilly threw most of the punches. When Fetzer did counter, he hit right to the heart of the truth. Oreilly came off as a wild brawler, which is what he is.

Isn't it sad that Fox News

Isn't it sad that Fox News is the only channel putting these guys on? Congratulations, Fox News. 10 years of blatant propaganda! HUZZAH!

that was a disgrace on both

that was a disgrace on both sides. i stumbled only on the end of it but, with all due respect, i feel that Fetzer has become a liability in appearances such as this. he needed to take on O'Reilly's disgusting, illogical accusations of "hating your country" and being "a loon" head-on, and he could only keep repeating the website address.


it wasnt embarrassing

Fetzer did good, considering he's up against a f**** maniac.

The sad thing is that

The sad thing is that Infoshop.org is exactly the same as O'Reilly, or actually worse. They won't even entertain the illusion of a discussion.

ehehe, you just confused the

ehehe, you just confused the operation you're working in, mr. agent, it's www.prisonplanet.com you were probably thinking about, not infoshop.org which is an anarchist site and forum :) Long live Libertarian Socialism, the peoples governing themselves !!!!!!

How else can evidence get out?


posted twice.

How else can evidence get out?

If Fetzer didn't mention st911.org, how ELSE can any evidence reach the people?


I think it was brilliant how Fetzer calmly and clearly gave the website address while O'Reilly's mouth was shut for the precious few seconds it was.
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

Then That's Something

If Prof. Fetzer only managed to get out some 9/11 Truth websites then he did some good. From the description of the show it doesn't sound like he was allowed to get many words in.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."--H. L. Mencken

That was pathetic

I was screaming at my TV, Fetzer needs to stay away from the camera.
I could have done FAR better than he did.

Fetzer and Steven Jones are fine in a real debate or better yet a lecture setting, but in front of these goons they suck.

Need Alex Jones and Kevin Barrett to speak to these lunatics.
Barrett ate Hannity up the last time I saw him on H&C which is why Colmes could not get Barrett off fast enough.

They avoid Alex Jones for

They avoid Alex Jones for obvious reason! Alex said it himself, "I would clean their clocks if they had me on Fox News". He would crush them!

Mike Berger...

....is great at this too....

just finished

The usual crap from numnuts. All Jim could do is yell 911.org over oreillys monologue.
A hit job but we got more exposure.

O'Reily disgraces himself

O'Reily disgraces himself every time he opens his mouth. Kook.

Show "Like the Truth Movement Has Any Right to Talk" by SCReuter

Fetzer did FANTASTIC

Fetzer did FANTASTIC !!

The only thing I maybe would have changed is the whole media control. It goes FAR beyond government control. Rupert Murdoch (CFR) owns FOX.

Every major media outlet in this nation is owned and controlled by CFR members who are pushing their "New World Order".

9/11 was a MAJOR step in building their "New World Order".

They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:


I thought he did fine. First of all, O'Reilly tried to get a rise out of him and he didn't. Point won for Fetzer. Secondly, O'Reilly sounded like a child having a temper tantrum. Point again for Fetzer. O'Reilly needs to look at the stats. With over 40% of the public siding with a government conspiracy or some kind of cover-up, he is calling a lot of people terrorists and traitors. In all actuality, it is O'Reilly and the media sticking up for those who orchestrated 9/11 that are the real anti-Americans. I will side with the firefighters, the first responders, the widows, the scientists, the engineers and all of the other experts before I ever look at O'Reilly as a serious journalist or commentator on 9/11 events. It wasn't the best show for Fetzer, but he probably wasn't ready for the full frontal attack either.

"but he (Fetzer) probably

"but he (Fetzer) probably wasn't ready for the full frontal attack either."

Well, he should have been, and I think he was to a point. Anyone who goes on television SHOULD be fully prepared for any unexpected tactic.

Stop telling people what we

Stop telling people what we did or else we're coming after you next,

Good thing Fetzer didnt lose his cool.

Fetzer stuck to his guns. But came across as a gentleman and a scholar.

Oreilly came off as neither a gentleman nor scholar.

I think the truly independent-minded American will side with Fetzer. No one likes a brawler.

I chock this engagement up as a win for the truth movement.

Maybe we need a brawler

i am personally getting a little tired of being asked to bend over - and take it without lube.

fight back!!

if O'Reilly declared - multiple times - that i hate america to a national audience - i would have confronted him on the nature of patriotism - and fascism.

my country - right or wrong?

not on my watch.

You said it John!

Amen brother!!!

Alex Jones = Brawler

I agree its time for some brawling ...ala Alex Jones style. But lets not forget that Fetzer was criticized on this blog for being to aggressive and coming off sounding 'crazy' when he was on some earlier radio shows. I defended Fetzer then( with some friendly advice for future debates) and I'll do it again tonight. Fetzer's role is that of the scholar and researcher, so his performance tonight was perfect in that sense. If Fetzer had gotten emotional and started 'brawling' we would have heard lots of feed back that he sounded like a 'crazed conspiracy theorist".

That said, it has come time for the brawling all american blue collar whip ass that Alex Jones personifies. I was turned off by Alex's personal style for some time, but after spending considerable time with him in NY, I appreciate his integrity and believe we need his 'brawlin' attitude to compliment the calm righteousness of fact that is represented by Dr. Fetzer and many other reasearchers. Radical Pragmatist

Hey, folks....

....everyday there are more of us and less of them...this show did nothing to change that; in fact, it's a net gain....Dr. Fetzer got the Scholars' website mentioned twice...some additional people will go there and "get it"....

Everytime something like this or SouthPark comes up, we gain converts, we don't lose any...

30% of this population are such slaves to dominant authority that if they caught Bush selling crack to their toddlers, they'd tip him....

We can't worry about those people (FAUX viewers); they'll be the last to get it.


Fetzer did so well and killed these fox guys time after time.

So I had a bad feeling about this one, knowing, I guess, that he's would be ambushed one way or another - since they just couldn't have him "winning" on National TV. Hed have to have a comeuppance.

I think Fetzer was caught off guard. I think O'Reilly took the offensive and set the parameters right away. He took control of the conversation, like a salesman will, through something apparently little or insignificant. Then when the dynamic is set, it's very difficult to extricate onesself. Fetzer was pummelled. I could see his breathing get short. An emotional response can set in and when the insults get too intense it can lead to paralysis. That's why I believe he should've shouted him back from out of the gate. I think they deliberately lulled him with the other appearances and then set him up.

Fetzer's miscalculation, to start was that he didn't shout over him. They might have messed with the time delay or with his mike to prevent that. He might've been tired. They might have slipped something in his drink or kept him too long waiting. they might've sent someone in the waiting room with him to distract him or set him off balance. I saw the first time he was on Hannity they messed with his earpiece.

I think the question thrown up, about the Media, was not one for which Fetzer was prepared.

