A friend of mine's brother came back from Iraq and showed us a coin he had. It was a golden coin and had OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM embossed around the edges. There were several emblems on the coin as well...I didnt recognize them, but they looked like icons from different jobs in the military. Apparently all the soldiers over there get these coins and trade them to each other as bragging rights, they collect them from each other and they go to the bar and whoever there has the least amount of different coins, they have to buy the bar a round of drinks.

I felt like telling him that they should have named the coins the OPERATION IRAQI SLAUGHTER coins, and I felt like asking him if they brag about how many Innocent Iraqi's they have murdered in cold blood...or how many Muslim children they murder...or how many they torture with a power drill...or how many fingernails they have pulled off...or how many they boil alive and laugh as they suffer. I wonder if they brag about this as they raise their beer glasses together after a bloody day in the field.

If I would have told him this, he might not have been so proud to show off his coin, because I sure am not a proud American who knows the real reason why our soldiers are over there...and what they do.

Makes me sick actually.

God save us.

I've heard that most U.S. soldiers with at least half-a-brain-..

got out of Iraq long ago, and the ones still there are basically a goon squad of morons who are recklessly killing people & destroying Iraq.