Creepy 9/11 Prediction from SNL March 18, 2000

My buddy, Phillip Meek, and I found this one day completely by accident going through some old wrestling tapes. This clip aired live on Saturday Night Live on March 18, 2000. For those who don't understand Pakistan's role in 9/11, it was confirmed by the FBI that Pakistan's ISI wired $100,000 to the lead hijacker, Mohamed Atta, funding 1/5 of the attacks on 9/11. For those who don't know who Salman Rushdie is, he was banned publicly by the FAA from flying on the airlines ONE WEEK before 9/11. Watch this clip, aired on 3/18/00 and leave your comments because I want to know what people think about this because most truthers don't know about and haven't seen it.
Saturday Night Live March 18, 2000

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Doesn't say much other than

The fact that the American media were preparing AMericans with lots of racist anti-muslim rhetoric over a year before 9/11. And re: Atta getting money from Pakistan, do you think he spent it on drugs, hookers, or gambling?


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how about...

He spent it on all of the above.

This reminds me

This reminds me of the Fox TV show which aired a few months before 9/11, which included the plot of an airliner hitting the world trade center. With these discoveries, It is possible the psy-op was in effect even before 9/11, to prepare the American people for the campaign of fear.

Really freakin' freaky.

It's also interesting to note that bin Laden was reportedly on dialysis even that far back. gives this gives this link:

5 megs

say thanks if you are a newbie and enjoyed being able to download it by this post


in a weird, obscure, "did I dream that?" kinda way. Back-to-back 9/11 stuff. It's a keeper for me