One of the reasons I think this site should be open to all points of view and arguments, including the hate-monger "flag-wavers." is because we need to always have our arguments honed.

This is why no elements should be off-bounds for discussion. We can learn angles of the argument from others.

The Media issue is serious because the Media control over people's perceptions and news is meant to be invisible.

IMO, there hasn't been enough discussion of Media ownership - which is corporate, and what that means. How it' sdone. And how it's disguised.

I hope Fetzer rewards himself and does something fun and relaxing and healthy to pamper himself for the great job he's been doing and to make sure this doesn't get to his health. it got to my health and I was just watching on TV.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

Show "Another conspiracy" by Anonymous (not verified)


Cool word

This was a bad idea

Jim Fetzer and the rest of the 9/11 Truth Movement members are better than this. Jim did not get to squeak out the tiniest rebuttal to O'Dickhead's chants of "American Hater." The 9/11 Truth Movement needs to become better organized and realize that going on Fox News and letting Bill O'Reilly rip into us and not give us a second to response is BAD for the movement. You know how many people were sitting at home thinking "Yea Bill is right, this guy is on the same level as those who rant about martian conspiracies." The movement has got to pick its battles better than this. Its not that Jim could not have beat Bill one on one - he would have slaughtered him. That's not the point. The point is this delegitimizes the movement, makes us look like a bunch of nut jobs (because we can not get one word in to defend our position) and gives even more credit to that incredible fantasy our government is trying to stuff down our throats.

In order for this movement to succeed, in order to turn around our Nation and make it TRULY great again, we need to concentrate our efforts around our base. Everyone needs to become as informed as possible and spread the word. Give friends and family books, DVDs, talk to them, show them pictures, whatever it takes. This movement is not ready to take on the Fox News and CNNs and MSNBCs of the world. They will silence us. But they can not silence our efforts on the ground, reaching out to Americans of all walks of life, and spreading the message that way. Once we have more support, once people realize the inconsistencies in the government's story, once we have the money and the strength to go up against these corporations and the government, these things only hurt us and reach out to relatively few people. If we have trouble getting a news organization like Democracy Now to only air a debate between the Loose Change guys and the Popular Mechanics guys, then its going to be next to impossible to get fair air time on news organizations like Fox News.

We have all of the research. We have all of the scholars and experts we need. Now we just need someone to organize this group and lead this group. Who is that person? I hope that we find him/her soon.

Two painful nights in a row

my ass just stopped bleeding from watching South Park last night.

and now this.

i could not believe the depth to which O'Reilly sank. Calling a guest crazy - a loon - nuts - a disgrace ... that's all just below the belt.

I have not seen O'Reilly that hostile in a very long time. it was a disgraceful interview. it was so disrespectful.

What Did You Expect?

O'Reilly can't argue against Prof. Fetzer using facts and logical reasoning, so all he can do is throw out a stream of ad hominem attacks and non sequiturs while not allowing Prof. Fetzer to get hardly a word in.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."--H. L. Mencken

Hey, we won. Stop obsessing about this

We are like the continental Congress vs. the British empire. We are not expected to win. We just have to survive. And wait for some reinforcements to arrive.

Fetzer came out of it alive. But the American people got a chance to see how much of a POMPOUS THUG Bill O'Reilly is.

So even though it appears we lost this round, we WON.

Truth is always more powerful than lies. Truth needs no defense. Fetzer didnt need to put up a defense and he didnt. But he didnt flinch and he showed compassion.

Right now, I think a lot of Americans are wondering what the heck is going on in this country. They're not looking for beligerence. They're looking for calm voice of reason.

Fetzer needs to look "fatherly" and I think he did.

Oreilly came off as a total BELIGERENT BULLY, and really had no rebuttal to when Fetzer responded articulately to the issue of controlled media.


I would have been jumping out of my seat, screaming, angry, grappling for O'Really?'s throat. Then I realized why Fetzer was on. Couth. Patience. Plugs.

Lawrence of Trollabia

I don't receive the O'rielly Factor and am therefore obliged to gauge the show's effect through viewers' responses posted here. It's pretty apparent that the dogs of war have been unleashed upon the truth movement. These are the same people that still believe Saddam had WMD's and planned 9-11, global warming is a hoax, (along with evolution), but can't tell you what the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution are called. I still say Fetzer should have worn that NASCAR cap.

"Global Warming" Is a Scam by the Ruling Elite

[dz - (removed flood comment): please do not flood the comments section with off-topic material - read the original comment here ]

I do like the No-Flood policy

...but the previous comment DID bring up Global Warming, so I feel like this one probably didn't completely qualify.

9/11 Press for truth in North San Diego Co.

2 Shows
Screening of 9/11 Press For Truth

La Paloma Theater
471 South Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA 92024


$4.00/Students with valid ID card
Children 12 and under Free

October 21, 2006

2:00 PM
7:30 PM

Q & A session after each showing of the film with Paul Thompson, author of the 9/11 Terror Timeline and Michele Little, sister of Fallen Firefighter, David M. Weiss, Rescue 1 Midtown Manhattan


She was one of the three at the Press Conference.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

please add this to our

please add this to our events calander, just login and create a new event, thanks

I say we play good cap, bad

I say we play good cap, bad cop and show Bill some love for at least having Fetzer on the show. If he gets 10,000 emails calling him a douche, he might like that. But, if he gets calm, reasoned responses, that might do a heck of a lot more at getting him to see the light. I just hit him with points on Edmonds, ISI, wargames, and Mineta testimony. He can't dispute that material.

whats his email

id love to tell oreilly how much i appreciate how he's helping our cause by him being himself. I think we may have just won over half the liberal audience after that performance of his.

I cant wait until we hit 50% in one of these polls.

I can't wait...

For this to be over.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Well Put, Jon (n/t)



I don't know man

Does the "liberal" audience watch Fox? Or just hear about it?? I wouldn't know myself, being neither a (Kerry-Clinton etc.) 'liberal'' nor a TV-owner.


Why doesn't Olbermann ever have any of the st911 guys on?
He would probably give the most "fair and balanced" interview of them all, and I highly doubt there would be any yelling and name calling.

because Olbermann has no say...

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

Olbermann is the best news

Olbermann is the best news anchor in the country right now. 9/11 alternative theories are not his focus, and that's ok.

Whoever it is trying to jam 9/11 conspiracy down everyone's throat over on C&L is hurting the cause. C&L is my favorite political site by far, but they don't want to become overrun by 9/11 talk. Just accept it.

C&L and the owner Jon are

C&L and the owner Jon are truly pathetic.




Ward Churchill Supported the U.S. Government's Fairy Tale

And yet Prof. Ward Churchill's controversial article supported the U.S. government's fairy tale account that the 9/11 attacks were done by Arab Muslims.

