Limbaugh Attacks "Democrat Kook" Alex Jones On Plane Crash Story

Limbaugh Attacks "Democrat Kook" Alex Jones On Plane Crash Story
Laughs off notion Bush admin. got political gas mileage out of accident, yet admits it himself - attacks 9/11 truth movement

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | October 13 2006

In the second hour of his nationally syndicated show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh attacked Alex Jones, Prison and the 9/11 truth movement, for suggesting that the Cory Lidle plane crash affected the upcoming election by invoking memories of 9/11 - when it was Fox News and Limbaugh himself that pitched this spin.

Here's the relevant segment from the Thursday October 12th broadcast.

"Ladies and gentlemen during the break a friend of mine sent me an e mail - I don't visit the Democrat kook websites much anymore but a friend does - (laughs) it's just funny."

"What is this site? Prison"

"It's an article here by Alex Jones - now I'm told I don't know this for certain - I am told that Alex Jones is one of the leaders of the '9/11 was a government conspiracy' campaign - one of the leaders of the movement trying to prove that 9/11 was not what it....that the Bush administration was behind it for whatever nefarious purpose."

"Let me just read this to you - headline - Fox News Spins Plane Accident; Says It Could Affect Election."

Limbaugh then goes on to read the first few paragraphs of the original version of our story about the Lidle plane crash and how Fox News' Your World With Neil Cavuto reported that the accident could affect the elections by reminding Americans of the horror of 9/11.

He then concludes by saying, "They believe it - they believe that this is a psychological-ops operation designed to make you think of 9/11 to impact negatively the Democrats in the upcoming election."

Click here for the audio clip.

The effort to spin a simple accident into campaign fodder to scare Americans into thinking of 9/11 and a time when Bush's approval was at 90% was not made by Democrats, it was not made by the "9/11 was a government conspiracy crowd," it was made by the Bush administration's proxy mouthpiece - Fox News and Neil Cavuto. And in that sense this simple tragedy was used as a means of psychologically manipulating the public into confusing an accident for political points scoring.

And it was a mantra chorused by Limbaugh himself in the first hour of his own show!

"This tragedy in the closed doors of the Democrat cloak rooms today has to be their worst nightmare - all of the references to 9/11 - look at the scene yesterday....there is no way this didn't remind everybody watching it," said Limbaugh.

Limbaugh made reference to New York papers that were filled with sentiments about how the event chillingly reminded the country of the horror of 9/11 and yet later again completely contradicted himself by claiming the liberal media, "don't want us thinking about 9/11," having seconds earlier having drawn attention to the fact that all the "liberal media" in New York were talking about 9/11 in the reports about Lidle's accident.

Taken on its own as a tragic accident the Cory Lidle plane crash has no bearing on the election whatsoever - until the psychological twisting of the story by Limbaugh and his Neo-Con cohorts at Fox News comes into play.

Limbaugh's dismissal of the contention that government engage in "psy-ops" and stage events for political purposes is countered by numerous examples throughout history, perhaps the biggest being the Gulf of Tonkin incident which kick-started the Vietnam war yet is now proven to have never happened.

Limbaugh's stereotyping of Alex Jones as a "Democrat kook," negates the fact that Jones cut his teeth exposing the corruption of Bill Clinton and produced five separate documentary films that blasted his government in the late 1990's, including a powerful indictment of the Waco massacre.

In Limbaugh's oxycontin drug induced stupor, questioning the Bush administration automatically makes you at least a Democrat screwball or at worst prosecutable for treason (which he urged for critical media outlets earlier in the same show).

Our previous scrapes with Limbaugh underlined his true character as the kingpin of a phony conservative boot-licking Neo-Con spin machine.

On his May 4th 2004 broadcast, Limbaugh said that Abu Ghraib prison guards, who according to Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba's official US Army report and subsequent videos seen by reporter Seymour Hersh, raped children in front of their mothers, were just "having a good time" and "blowing off some seam."

In June 2005, Limbaugh plumbed new depths of perversion by releasing a line of "Club Gitmo" t-shirts and coffee mugs that depict the detention camp in Cuba as a holiday home.

In recent weeks Limbaugh has joined the rest of the Neo-Con pervert apologists in running cover for child sex predator and former Republican Congressman Mark Foley.


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