O'Reilly says FBI Should Go After Fetzer

Neo-con boot-licker Bill O'Reilly has suggested that president Bush should have the FBI go after Scholars for 9/11 Truth founder and co-chair Jim Fetzer for questioning the official fairy tale.

Here's What I Should Say

I must be having a bad dream. Is this Nazi Germany? Stalinist Russia? Is Idi Amin president, or is that just a movie starring Forest Whitaker?

What's next? Round up all of the scientists? Disappear all of the critics of the Dear Leader? Torture and kill anyone who doesn't vote for the politicans that O'Reilly approves of?

I've got two words for this: NO WAY

The Bill O'Reillys of this world are not going to win.

But This is alot More Fun

Bill O'Cry-ly is his name. Temper tantrums are his game.

Repeat after me...

Bill O'Cry-ly is his name. Temper tantrums are his game.

O'Reilly and Hannity lemmings like 2 peas in a pod

I am a huge Muse fan, Matt Bellamy is the man to come out and make his statements fills me with a great feeling that this lie cannot go on. When are these "toe the line" lemmings and sheeple finally gonna wake up and smell the proverbial coffee.
I seen Muse perform in Edinburgh in August and gonna see them in Glasgow in November you should listen to their Albums more recently Absolution and Black Holes and Revalations !!!!! the lyrics tell you wot you need to know about Matt Bellamy he is an inspiration to me !! 911 was a huge False Flag attack Operation Northwoods is testament to that JFK blackballed this and look wot happend to him Reichstag as Mr O'reilly so poinantly pointed out being another. I have just seen the feltzer interview on The factor and Bill O is an ignorant ass hole !!!! I was a little disappointed in Jim as he did not impose himself enough although with all the usally childish name calling there was not much of a chance Bill like the asshole Hannity are 2 of the same mold ignorant to the point it is actually laughable but not in the funny sense i would love to see Alex Jones really go toe toe with BIG Bad Bill and Mr Hannity these guys are Morons of the highest order. I live in Scotland and sometimes find it hard to comprehend some of the American Media do they really take you all for idiots i watch the factor and hannity just to find out the shit that they actually spout it really is unbelieveable No Spin Fair and Balanced HAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!! A great man once said "Blind ignorance does mislead us wretched fools open your eyes" how apparent in this day in age in the world . Orwell Huxley they had the foresight to see and everything is falling into place i suggest every lemming out there really have a look in the mirror and ask themselves some serious questions who is fooling who, these zionist neo cons are taking us all for a very serious ride. People like the poster robbie must do at least a little research before you make statements as you have done, 19 hijackers and a man in a cave carried out the most orgainsed to the tee terroist attack in the history of mankind this is the CONSPIRACY.

O'Reilly says FBI Should Go After Fetzer...

That is totally OUTRAGEOUS of O'Reilly to say that!!! It is clearly a very sick threat against Fetzer!!!

O'Reilly the Nut the Shill

We see who the nut is Bill.

O'Reilly said twice, Malmedy is where Americans killed defenseless Nazis, and he is the cheerleader for the "official" story fire brought down the towers.

Right Bill, we all know who the nut is.

At least Tokyo Rose played music.