So when it comes to the issue of who planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks, Bill O'Reilly is on the same side as Prof. Ward Churchill, whereas Prof. James Fetzer is not.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."--H. L. Mencken

on that same line, o'rielly

on that same line, o'rielly later attacked glick during an interview with donahue and claimed that glick thought bush was behind 9/11 - which he never said.

basically its this simple:
Question 9/11 specifically, or 9/11 in the greater historical context, and you are a traitor.

bah. this reminds me of when he did the same thing to Janeane Gerafelo about 2+ years ago, that woke a lot of people up to what his 'interviews' are really all about - him being an egomaniac wanting to spout his hate.

Tarpley says Ward Churchill = Government Mole

I found that constant reference to Ward Churchill very interesting. In Chicago, Webster Tarpley claimed that Ward Curchill was a classic Government Mole who made blatantly inflamitory statements against the victims of 911 so the whole movement would eventually be linked with his horrible comments . Tarpley also claimed that Ward Churchill (as Gov. Agent) was active in destroying SDS in the 60's by bringing in weapons training and violent propaganda which destroyed the largest most powerful non-violent student movement in US history by creating violent scape goats / patsies such as the Weatherman.Radical Pragmatist

It's a damned shame if this is true

Because Churchill is a Native American. Which of course if you live where I do, NM, doesn't necessarily mean jack shit. Just as many dumb-ass sleeping Natives - I mean it! - as Nascar dads. I am half-Hopi and can say that because I know what I'm talking about. They don't want to think about anything more than this moment, buy the whole consumption thing and wave the flag just because it is ours/theirs as much as anyone's yet without any outrage over all this evil. It's really incredible, the myopia and cowardice.

I don't know what Nation he is, but it's almost beside the point. What we need are our John Trudell's, AIM, the whole radical movement come alive again. There are no leaders, and we should be the ones.

Quote: Churchill's Indian

Quote: Churchill's Indian status is not verifiable in the usual ways of checking into tribal membership. We are expansive here from a national position on recognized and non-recognized tribes, southern nations and global indigenous people, but the question of relations and proper belonging in the tribal circles in the United States and Canada is generally verifiable for Indian observers and such appears to be completely lacking in Churchill's case. He has claimed membership in the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee, but reliable representatives from the tribe deny Churchill is or ever was, or has blood relatives on their rolls. He was granted an ''associate certificate'' by a former leader of the tribe (later impeached) for services supposedly rendered, not due to blood relations - but even the tribe declines to exactly identify what that means. /quote

source : http://www.indiancountry.com/content.cfm?id=1096410293 

Fetzer vs O'Reilly

Bill is such an effective liar, he actually looks like he believes his own BS.

I'm sick of this nonsense of "remaining calm" and "keeping our cool" in the face of raving lunatics like O'Reilly. Fetzer should have taken his head off!

To hell with keeping cool! I'm mad as hell!!! And I'm not gonna take this anymore!!!

My God, this O'Reilly freak

My God, this O'Reilly freak is one step up from the "journalist" in V for Vendetta. Scratch that -- he's worse.

I can't believe Americans actually sit there and watch this character; it would never occur to a Canadian like myself to sit through Bill O'Reilly except under threat of torture -- in fact, watching him IS torture. Thank God our Federal government made Fox pay-only.

The Mockingbird argument by Fetzer was weak; of course spooks infest the media, but that doesn't explain why journalists everywhere recoil from 911 truth; Chomsky, ironically, explains why this is the case in his work on the subject: class interest by the owners and the weeding out of actual journalists who threaten the status quo. Of course, you can't explain such lofty concepts between commercials, hence the importance of concision in mainstream "media", another point Chomsky makes.

Had Fetzer utilized his three seconds of air time to simply explain that there were multiple hijacking "drills" utilizing drone aircraft occurring at the same time as the attacks, he could have woken millions up. As usual, he ommitted reference to the war games as though they were an irrelevent detail and not the the most mind-boggling "coincidence" of the entire affair.

I agree with both arguments -- that Fetzer came off as the gentlemen, but also that O'Reilly got the better of him. War games, war games, war games. When will they learn?

Ive never seen Billo so laid

Ive never seen Billo so laid back when it comes to the truth,...he, and fox are right on the edge of spilling it, if in fact the kitchen gets to hot, hes repeating talking points and laying the groundworks of " we had him here first" if in fact the S.H.T.F...they want to be able to say they were on the ball...and were all over the story....

Don't take it

Give it back

If O'Lielly's type of

If O'Lielly's type of behavior is deemed unacceptable in a democratic nation like the US, why is he not yet put on trial for all the threats he has made toward the guests and callers?

Oh right he's the mouthpiece for the bush administration. Clearly fascism.

I just watched the video

I just watched the video file, after reading all these comments, and maybe it was helped by very low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. Fetzer did fine! O'Lieley, as said, was a bafoon, and came off poorly. But Fetzer worked in some fine points, the st911 website, and basically held up fine. I agree with those who say, point goes to 911 Truth.

I agree.

I agree. He did just fine. Just getting the website out there is enough. The only thing I wish Fetzer would do is make the point that Ward Churchill has nothing to do with 9/11 Truth and belives the official nonsense.

I agree whole-heartedly.

I agree whole-heartedly. Fetzer did great all things considered. It's interesting to see how these media heavy weights try to frame the argument within previously established parameters that they have set up. For instance, O'Reilly cites a list of media sources who, according to him and like-minded organizations and individuals, are vehemently anti-Bush/Republican. This is no doubt a myth of the highest magnitude because it would seem that any media organization whose the least bit critical of the current admin would be considered heretics by those on the right. Still, this is an effective technique for those who continue to feed off of the mainstream media. To them, it would seem like a logical course of reasoning to ask why wouldn't anti Bush admin media sources not divulge the work of Scholars for 911 Truth. Fetzer handled it reasonably well by bringing up Bernstein's Rolling Stone article. However, he needn't even go that deep because the MSM has had an effective self sensorship collar around its collective neck since 911 started. Recall that the Bush classroom footage only had life on the internet until Moore shown a light onto his strange reaction. Also, pre intelligence warnings have been reported on but have never made it into the matter of agenda or talking points. Anyhow, good job Jim on getting the word out about WTC 7 and plugging the site.

I agree, too

here's what I sent to James:

Hi, you did a good job on this retard show.

But please, if someone ask you again on national TV, why the press is silence.

It's not only the control by Federal government- it's self control, hierarchical systems, editors who are afraid,
and the conglomerat of media in just a few hands.

You get the feeling what you can write and what not- 911 truth is not a good theme, as all media was duped from day one,
and could not set the course right without admitting they were once on it and co-conspirators, ending in mass-murder,
fascism, illegal wars and so on.

Oreilly the fascist

Oreilly built the case that anyone who questions the government on 9/11 is equally suspect for being a terrorist. The American people arent going to buy that bs. That's McCarthyism at its worst, and it will not stand.

Fetzer answered well. We have evidence. We have scholarly support for the evidence. We have websites that lay out the evidence for people to read. We care about our fellow citizens. We care about justice.

