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The conspiracy theory of 9/11

NEWSDAY REPORTER Wednesday, October 11 2006

Five years after the horrific airplane bombings of New York’s World Trade Centre (WTC) twin towers, there are questions still unanswered, as science and common sense seem to point to different explanations of the events as they unfolded.

This is explored in the controversial documentary DVD, 911: In Plane Site, directed by William Lewis and narrated by talk-radio host Dave vonKleist.

The beginning text across the screen warning that “the information we’re about to view is overwhelmingly significant”, makes the viewer sit up fully alert and expecting shocking things. And these are delivered.

There is actual photographic evidence that seems to change the official version of September 11, 2001.

The narration and dramatic intro music painfully forces the viewer to remember the first scenes after the bombings, with questions such as “Did a plane hit the Pentagon?”, quickly answered by “Photographic evidence suggests not”, “Did explosives collapse the World Trade Centre?,” “Fire fighters tell the real story.” The docu-drama even suggests that US President George W Bush may have given the world distorted facts about the events.

Firefighters, reporters and eyewitnesses described a sequential, demolition-like collapse of buildings One, Two and Seven.

The producers, to their credit, do a good job of presenting the video evidence that proves WTC 7 was clearly brought down in a controlled demolition. There is a frame by frame look at the Boeing 767 Flight 11 (taken by five different cameramen), just before it flew into the north tower, showing a bright flash a mere second before impact.

And despite reports of commercial United Airlines Flight 175 being involved in the south tower crash, eyewitnesses claim they did not see windows on the aircraft.

What they saw were vehicles loaded with explosions in and around the WTC, and they heard bombs and explosions going off before 9 a.m.

Footage is shown of an exterior attachment at the bottom of Flight 175, questioning how could it have departed from a commercial airport.

The Pentagon footage shown claims that the outer wall collapsed a full 20 minutes after the initial impact. There are even close-up photos of a computer on a wooden desk, an open book on a stool and a filing cabinet. All these items are on the edge of the collapsed flooring, yet none of them seem to have been affected by fire or the explosion caused by the Boeing 757, reported to have crashed into the building.

The hub of America’s armed forces seem to have a suspicious lack of video surveillance cameras, or is it that the tapes were placed under stringent security?

The video also claims that the dimensions of the collapsed wall of the Pentagon building were impossible to match up with the dimensions of the jetliner.

Further to that, there was no damage to the upper floors, where the tail end of the aircraft should have hit. And according to VonKleist, there was no report of debris from the aircraft being found. While the world has seen most of the footage shown in the docu-drama hundreds of times, there is also footage which was mysteriously shown just once and never again, contradicting the stories we have all grown accustomed to believing.

Nothing new was divulged, and while the motive of the director is not clear, much is implied.

VonKleist even asks viewers to play a word association game, to give the first word they think about when he says “conspiracy”.

“Obviously and immediately, you think ‘theory’,” he added, purporting to be referring to the movie of the same name, but we understand exactly what he cannot openly say.

Without taking a stand one way or the other, and with the knowledge that technology allows for amazing cinematic creations, the viewer cannot help but agree there are aspects of this film that warrant our close attention.

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