Hydrogen Mini Nukes Brought Down the Towers?

I lost my nephew 911 at Cantor Fitzgerald. He wasn't married so there was no millions of dollars going to anyone. His crime was showing up to work on time.

I have spent countless hours over the years trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The "official" story was crap from day one. The main stream media has not been much help either when it comes to solving the mysteries. As with the JFK assassination the silence of the main stream media is collusion.

I will highlight some of the mysteries, for there are too many for this blog at this moment in time to list them all.

The "official" story suspends the laws of science, and we are not talking about one branch, but most, if not all of the sciences are screaming foul.

The "Official" pancake theory does not explain why the central cores came down. And it doesn't explain the free fall of the towers either.

"Fire" from kerosene does not melt or even weaken reinforced steel. And one of the biggest mysteries is the molten steel ponds found under the central cores that boiled for 3 months.

The "thermate" theory is plausible but does not explain the molten ponds burning for 3 months or the ejection of massive steel girders hundreds of meters. Gravitational forces don't account for it either.

It is a felony to remove the evidence from a crime scene. Mayor Guiliani is a former prosecutor, he knows this very well, yet the metal was picked up in record time and sold as scrap to Bao Steel in Shanghai, and to India at a deep discount to current spot prices.

The criminal demeanor of the government is another mystery. If they have nothing to hide, why did they drag their feet and under fund a 911 investigation?

The committee members certainly had conflict of interest issues that should have recused them from the panel. when Henry Kissinger was first appointed to the commission I was sick to my stomach.

Bush refusing to testify under oath was another outrage to the families and in general New Yorkers and the country on a whole.

Then we have the seismic graphs spiking before the buildings coming down, that need explanation.

The cement being reduced to power is still a mystery. Scientists have clearly shown gravitational collapse would not create the fine power New Yorkers experienced that day.

The "brown" color of the smoke was something I thought unusual, along with the strange after glow in the some of the videos.

Each tower held 200,000+ gallons of water yet the site was bone dry after collapse.

Burned and melted cars were found in the basement is strange.

One of the famous videos featured a fixed camera on tripod that shook BEFORE one of the collapses.

The Finnish military physics study claimed cell phones went dead due to a Electro Magnetic Pulse wave. It would be interesting to hear from any NY'ers if there cellular phones went dead just before the collapse.

Is it true, 47 ultra strong steel pillars in the basement melted completely?

The new theory that I discounted at first is now back on the front burner. Fasten your seat belts, I am not a scientist, but need some help to dig up some evidence now that I am in Shanghai and have friends at Bao Steel.

I now suspect the most probable cause for the collapse of the towers was due to "clean" hydrogen mini nuclear devices in the basements of the North and South Towers.

At first I discounted this idea because geiger counters failed to register high levels of radiation. However recently I read hydrogen mini nukes without a fission trigger will emit "alpha" radiation and this is not detected by geiger counters.

It was reported, The University of California found elevated values of tritium at the collapse site though. The "official" story claims tritium came from the plane's emergency signs. I also read claims from other scientists this statement is false.

A mini nuke would answer most if not all of the mysteries, including the fact human dust was found. T this day, there has not been any physical evidence of my nephew that died that day.

The most important thing to do now is a health survey on all New Yorkers that were at the site that day.

If mini nukes were used, cancer rates should be off the charts compared to normal cancer rates, don't you think?

What is done is done.

We can't bring our loved ones back. But we owe it to those unfortunate moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends to find out why the towers fell, and who did it.

We owe it to everyone that was on the site to rule out "alpha" radiation poisoning, and to have a health survey done. I have read every rescue dog died within months of the collapse. Surely, not a good sign.
I wonder if there is any way to test the WTC steel to "alpha" radiation? I hope someone here can clue me in. I would be more than happy to approach my friends at Bao Steel to investigate it further. I hope they saved some of the scrap.



Disinfo, period.

Disinfo, period.

with you on that, Dem


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I make no accusations as to

I make no accusations as to who pushes what, just more an observation and a curiousity as to why certain things in the cause are "taboo" to mention.