Oreilly must have had Bush squirming. Oreilly spoke the phrase "Bush is a murderer" three or four times. Even though he was belittling the notion, he was putting it out there for people to consider.

Oreilly also belittled the "liberal" media for failing to cover 9/11, and in doing so, he may have pushed a few editors over the edge. I think the liberal crowd is close to jumping on board with us because they cant stand guys like Oreilly and Hannity.

Jim Fetzer : Believes Bush Orchestrated 9/11 ???

What kind of Caption is this?

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info


Anyone hear about the Oprah 911 special yet?

I was wondering about the Oprah show too, anyone know...

what's going on with that, please tell us?

mostly about Iraq , etc... but...

I found this bit interesting: http://www2.oprah.com/tows/slide/200610/20061012/slide_20061012_350_115.jhtml

Dr. Roy Peter Clark asks, how can we get back to critical thinking?

He responds: There's truth, there's "truthiness," and what we're describing now is "truthy-mess." There's so much information available out there that it's hard to know what to believe. We have to figure out what the world looks like from all these different points of view. This requires skepticism, which is a great democratic virtue, but not cynicism.

Oprah: It boils down to us critically thinking and being more skeptical about what we are told in all areas.

Dr. Clark: Pay attention to who the speaker is. Be suspicious of anybody who ignores your argument in terms of disloyalty. Be aware of anybody who tries to persuade you by slogan alone. Pay attention to people who want to have a conversation with you.

Start recognizing the truth in government and media with seven ways to start thinking critically. From the show Truth in America



///////////////////// 911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

Bush didn't want IRAQ???

In his book Frank Rich asks, did we go to Iraq to make up for what happened when George W. Bush's father was president?

He responds: This is a very interesting question and is something I go into deeply in my book. And we don't really yet know the answer. …

What we know is that right after 9/11 some people in the administration, who had long wanted to go into Iraq even before 9/11, presented that idea. And we know that the President initially rejected it. In fact, he said in one of Bob Woodward's books, we want to keep our focus on al-Qaeda and not get distracted. Something changed in the following months.

Oprah: What I got from the conclusion in your book, you're not really sure why.

Frank: No one's sure. Someone who worked in the State Department with Colin Powell says he'll go to his grave not knowing why. We know all these reasons that are possible: finishing the job from '91 from his father, oil, remaking the Middle East, building democracy. Those reasons have been stated since; but before the war, they were not. If this was important for us to go into Iraq, tell us the real reasons and let's have a debate about it with our elected representatives, rather than have to trump up "mushroom clouds" to sell the product.


911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info


She played dumb. it wasn't "truthy", it was support "Bushy". Now I am wondering about Obama.


Instead of having the testimony of soldiers in Iraq speak about the wonderful re-building, maybe she should have had the mothers with their dead children in their arms come on. It would have been a more 'truthful' vision of the real Iraq. But, truth was not the topic of the show. Obviously.

Show "O'Reilly speaks for many" by PWK (not verified)

Damn, where' s my rate button? (saw it yesterday, not today)

What a sophomoric mind-fuck of a comment. How do you answer this kind of presumptuous doodie? It's vaguely analogous to those fuckwits at protests who stand on the sidewalk, sullying their pants while they say "the only reason you spoiled white kids [yeh right - he won't even look at who's there] can be out here is that your fellow Americans, the real patriots, have died for your freedom! What kind of gratitude is this! How dare you rebel against your government, or ask questions!!!"

Serious sphincter factor.

Show "you make my point fifthworld" by PWK (not verified)

Then leave out the f-bomb

And you're still slammed. Read some books.

And consider your ill-logic

Suppose I were a college freshman, i.e. one who was NOT YET A SOPHOMORE - with me so far? Then you would say "see, he's NOT even a sophomore!" Whereas in your first virtual-toilet-paper dispatch, you scorn the "academias" (interesting one) for being, presumably, privileged and aloof or out of touch. Whereas, now we know that the majority of America is fully with the suspicions of the government expressed on this site.

So, just where do you stand on the role of education? Or have you gotten that far yet?

A fine bit of work there.

Caveman Osama is the boogieman created by the Bushies...

who, along with 19 flunkies, defeated our trillion dollar defenses with box-cutters. They even slammed an "airliner" into the Pentagon an hour after the towers were hit, and no military aircraft even got a glimpse of it.

BTW, O'Reilly is likely a high-level CIA mole (like Hannity & probably Colmes) planted at Fox to keep the masses dumbed-down & in a war-like mindset against our "enemies." I'm sure there are many others like them throughout the mainstream media.

With O'Reilly, it's a given,

With O'Reilly, it's a given, but at least he provides airtime. On today's Oprah show, not a word was uttered pertaining to alternative 9/11 theories. Not a peep. Yet the term "9/11" was used quite often.
I have to say that the leftwing media like DemocracyNow! are WORSE for their blatant censorship. O'Reilly is a loudmouthed highschool bully, but Amy Goodman and Oprah Winfrey are Gatekeepers. I'd say the latter is by far worse. And don't fall for the airtime Goodman gave to the Loosechange folks on the 5th anniversary. It was a token gesture aimed at getting 9/11 truthers off her back for awhile and to say "see? we HAVE covered the story". Yet there's never any followup. With FOX, the coverage seems consistent. Never would I have imagined me saying that left media is actually *worse* than FOX and CNN. Scary times.

Yes, does Ms. Goodman think she put 9/11 inside job...

to bed by having the Loose Change guys on with those super-slick disinfo agents from Popular Mechanics??? So now it's "case closed" as far as Goodman is concerned, she never needs to mention the subject again? If she really believes in "Democracy Now!" the name of her tv show, why doesn't she simply air the Loose Change video in it's entirery one day???

P.S. you're right. We're getting more publicity from Faux News & a South Park cartoon than from any of the "liberal" media!

You have something against

You have something against guys too smart to be forced to do manual labor for their entire lives? Talk about issues...

manual labor?

Did I mention manual labor? And if I did why would it not be every bit as important as any other work. I suggest you try giving back your allowance and perhaps paying your own tuition to understand things better.

Well I have to agree

with that, for a change.

I grew up in Hopi land and worked my way through college and long into graduate school. Now I work in my own business, but we certainly shouldn't despise ANY kind of work, Ivory Tower or store-stocking or selling papers at the intersection.

O' Reilly does not speak for the Constitution

Why should people who are given the power of dissent and questioning our government as guaranteed in the Constitution
be called anti-American?
What did James Madison have to say about government power? Here are some qoutes;

"The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse."

"A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy."

"Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people, by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations."

"Wherever there is interest and power to do wrong, wrong will generally be done."

It's not liberals and conservatives. It's corporations and tyranny. As long as Americans place the labels of individual circumstance, without regard to Constitutionality, on themselves, tyranny will reign.


