Edwin Corr's reply to my email

I sent an email to Edwin Corr (He was involved in the Iran Contra). He works at The University of Oklahoma. Here is my original email and his response:

Mr. Corr,

I was recently watching a video of Mike Ruppert, ex-LAPD officer, discussing the CIA and drug ruAn OU student andnning. I could not have been more than 10 minutes in when he mentions the name Edwin Corr and University of Oklahoma. My immediate inclination was to look this name up on OU's website to see what I could find. After I found your name, I was even more intrigued. I quickly did a search for your name on wikipedia, and low and behold it came up with a short article about yourself.

After reading what little it had to say, I couldn't believe that a person of your political stature was right here in Norman, OK., and part of the faculty no less.

I'm not quite sure if you get emails, calls, and/or drop ins all the time about your previous dealings with the gov't, but I can't help myself but to send you at least this email. I was originally going to stop by your office, but thought that it might be rude. Basically, I am interested in talking with you if you are willing to talk with me. Of course, I don't want to talk about the weather if you get my drift. I am not a political person, but recent events within the past 6 months have changed my outlook on life and politics in general.

Although I am interested in the Iran/Contra and the CIA bringing in drugs to the country, my utmost interest lies with a little event that happened about 5 years ago. It is my belief that 19 hijackers and OBL in a cave did NOT commit these acts. Of course, we don't "really" know who did, which is why I want to talk to you.



Chris; Based on all the public information I have seen, I am quite convinced that the 19 hi-jackers related to Al-Queda did carry out the bombings, and I cannot understand the human psychology that allows persons to discard hard evidence presented by deliberative commissions and public authorities to endorse fanciful conspiracy theories. This seems to be a common phenomena, whether it be the Kennedy assassination or the September 11, 2001 attack. I would be glad to take a few minutes to talk with you about this, but do not want to spend too much time on what I think is fanciful and irrational thinking, and is in the long run harmful to resolving problems. Please give me a call if you would like to meet for a half hour or less. I would have been in touch sooner, but just returned form a two week trip to Central America. Ed Corr

He gave me his phone number to set up an appointment. I plan on doing it. Any ideas of how I should go about this? Like, show him 9/11 related sites like st911.org etc.?

Which video were you

Which video were you watching? I don't remember that name or the context.

As for how to go about it, I'd say WTC 7 and wargames. Hammer those. Bring a DVD or CD with good quality video of WTC 7 collapsing. Maybe print out Operation Northwoods too? I dunno.

Good luck. Report back!

good luck -

Judging from his comment about 'fanciful conspiracy theories', you're not likely to change his mind about anything. He doesn't understand why people endorse conspiracy theories. Yet he pled the 5th in Iran Contra... He probably knows what's going on but doesn't want to discuss it. Or, maybe he's willfully ignorant.

If I were you I would read up on Iran Contra, then maybe you'll have some good questions to ask him.
"there's no such thing as organized crime" - J. Edgar Hoover

More on Corr;


Ambassador Edwin Corr, Associate Director of the IPC, is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. The Institute is dedicated to preventing and reducing terrorism and mitigating its effects. The development grew out of the events related to the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building and the desire of both survivors and the families of those killed in the bombing to establish a living memorial. For more information, please see the Institute's website at http://www.mipt.org/

also: http://www.angelfire.com/ca3/jphuck/BOOK3Ch5.html

In 1986, Castillo attempted to report what he had discovered, hoping to launch a full scale investigation and shut down the smuggling operation. On several occasions he met with Edwin Corr, the American ambassador to El Salvador, to tell him about the operation. Corr stated that Castillo ran a covert White House operation which was overseen by North and that he should stay out of that operation.

also: http://www.marijuanalibrary.org/MENA1.html

Spannaus: What was going on at Ilopango?
Castillo: We had pilots, who were being hired down in Central America, who were running supplies for the Contras and were also involved heavily in narcotics trafficking. When we finally got the names of all the pilots who were involved, we ran it through our computers, and it was revealed that every single one of them was documented as a narcotics trafficker. This was brought to the attention of the U.S. ambassador, Edwin Corr. He was advised of the investigation that we were conducting.
His answer to me was the fact that it was a covert operation from the White House and Ollie North, and he advised me that I would be safer to stay away from that investigation, because I would be stepping on people's toes at the White House.

also http://mediamayhem.blogspot.com/2004_07_25_mediamayhem_archive.html#1091...

On at least one occasion, U.S. Ambassador Edwin Corr met over lunch with the Cuban-American, identified as Max Gomez who is also known as Felix Rodriguez or Gustavo Villoldo, the official said. The official did not say where in El Salvador or when the lunch took place but declared that Corr at the time was aware that Gomez was helping operate the resupply flights from here.
Corr was not available for comment.

So, Corr knows people like Felix Rodriguez and the gang responsible for the JFK assassination and Watergate; he was entrusted with major OK City bombing coverup/PR duties, he's apparently a member in good standing of the crime syndicate that's in control of the white house today. Give him my regards!

Here is what you have to

Here is what you have to do....

  • meet with him, where there is a TV or computer.
  • tell him you want to spend ALL 30minutes making sure he watches the movie (911mysteries .. http://www.google.com/search?q=%22911+mysteries ..) ...
  • then sit down and watch it with him.. and tell us what his facial expressions were like.
  • then say good bye and give him a copy of the video.
  • write google ANONYMOUS TOR on the cd-cover.. so he can use the internet without being spied on.

Anonymous Tor?

Surfing the net without leaving traces?



I think we know which team

I think we know which team he's on. Look at the other names on the Iran Contra list - - http://www.nndb.com/group/815/000044683/ - - Armitage, John Poindexter, Negroponte, Elliot Abrams, Bush Sr., etc... to me, these guys represent evil incarnate!
http://www.casc.cc.ok.us/campus_news/Corr05.htm looks like a regular old guy... I don't think you'll teach him anything...

"I am quite convinced...

that the 19 hi-jackers related to Al-Queda did carry out the bombings." Umm, hello? The bombings?  Is this a gigundous Freudian slip or what?

I would be very low-key and respectful of his time and focus on planting some seeds. If he is particularly convinced by the work of "deliberative commissions" then the obvious way to go would be to supply him with information regarding the ongoing self-deconstruction of the Zelikow Commission. NORAD issues, the profound dissatisfaction of the family members whose questions were ignored, Zelikow's obviously compromised status, Ben-Veniste's very "creative" definition of what a "fact" is (from Improbable Collapse). I think a very effective foot in the door is often just based on the idea that we didn't get anything like a full and complete accounting of the most significant event of our era.