Kevin Ryan interview - Oct 12, 2006 - KPFA

The Visionary Activist Show
Thursday, October 12th, 2006

Thanks, Hans.

new movies

i got a couple of new movies in my movie list on my site, including Improbable Collapse (the film by the guy from and Who Killed The Electric Car? check them out, all good movies:

some good videos

thanks for the list. I haven't seen ' the capitalist conspiracy' but I've read some of Griffin's writings - - that video is down on google, but I'm watching it on youtube:


ya, i only put that video up yesterday and it worked, so they must have taken it down for some reason within the last 24 hours or so... hummm... i wonder why?

there are 8 copies of the movie on google video, and only 1 of them works (the other 7 were removed)... that's strange eh?

Spencer in Salt Lake

Woah, that's wierd. I have it in divx format, I should go upload it. I am currently working on editing a series of lectures by Ken Bowers here in Utah. He knew Dr. Skousen very well (the author of the book that film is based on) and he is making a series of lectures that are similar to "Capitalist Conspiracy" but go in much more depth.

They are written somewhat from an LDS perspective, but not so much as to not be relevant to everyone.

His email is

Maybe I will be able to get them on google if he is ok with it, but he sells the DVD's pretty cheap I think.

The current (Oct. 16) New Yorker

has a sly hit piece entitled, "Paranoid Style", and described as, "Conspiracy-theory journalism since 9/11". The author is Nicholas Lemann, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.

It's gratifying that such a prestigious magazine has been forced to acknowledge our existence. Now let's pepper them with well-reasoned rebuttals.

I'm posting this item here in hopes of enlisting Reprehensor.


Howcum no interest in this New Yorker article?
Big circulation influential magazine discussing Loose Change and other topics. How often does that happen?


I haven't had a chance to buy it.

Will you scan it and send it in to us?

Glad Kevin Ryan was on Casey's show but

I know her personally and gave her very good reason (tenor of show matching his interests/approach to the spiritual-political) to interview Kevin BARRETT. Wrote to her about this a month ago. Uggh. Oh well, I haven't listened yet but will. I'm sure it's good.

I think Barrett....

has been asked by the University of Wisc. not to speak publicly on 9/11 while he is teaching his least that's what O'Rielly said when he had the to UofW students on the other night...before he browbeat Barrett's student....

yeah, he actually told me

yeah, he actually told me recently(about a month ago) that they dont want him doing Fox anymore, but he can still go to other MSM outlets. he said it was a small concession to UW on his part. he also said he has a "really raucous" book coming out in December called "Truth Jihad". i havent heard anything else about this book but it sounds interesting based on the title.

It's strange though

that he would be okay going, as you say, to other MSM, but not to a Pacifica radio program? That's light years of difference in terms of attention. Weird.

I did notice Caroline say that S. Jones (no, not A.!!) would be on, and maybe others of Scholars etc.. I keep up with her, and will post if it's coming up...


Wish I had a faster download; with 56K I have to leave the computer on all night to get this kind of material. And then, sometimes it's just gone! Oh well.