I followed O'Really for years. Born Republican, voted Republican like my family my whole life, O'Really was my spokesman for all my conservative views. Then I woke up. He is scum. He is a dangerous man, as are the people in the Bush administration. Wake up. I spent weeks in tears, in a rage. I couldn't sleep for days on end thinking/contemplating...could they really do this to us? I woke up to the terrible truth/nightmare that we all must face.

fetzer did great

looking back over the last two days... it's been huge for 9/11 truth. The south park thing was great. this movement has become far to cynical to realize that both south park and this fox news thing are all helping the movement. we're breaking into the mainstream. espeically the south park episode, i can't believe people are critizing it... they said so much more than i ever expected them to say.

o'reilly didn't give fetzer a chance to talk, and fetzer said the website and repeated it, and that's all that can really be expected. that's what we need to do. just promote our websites and people will learn the truth. don't critize fetzer, he mentioned st911.org and that's all that he or anyone could do.

911truth.org has a great post up there now (thank god they removed that other one they had up earlier). we should all be thankful for this media coverage. we're all on the same team, and we're all doing our best to expose 9/11 truth. all and all, it's been a great past two days, and it's only going to snowball from here.


I agree, this is the real

I agree, this is the real war, for mindshare, 100% public relations.  Without this attention how in the world is the notion of 9/11 being a Lie going to reach all corners of the US population.

I believe the Bush Admin & the Neocons are in total damage control on the heels of the Woodward book, Foley/Hastert scandal, 655,000 dead Iraqi's (2.5% of their total population!).

We are winning... 

9/11 Truth should be pleased with Fetzer's appearance

Sure, he was on with a dictator 'journalist'... one who asks loaded questions AND answers them too! LOL

Fetzer did well!

O'Reilly is a TOOL - in at least two senses of the word. ::chortle:: ::guffaw:: ::snigger::

O'Reilly did the typical... Saying that questioning 9/11 is not about finding truth (no matter who's responsible)... it's about hating Bush! Way to build that Straw man Billy boy! LOL

At one point I did find myself wishing Fetzer would shut O'Reilly up with a smart-ass remark re: "why can't you get on X newspapers' front page?"

I kept wishing Fetzer would say: "You mean this isn't a Bush-hating, tabloid show/Network?" "I'm going to have to speak to my agent..." "I was sure this must be the Colbert Report." Gotta go, thanks a bunch (unclip microphone - exit as Bill erupts).

O’Reilly requires confrontation in order to do his 'best' work, he couldn't debate his way out of a paper bag! And Fetzer didn't give him much of anything to spew forth vitriol over. O'Reilly was forced to repeat his lame-ass attempts at insult like some il-trained parrot. Fetzer's expression never really changed, and that's good. When folks lose their composure its all over!

Exposure, even of this variety is a good thing; it matters not where the exposure comes from.

Those folks (sheeple) who are too simple to think for themselves, and blindly trust O'Reilly would not be swayed by a rational discussion - if O'Reilly were capable of such. Sheeple find emotional appeal more palpable... it's likely why so many voted for Bush.

It's really troubling when your fellow countrymen refuse to consider meritorious arguments or theories, backed by factual information, which is VERY personally significant (effect their lives). Instead they prefer to appeal to false authorities/celebrity. That's all O'Reilly, and for that matter Bush really are... neo-fascist celebrities!

Don't you guys see what is

Don't you guys see what is happening?

Can't you see it in O'reilly's eyes?

I have a bad feeling about this guys... A really bad feeling.

I have always been on the fence about 9-11... However the way this man was speaking to Fetzer was appauling and straight out of V for Vendetta...

O'reilly does have a point...

Since Fetzer and the scholars cannot get anywhere on mainstream and no one will take the evidence and run with it..... Why is O'reilly having him on his show? Why did South Park do an episode on it? Why did I see it on Scarborough country, all of them slandering the movement? In this short time period? Why are they all of the sudden bringing them to attention... Right after that plane hit that building in manhattan, it seems like it happened all at once. Then at that plane wreck they found the Passport in perfect shape on the ground just as in the 9-11 commission reports about 9-11... Something reaks.

I don't know fellas... Something fishy is going...

They found the passport because the plane didn't enter

the building and explode, incinerating everything.

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

that's the main thing I don't get

I went over and looked at it myself. There was no hole in the building.

So I'm wondering where did that raging fire inside four window frames come from?

Did the airplane go inside through one of the windows?

Even O'Reilly last night (watched it since I was tuned into for Fetzer. ) was saying there was something strange about how the plane happened to hit the building - went on about it for a long time.. He acted as though he was confused. But he's just going along with Talking Points handedto him.

People may think it's a conspiracy, but there is nothing to back it up. So it makes people look silly.

Botth on the same day looks too perfect.

Fetzer did OK.

Fetzer did OK.

I just can't get into my European head, how it is possible for O'Reilly to behave like he does and keep his credibility among the audience.

What a scumbag... and he doesn't even hide it.

Yeah most Europeans can

Yeah most Europeans can hardly comprehend how someone like OReilly is allowed on the air.

ad hominem attacks, outright insults, blatant lies, only one of these uttered by a news anchor would get him instantly fired here. Even (just) emotions are not done.

At least here journaslists try to keep up the appearance that they are non-partisan.

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Leave me alone - I'm in control of the microphone!

Everyone should know (by now) the first rule is “never” loose control of the microphone. It’s pretty sad when you can even allow a balanced conversation during an interview. This happens time after time . . . I wouldn’t waste another minute on Fox unless you can give ‘em all tranquilizers so you could at least inject a complete sentence. The Barrett piece was just as ridiculous. Fox runs a video clip twice of Dr. Barrett walking his dog with his shirt pulled out (likely in the park playing with his pooch) to make him look a nut case. Notice the two girls, at the very end – did you catch the one on the left (who didn’t get to speak) when she said, “I don’t think so.” Go back and listen to that clip – note the one who “did” get the mike is the air head on the left that goes along with the talking head. Bill-O had to name all of his schools and his prowess as a historian. Lest we all try to forget what happened when he screwed up on the air big time and no one fried his butt: http://youtube.com/watch?v=T3utX-WbrPA Here’s the bottom line for Fox.: If I hear “you hate your country” one more time I going to say not nice things if you know what I mean! Shameful Mr. O’Reily and you too Sean, close your mouths and listen – you might all learn something!

The art of controlling the microphone 101- Instructor O'Reily

Sorry if this shows up twice:

Everyone should know (by now) the first rule is “never” loose control of the microphone. It’s pretty sad when you can even allow a balanced conversation during an interview. This happens time after time . . . I wouldn’t waste another minute on Fox unless you can give ‘em all tranquilizers so you could at least inject a complete sentence. The Barrett piece was just as ridiculous. Fox runs a video clip twice of Dr. Barrett walking his dog with his shirt pulled out (likely in the park playing with his pooch) to make him look a nut case. Notice the two girls, at the very end – did you catch the one on the left (who didn’t get to speak) when she said, “I don’t think so.” Go back and listen to that clip – note the one who “did” get the mike is the air head on the left that goes along with the talking head. Bill-O had to name all of his schools and his prowess as a historian. Lest we all try to forget what happened when he screwed up on the air big time and no one fried his butt: http://youtube.com/watch?v=T3utX-WbrPA Here’s the bottom line for Fox.: If I hear “you hate your country” one more time I going to say not nice things if you know what I mean! Shameful Mr. O’Reily and you too Sean, close your mouths and listen – you might all learn something!