Taboo Subject-Hydrogen Mini Nukes


Taboo because it points the fickle finger of fate at the usual suspects.

Conjecture and Speculation


I'm curious why you are so dismissive and so abrupt about it? I found shanghaiyank to be making a very well presented and interesting case. And the Finnish military expert's website was a new one for me with a lot of very intelligent discussion of several still baffling aspects of the collapse.

I, for one, am still seeking an answer as to the mechanism whereby most of of the concrete in the WTC towers turned into micron sized dust. I was a general contractor for 25 years and I had plenty of experience with building demolition. In all my years, I never witnessed anything remotely like to the pulverization of materials that occurred at the WTC towers except in the case of high explosive work. One thing is absoluely crystal clear in my mind is that gravity and fire are incapable of producing the huge dust clouds that we witnessed at the WTC site. So the towers had to be taken down by some sort of controlled demolition. The exact formulation of the one or several agents used is still something I haven't resolved. I think that Dr. Jones' theory about thermate is intriguing since it satisfies some of the physical evidence we have. However, it doesn't explain the pulverization of the concrete. That had to be effectuated with a charge with very high brisance, a characteristic that thermate does not possess. So, I don't see the harm in looking into and speculating about what the Dr. Strangeloves at DARPA may have cooked up in a skunkworks and kept hidden from us mere mortals until their "Shock & Awe" extravaganza on 9/11.

NOTE: The Wikipedia entry on brisance used to be about six times as long as the current stub. The DoD requested that the information be removed about three years ago. Government censors have been very busy even on such obscure things as an encyclopedia entry!

To my assessment this is

To my assessment this is disinfo, but it could well be true or at least a possibility that some kind of exotic munitions beyond Thermite-Thermate/HDX/RDX were used to brining the Towers down. The point is that true or not the affect on the average person after being confronted with this is to scoff at the idea, because it's sounds too wild breaking the camels back for most people who initially find the idea that 911 was an inside to be an already wild thing to contemplate. This idea is highly divisive and why push it when we have building 7 etc etc to point to? Also individuals like Morgan Reynolds who also push "no planes hit the wtc" push this. This is one of those issues that needs to be put on the back burner, people should totally continue to research, but we need unity not division, this issue is again divisive lets all promote the issues that we all agree on, instead of fracturing ourselves into tribes of "mini-nukes" "no mini-nukes" etc.

so its ok to push "no

so its ok to push "no planes" which is the biggest joke within our movement, but the use of hydrogen mini nukes is "just too much for people to grasp"....not sure I follow this logic at all.

Who says its "ok to push no

Who says its "ok to push no planes", not me I think you'll find! Mini nukes and no planes come generally from the same people, Morgan Reynolds et al.

Occam's Razor?

"This idea is highly divisive..." by Dem Bruce Lee Styles

This is not a popularity contest. We are here to find the truth.

I think we should put our preconceived political prejudices aside and try to rule out the use of hydrogen mini nukes.

Is there any way to prove New Yorkers on the site 911 were not poisoned with alpha radiation?

The roof of Deutsch Bank revealed, 5 years after the event, bone fragments less than one cm. in length. How did they get there?

There are thousands of victims that seem to have vaporized! Where did their bodies go?

How does a gravitational collapse throw huge steel portions weighing many tons, hundreds of meters away from the buildings?

Seismic survey points to explosions prior to the collapse, but what explosives melt cars, huge support girders, and leaves ponds of molten steel that boil for months?

And then we have the problem of the dust. Occam's razor point to a hydrogen nuke when trying to justify the dust.

Please let's try to rule out a hydrogen mini nuke.

We need a health survey to help debunk the use of hydrogen mini nukes.

The government was quick to break the law by rushing to remove the evidence from the crime scene.

Let's see the government approach the health of the people with the same urgency.

Where's the evidence?

You set me straight on Peak Oil. Now lets see how you do on no nukes.

Where is your evidence to support this conclusion?

"Thermite-Thermate/HDX/RDX were used to brining the Towers down"

Do you have any evidence that these are the only devices used to bring down the towers?

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Dust Study


This site is for all the math guys that like to crunch the numbers.

