LOL - "Screw: Screw Loose Change"

Check this, its satire on those assclowns at "Screw Loose Change";

Screw: Screw Loose Change;

I needed that!

Bruce, I took down the Alex clip because of some of negative feedback......especially Jon's....we don't have to be Saints to point out 911 truth, I thought it was fine , what are your thoughts? Radical Pragmatist

Yea da fock happened to that

Yea da fock happened to that lol? I was looking for it and noticed it was gone. To be honest man I thought it was a very cool clip, Jon is right about assholes like Terrence and his gay website, but that site is a joke anyway, practically all the traffic it gets comes from here. So I personally don't think it would have made a difference. But maybe you did the right thing who knows.