What do you guys think?

As someone who, as a sixth grader in 1990, I watched O'Reilly every day on NBC's "Inside Edition," I'm curious about what's truly going on in his mind. I see three possibilites:

1) As Al Franken says, O'Reilly has a profound fear of being proven wrong; remember the Polk/Peabody scandal and the meltdown at the BookExpo on C-Span in 2003. O'Reilly bought the official story of 9/11, and the inside job evidence is obviously enough to prove him wrong about his fundamental perception of the most important historical event in our lives (so far anyway). Therefore he is in Truth Stage 2 --- violent opposition the the information and a satisfaction in attacking the messenger.

2) O'Reilly is in fact fully aware of the inside job, knows damn well the laws of physics, and is indeed, as some have speculated, a high-up CIA mole, not to mention the Goebbels of the decade.

I more incline towards (2), because O'Reilly blindly supports every position taken by the Bush administration, even though the administration is hardly "conservative" the non-neo sense.

A Third Way to Analyze O'Reilly


I believe your choices are too constrictive. Using the principle of Occam's Razor, I'd suggest that understanding Bill O'Reilly is really quite simple. Bill is in it for the money. He's completely devoid of a conscience, or of any concern about sincerity or the truth. The only thing that interests Bill O'Reilly is his ratings, his book sales results and his bottom line.

Thus Choice 3) Bill O'Reilly is a an over-the-top example of the American persona, i.e. someone who is grasping for every dollar and every bit of fame that he can achieve as an entertainer. And he's tapped into the motherlode of prejudice and xenophobia that categorizes millions of that awful race called 'Murricans in order to achieve his own personal success, his only real goal in all of this.


bitchin 'and moanin' bout neo fascist billy bob is fine but let your voice be heard.send an email to fox and let them know what you think.we can not and will not accept a member of the media to treat an american citizen and a marine veteran with such utter disrespect and discrace.even if you disagree with the guest of a show this is a democracy. fetzer deserves his opinion and voice to be heard .all that was is a total set up and attack peice by fox and billo.i told fox to fire all involved in such a sham segment including management,producers and bill himself -doubt they'll actually do that but slam em' with emails just to piss em off anyway.thanks dave.


A suggested message to Fox?


Would one be labeled a "terra-ist" for letting Fox know that the natives can get restless?


Headline: "Gunmen storm TV station, kill 11 including board chairman"


Poor Bill...

beeing a pronouncer of todays propaganda at the department of truth must be an ugly job.

Anyway, 911 truth will prevail- while you will fail.

Some facts:

Please watch 911 press for truth, as you are the one who repeately claim the truth about http://www.whatreallyhappened.com hurts the 911 victims relatives.


I say: Stop this bullshitting.

The misuse of 911victims families, relatives and friends.

Especially FOX was on the front line, last time with “Sean and Hannity”1, trying to dismiss Charlie Sheens outcoming on his 911 official theory doubts, with the point:
You do harm to the relatives and friends of the 911 victims.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In fact, FOX news regurlarly misuse the family factor for their stand-by to the cover-up of the official conspiracy theory.

It’s quite easy to enlighten this:

How much time did FOX spend to interview the “Jersey Girls”2 and aired their questions and their doubts about the 911 white-wash commission?3

How much time did they on William Rodriguez4, just as one example for the dozens of witnesses that fateful day which did’t follow the official explanations?

Why did they cut the interview with Jeremy Glick on “The O’Reilly factor”5, after Glick came forward with his doubts about the official theory and his plea to not misuse 911 for human rights conflicting unprovoked wars6?

Did they ever show one other singular, sceptical of the 911 victims relatives or friends?

You bet.

So- don’t misuse the relatives of the victims for your mindboggling propaganda. Stop speaking in their name if you don’t let them speak for themselves.

They suffer enough sorrows and pain from their losts. Do not involve them as justification for the ongoing official cover-up.

• 1 http://www.911podcasts.com/files/video/Han...ity20060323.mov
• 2 http://www.furnitureforthepeople.com/jersey.htm
• 3 http://www.911blogger.com/files/video/zelikowresign.mov
• 4 http://www.911forthetruth.com/pages/Rodriguez.htm
• 5 http://www.oreilly-sucks.com/transcripts/oreillyglick.htm
• 6 http://mediamatters.org/items/200407210006


Investigations pre 911- all stopped intentionally by superiors:

John O'Neill
Kenneth Williams
Coleen Rowley
Harry Samit
Robert Wright
Nancy Floyd
Randy Glass

And Able Danger





Oh yes, and the third possiblity... He has privately seen the 9/11 truth evidence, realizes it's true, and is heartsick over it, but not so much so that he wants to risk one of Cheney's agents killing him for being the inside whistleblower from within the Republican propaganda apparatus. Also, Murdoch and clandestine government agents are paying him off big-time.

media question

“Today two third of America believe JFK assassination is a complete government and media cover-up. None of the mainstream media O'Reilly mentioned came forward about JKF assassination. Does this mean two third of America are nuts. A Media has a major role in cover-up Government this is why main stream media will not cover 911 truth “ can be an answer to O'Reilly' media question.

Show "Alex jones is a shill." by Anonymous (not verified)

Oh really?

Alex Jones never blames the Jews as a race or religion.

However, if a Jewish person happens to be complicit, they will be pointed out just as anyone else should be. No one should get a free pass just because of their race or religion.

With your logic, no one should be allowed to talk about Larry Silverstein and Bldg. 7 because that would be anti-Semitic.

Alex is an equal-opportunity accuser.
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette:

What did "my logic," put

What did "my logic," put forth that took Larry Silverstein out of the equation? Read what I said again, then read what you said. What you said makes no sense as a response to what I said.

"it's over"

If everyone had your attitude, america would have been over a long time ago. Our history has been a constant struggle. From birth till it's many deaths... (those times when many thought it was dead.)

The only reason any of us think the times are so dire now is because we're simply paying attention.

It's a constant battle to push the scum back into the dark alleys. We'll never clean up the alleys but we can at least keep the crazies off main street, and out of political life. Let them write their PNAC documents, but no more than that!

Oh, wait. I went back and

Oh, wait. I went back and read what you said. You thought I was making fun of alex for being anti semitic. No, I wasn't quoting alex, I was chastising him for not connecting the anti semitic dots. I see where you were coming from now. Look, I'm aware that alex is not allowed to connect the dots and stay on the air, much less become more widely syndicated. My point is that the cancer is far more advanced than we seem to believe it is. To tell you the truth, I'm not anti semitic either. The thing is, if you get people working together as a group in a country where individual success is idealized, the people working together silently will win over the individualist every time.