The dust study is a powerful scientific study that proves the "official" fairy tale suspends scientific laws.



"I lost my nephew 911 at Cantor Fitzgerald."

My condolensces.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

A Moment of Silence Please.

My condolences as well.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

What to look for at Bao Steel


It's been nearly five years since the WTC steel was shipped to Bao. Which means that it is highly unlikely that they still have any of that material in the yard unsmelted.

If you do contact the Bao employee that you know, what you might inquire about is to see if they have saved back any of the steel and if so, to find out if any of it has unusual characteristics such as high sulfidization, eutectic/thermitic scouring, signs of other unusual residue, etc.

Here's a brief article about very anomalous steel that was examined at the Worchester Polytechnic Institute several years ago: http://www.me.wpi.edu/MTE/People/Images/IMSBiedermanA2.pdf
I believe that you'll be able to find something similar in the newer NIST reports, albeit the NIST WTC 7 report is still not published. Sorry, I don't have a URL to share on this.

Good luck.

"What will be difficult to

"What will be difficult to cover up are random radioactive changes caused by the energetic
neutrons. This is why those steels were scuttled and exported from the country as quickly
as possible. There will be some hot spots, and melting those steels and re-using them will
not get the radioactivity to disappear. So such a contaminated steel cannot be used freely,
for an example to build furniture, ships, cars or personal armour. Building bridges and oil
tanks with it will be less a health problem. Note: most of the steel will not contaminate
easily. The Fe56 atom absorbs a neutron and becomes a stable Fe57 atom. The Fe57
atom absorbs a neutron and it becomes a stable Fe58 atom. If the Fe58 atom once again
absorbs a neutron, then there will be radioactive Fe59 isotope (Beta minus decay, Gamma
radiation too). But there are small amouths of other elements like Chromium, Nickel and
Vanadium present in the steels, too. Unusual concentrations of Fe57 and Fe58 could tell
the recycled WTC steel has been close to the thermonuclear explosion. And these changes
are permanent, this is proovable 100 years from now if necessary."

Let's see what I can find out.

Purpose Of 911blogger.com?

I am struck by the commonality. With this discussion and the discussions we have at our local group meetings.

Our group has already split into because in group one. People were prefacing that Bush was the Antichrist. Many of us felt that an opinion like that is OK to discuss at meetings. But not to be pushed on to the general public.

Some did not agree and kept pushing this notion at public events we sponsored. Eventually, a new group was formed.

We defined some general rules everyone has agreed to follow.

1) Stick to the collapse in public discussions.
2) Stick to the conventional scientific conclusions in public.

It seems that some here. Would like these rules to apply to 911blogger.

My question. Is 911blogger.com a place where 911 truthers convince the general public that the conspiracy is real.

Or a place where 9/11 truthers. Already familiar with the details. Can discuss views that they personally feel like are valid?

According to the rules. I'd say the later. If not, the rules need to reflect that point.

The disinfo police I find a bit annoying.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Good Points

Good points, both Andrew Lowe Watson and 911TruthNC. I was wondering the same thing. I myself find it a bit odd that so many of the "truthers" here are not interested in finding the truth. So, why are they here, "to catapult the propaganda?" (to quote a famous person)

Stick with the science

Yes. Let's stick with the science

There is no science in that article you cited. I personally don't believe mini-nukes were used, but trying to disprove it with bogus science is counter productive.

Thermite could not have turned the majority of the building to fine dust. There is no credible evidence than thermite was even used. Thermite is "a honey pot."

Let's use "the scientific method" to test this hypothesis of thermite.
Question one: Does it account for all of the data?

Yes. Let's stick to science.


Why did you mention thermite?

That article I cited doesn't mention thermite, nor did I mention thermite. Sheesh.

Stick With The Science

"With fires lasting 3 months, the heat required to melt steel into pools of molten metal, the energy required to reduce concrete to 70-300microns, the energy required to eject almost 10,000 tonnes of matter skywards, the energy required to eject steel pillars over a quarter of a kilometer, increased tritium levels, the vertical collapse, the recorded basement level explosions and the numerous other anomolies, there is solid grounds for this."