Wanna See Some Demolitions?

Know someone who needs something "more convincing" than ironclad logic and undeniable physics? Read on.

Gravitational collapse believers have the idea in their heads that the tops of the Twin Towers (above the airplane impacts) fell down upon the lower portions of the buildings and crunched them. I have read the genius analogies like "imagine a bowling ball falling onto a stack of glass tables" that are used to paint a picture of these huge piledrivers effortlessly smashing the buildings below them. Of course the obvious response is that the tops and bottoms of the towers were constructed identically (actually stronger on the lower floors), so the analogy needs to be more like "imagine a stack of 20 or 30 glass tables falling onto a stack of 80 or 90 glass tables..." But anyway.

If you show the following link to (a reasonable) someone who feels that the tops of the Twin Towers crushed the bottoms, then I think they may be forced to change their mind on the subject. This frame by frame analysis shows the tops being destroyed much more rapidly than the bottoms at the initiation of the collapses. In the case of Tower One, the top above the plane impact crunches down a few floors BEFORE any of the floors below the impact begin to collapse. What does this mean, exactly? It means that if the tops were being destroyed even at the same rate as the bottoms, then after 20 or 30 floors of collapse there would be nothing left to drive the collapse (it couldn't even progress this far, as the ever-diminishing masses of the tops would cause a decelerating collapse which eventually would not be enough to further collapse floors below them). Nothing more than common sense at work here.

Seeing is believing. Sometimes you can argue the case til you're blue in the face, but the words are not enough. Some folks need a good hard slap in the face to wake them up (for their own good, of course), and these images just might do the trick.


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Do you have some type of

Do you have some type of intelligible response? Anything specific you object to? If not, then the only time I am wasting is writing this response.

Seems to me that a case of mass-murder needs a bit more thoughtful analysis than name-calling, but that's just me.

Have a fine day.


what a pathetic little tantrum, there.

Those frames clearly demonstrate that the towers were...

indeed brought down by incendiaries & explosives.