Truth About Fox

Bill O'reilly is notorious for editing segments and interviews in such a way as to make himself like better. If Fetzer did make some good points, they would've been promptly removed before the piece ever aired. That's why the show is pre-recorded. Often times if you wtach closely you can spot where certain sections have been parsed and hashed out of context. It's probably just another in a long list of Fox news hatchet jobs. Michael Moore in fact debated O'reilly once and had to insist beforehand that there would be no such editing deception performed on his segment. He knew full well how the game was played at that unethical network.

Also, often times the Fox show transcripts themselves are heavily altered and edited as well whenever O'reilly gets caught with his foot in his mouth (which is quite often). Fox claims it's done for "ease of reading". That's alright though, because Media Matters posts 'exactly' what they say and that's why O'reilly despises them so much. He calls them "smear merchants" just for accurately recording what he has said. He's apparently ashamed of hearing his own words played back to him? I would be too.

Folks, today's Fox is yesterdays Pravda or Tokyo Rose. It's propaganda, yellow journalism, tabloid coverage along the lines of Jerry Springer in the credibility dept. It's sensationalism at its worst. For documentation of what I've just said, check out the documentary "Outfoxed".

YET AGAIN Bill O'really

YET AGAIN Bill O'really shows what an uneducated ignorant patronising slug he really is, this is supposed to be journalism in free America? it makes me feel sick to think you guys rule the world, i bet Iraq can't wait to have a version of Bill O'reailly frothing at the mouth telling them all how to think, and to "shut up".Isnt there rules that journalists are supposed to stick to when conducting interviews? Fox news should be investigated on the grounds of gross bias and incompetence, it's a horrible station aimed at bovine America, thats why all there presenters talk in such baby talk, it's embarressing to watch.




If you're not kissing our ass then you're not a true journalist.

How dare anyone stand up to the "Truth Movement" on national television.

Five minutes hate.

The fact that this program has such high ratings says everything about the American mind-set. This program is embarrassing, it's not news it's simply brainwashing. The 'five minutes of hate'. Finding comfort in anger and venom.

Turn off this crap America and turn on to objective, critical thinking and real news.

In the spirit of the war

In the spirit of the war that freed this country from the British, it's time to realize that we can't beat these people on their battlefield. They are too good. This battle needs to be taken to the streets, where the O'reilly and Hannity scum can only stand naked and observe. Then nobody will be able to follow their retarded articulating hand gestures that are suggestively leading the voters through the script.

The Barrett/Fetzer interviews are CLEARLY part of a political pre-election mudslinging campaign. We are threatening the mere existence of the real haters of this country....the NEO-con artists.

Show "Why Fetzer didn't object to "hating america"" by Anonymous (not verified)

Sorry annymous your stupid

Sorry annymous your stupid bullshit left/right paradigm, hate Bush, hate America doesn't fly here. We know the money is behind 9/11 and Bush is just a tool.

I'll tell you who I do hate - you, you pathetic bootlicking, spineless traitor.

That doesn't even make

That doesn't even make sense, just because you hate the currupt govenment running roughshod over the constitution and lieing therough there teeth=you hate the country? erm NO!.

WHY can't people distiguish between hate for a lame govenment and the American people.

The current Bush admin is the most unAmerican govenment in recent times, they used and abused there power.

"When you look deep down in

"When you look deep down in you gut, like I did, don't you hate America too?"

Well yeah maybe, kinda, but it tends to undermine your arguments when you come right out and be that blunt.

"Can't we just acknowledge our hate of the US and be truthful about it?"

The center ain't ready for that yet. We can't be that confrontational at this point.

"We all know ST911 is bull$hit (well besides the South park 25% retards) but it's a great way to screw Bush."

Ok you got me on that one.

that is most disgusting bit

that is most disgusting bit of "journalism" i have ever seen on tv!

I have always been brought up to believe that in a discussion or debate, if you have to resort to talking over someone and not letting them speak, and resorting to childish insults and namecalling then you basically have lost.

I think it's common knowledge that this is just the way conversations and discussions should be conducted.

Bob Woodward on 9/11

Bob Woodward said on Meet The Press last Sunday that he has been researching 9/11 for 5 years. I hope that he is getting some help from people here.

yes, i caught that comment

yes, i caught that comment and had to laugh out loud when i did. Woodward is not a real journalist. how do you think he got such access in the first place? his first 2 books on Bush were glowing and fawning type pieces of trash that propped up the Bush regime as on some noble mission. his third book is the one were he(the rat that he is) jumps off the sinking ship just in the nick of time. dont believe Woodward, hes a shill of the highest order. definetly the weaker link out of the Woodward/Bernstien duo.

Political ANALysis

Bob Woodward is part of The Machine. Presidential impeachments are always a useful tool - not a chance ocurrence. The whole Clinton Blow Job op was to help obscure the globalist crap he pulled in his final days in office (the wholesale pardoning of the entire Iran Contra Crew, for starters - Cap Wienberger, GHW, et al.) Bill Clinton is the unofficial adopted son of Poppy Bush - his newest, bestest tsunami buddy. Everything Clinton did in office was part of the plan of the Bush Dynasty.

Nothing is by chance anymore in politics. If you're going to analyze a political event, you can pretty much start with the premise that whatever just happened was by design, then work backwards and figure out what the purpose was.

I agree, Rump

I completely agree.

I watched this last night after reading, on here, that he was going to be on. Bill is a traitor. That's obvious, but the way he carries himself and the way he talks and "asks questions" makes him look even worse. I looked up his E-mail right after the segment was over.

I tried to keep it really short and really simple. I wanted to say so many things to him, but I didn't because I was so frustrated at him that I would not have been able to stop if I had started to go into details about things. Here is what I wrote: "I watched your interview with Jim Fetzer earlier tonight. I wanted to let you know that you have no idea what you are talking about. You are hurting America with your false accusations. 9-11 truth seekers are true American patriots. We love our country and we love our fellow countrymen and women. We want evil expose and we want truth to be told.

You come across as someone who has no desire for truth or knowledge on any level. You do not listen and you do not let people explain themselves. You are doing nothing but blinding your viewers to what is really going on in this world. God bless."


He is not blinding his viewers. Those that can still think can and do recognize hypocrisy in action. The more time he gives this issue, the better.

i would sure hope not. ive

i would sure hope not. ive never seen this much hate in my life. have some of you folks listen to yourselves???

O'Reilly is trying to teach traitors how to handle truthers!

That's all. They realize that people who stand up to truthers always get shut down in debates on the street, so he's trying to help them with some style and talking points... Remember, the traitors' numbers are dwindling fast and they don't have enough people to back each other up, online OR in the street. So this is just an expected phenomenon, and a good sign for us of the desperation setting in!



Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Fetzer had to remain calm

Fetzer had to remain calm, because if he tried to shout over top of O'Reilly's obnoxious rambling, O'Reilly would have spun it and made Fetzer look even worse.

This clip makes me want to vomit. How does one progress from being an unborn infant to becoming the monster that O'Reilly is today? Where does it come from? How does it happen?


Exactly, Although I find O'Reilly painful to watch, I had to see how Fetzer handled himself. I thought he did fine considering O'Reilly's insane rants. How anyone could take this fool serious is beyond me. O'Reilly is a joke. But one good thing, we keep getting national exposure. More people are waking up..


Fetzer sat there and took that abuse because he's not supposed to rebutt anything - he's supposed to be a punching bag for the Faux blowhards, so Bill's fans can see who the "nuts" are, and we can see what an asshole O'Reilly is. As if either of those paradigms had to be reinforced in any way - the problem is, the do, to the average Joe's who only hear about the 9/11 "situation" when they happen to catch these ridiculous interviews as they channel surf. This is all theater, I'm sorry to say.

9/11 is designed to be an endless debate that goes essentially nowhere for a very long time. Get used to it. The govt has seized control of 90% of this movement. If they can own the MSM, why can't they own this Truth Movement? Do the math. This is why we have whacko theories, planted suspicious evidence, in-fighting and.... the kind of weary disgust I'm feeling right now.

I'd like to continue to believe in st911.org, but it's gettiong harder and harder. I only trust the little Mom and Pop websites now, and my own intuition. This is being managed, and "alternative media" is fast becoming an illusion. I, for one, don't have to be hit over the head with this crap anymore, I can see how it works, and it's not working in our favor, if it ever was.

Anyone remember the O'reilly

Anyone remember the O'reilly sex scandal? I know HE does!


Much respect goes to Fretzer

Much respect goes to Fretzer for keeping a cool mind while being insulted and ridiculed. The man has nerves of steel.

Show "Go smoke some more weed you stupid hippies" by Liberals are mentaly ill (not verified)

you''ve been watching too

you;ve been watching too much Reilly

Alex Jones is not a "Liberal"


Nor is Morgan Reynolds

Nor is Paul Craig Roberts

and that's just for starters.

yeah yeah

notice how all muslims are fascists (ironic, considering the definition of fascism)

and he can't even spell "mentally".

Not a hippie and I don't smoke weed

You listed all of the people that "fascist muslims" want dead, but did you know that certain elements in our government want us dead also? The same goes for almost, if not all, other countries and nations worldwide. Our government has killed far more Americans than "fascist muslims" have killed Americans. You should research Operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, chemtrails and fluoride, just to name a few to start with.

Cudos Jim

You know you have them by the balls when they ask and answer their own questions. Add to that the hypocritical act of repeated personal character attacks and sheerly defensive desperation becomes apparent.

You're demeanor is critical in this. You're calm, responsive and not the least bit antagonistic presence lends immediate credence to your position. 'Hosts' like this are too blind to see the beam in their own eye. Don't bother to pluck it out. It is more damaging when left as is.

Maybe five years of swallowing and echoing the rubber stamp conspiracy has created a position from which they cannot turn. It could mean a permanent loss of credibility among their own sheeple.

Again I say, CUDOS to you Jim! Let their actions show them for the bigots and double thinkers they claim they could never be.

Check out this latest Fox News Fallacy

Yup Fox pulled another "Foley is a democrat" trick.


In their story they made what looks to be a link to the st911 website, but the link is really just a Fox News search on conspiracy theories. They don't actually link to the st911 website.

Thank You James Fetzer

Any reasonable person sees a person trying to cover up the truth and a person trying to speak the truth . Keep going back James Fetzer.


I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him. ~ Galileo Galilei

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. ~ Galileo Galilei

To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin. ~ Cardinal Bellarmine, the trial of Galileo

But it does move. ~ Galileo Galilei, after his trial

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. ~ Galileo Galilei

My intuition is telling me this interview was to help 9/11 truth

Why do these people keep inviting over, and over, and over 9/11 truth people? I think the media wants to cover it but can't cover it more openly. The interviewer said many strange things like "Bush is a murderer" and wants to turn the country to a "dictatorship", etc, and insisted on foreign mainstream press, because THERE IS ALOT OF IT AND THE INTERVIEWER WAS INSISTING ON IT. Just my intuiton, do with it whatever you want of it.

Your Intuition

Bill O'Reilly is a faux politician playing to his supporters on National television. I honestly believe that his persona isn't true to his real self. He is just a celebrity from the days of hosting Inside Edition who found a niche for himself posing as a t.v. politician.

O'Reilly is just saying what he thinks his support base, and the government, want him to say. The bottom line is he's an actor who made his money outside of movies, as a t.v. personality. People take these faux politicians way too seriously - they ware nothing more then entertainers for the GOP and ignorant American mindset.

Remember, the issue isn't as much O'Reilly as it is the millions of people who turn his program on and believe whatever he says or writes. Without them, he wouldn't have a career. O'Reilly encapsulates in one persona the ignorance of the masses, as does Bush.

The bottom line is, we are dealing with masses of people who choose ignorance over knowledge and that is the real enemy to us all. These personalities found a way to profit from it and ride that wave. Nothing but whores really.

O'Reilly is a smart man and I'm telling you it is mostly an act. He is even mocking his faux persona in his receet book Cultural Warrior. Not to say he isn't a lost smart man, he just became whatever the masses wanted him to be. He's not a leader.

thanx for the nice reply

it opened my eyes a bit, thanx

oreilly in recent news said

oreilly in recent news said he had a death threat from Al Qaeda. What a god damn liar! How can he call anyone a nut!

Fetzer should of addressed oreilly and said "WHOS the BIGGEST NUT here?"

are you guys joking? Uncle

are you guys joking? Uncle Fetzer got his @$$ handed to him. I hate O'Reilly but he actually showed how ridiculous the 9/11 conpisracy theorists are. They have no facts or credible evidence for their theories, just a load of distortions and misinterpretations. Fetzer looked like a fool, anyone with common sense could see that.

Your a bunch of jerks that

Your a bunch of jerks that hate your country, thats the bottom line. You want to say how horrible this country is, then get out! there is no shred of proof that this is true. your all looking for a conspiracy that isn't there...

Oh my god an alien saucer just landed in my back yard, i gotta go... ya jerks. I'm going to leave my e-mail, feel free to send me some 'proof':



A fool who is conscious of his folly is thereby wise; the fool who thinks himself wise is the one to be called a fool. ~ Dhammapada

Each nation knowing it has the only true religion and the only sane system of government, each despising all the others, each an ass and not suspecting it. ~ Mark Twain

In order to be an immaculate member of a flock of sheep, one must above all be a sheep oneself. ~ Albert Einstein