Here's a video from Real Time with Bill Maher. The week before 9/11/06, Bill Maher finally addressed the truth only to immediately ridicule it for a cheap laugh. Not only that, he attacked Charlie Sheen, jokingly calling him a "scholar". Nevermind Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, and everyone in Scholars For 9/11, no...let's attack the actor with a tarnished past. Thank you Charlie Sheen again for sacrificing yourself as the official 9/11 Truth scapegoat that all the skeptics can now point and laugh at and use to make the rest of us look foolish. Notice the little CFR guy on the far left of the panel laughing along with Maher.
I say we need to all email Alex Jones and get him fired up to pressure Bill Maher to get Charlie Sheen or a prominent member of 9/11 Truth on the PANEL...not the 5 minute interviews, THE PANEL so he can talk throughout the entire program. Whaddaya say?? Give Alex a shout and have him speak to Maher on our behalf to GROW SOME BALLS and have a "conspiracy nut" on the show. Maher's not scared, is he?

Bill Maher a smarmy little Zionist shill. People need to stop wasting their time trying to get the propogandists to change their tunes. If it's not in their job description to expose something, they're not going to do it.

Some people think that the Muslims did it!

When people say "Some people think that the Jews did it", (thinking themselves clever and free of prejudice) I usually say

"Some people think that the Muslims did it!"

The Jews did not make NORAD stand down that day

and ...

The Muslims did not make NORAD stand down that day

Bill Maher

. . . is just another embedded media whore. Don't expect him to be some kind of maverick here. Since I can't stomach him long enough to watch his show or this clip, I suppose I could be wrong. But I don't think so.

He actually brought up the

He actually brought up the subject (and quickly dismissed it) in May. Here's the clip on YouTube:

And the description I posted with it:

On his May 12, 2006 edition of Real Time, Bill Maher briefly -- and indignantly -- brought up the subject of 9/11 truth for the first time (to the best of my knowledge).

Maher and his panel members Cornel West, Richard Clarke and John Legend quickly went down the line each dismissing the idea without actually addressing any of the very valid questions that have been raised by a number of people. It was over in one minute and eighteen seconds. A transcript is at the end of this post.

I know Bill Maher is capable of giving 9/11 Truth a fair hearing on his program. In April of 2005 he welcomed Jeff Gannon on his program with a polite introduction, asked pointed questions and allowed him to speak freely.

Just a few weeks ago Maher demonstrated with Pat Buchanan exactly the kind of treatment he can and should give a member of the 9/11 truth community. It remains to be seen whether or not he will.


Maher: Everywhere I go people say to me, "Why don't you cover on your show what really happened on 9/11? Why don't you talk about the fact that a missile is what brought down flight 93 and that the World Trade Center was a planned explosion?" Do you believe any of those conspiracy theories? Do you think it's even possible?

West: No, I don't, I don't believe it but I know the world is a mysterious place. I'm open to coordinated activity in secret places but I don't believe in conspiracy. [Laughter and applause]

Maher: Wow. You could be a republican.

Legend: I think the government is dishonest and they try to keep secrets from us but they're not that good of keeping secrets, apparently, because they keep coming out. They keep leaking them. I don't believe they could coordinate that that well and pull it off without us finding out.

Maher: Yeah, it seems like if they couldn't get a helicopter into the Superdome, they probably couldn't get some of this stuff going.

Clarke: All these conspiracy theories have two basic problems. One, they believe the government is competent. [Laughter and applause] And, two, they believe the government can keep a secret.


he is a media whore. Expect nothing from this man, unless and until the movement picks up MAJOR MSM speed. It's possible that it might, but it wouldn't be because of anything a puss like Maher does or says.

Just documenting it for the record.

I don't expect anything from him, although I will admit that there's still a teeny-tiny part of me that hopes he will cover the subject with something other than disdain. And yes I know that's naive.


I understand and I don't mean to imply you are naive. No need for you to be as cynical as I am. The movement needs people who have hope. I'm just bitchin'

What if I want to be that cynical?

Let's not have a cynic-off, now. :)

If anything, Bill Maher is the one who should Be More Cynical.


this common little argument (shown in the Maher post above) about the government being too incompetent to carry out 9/11 and a subsequent cover-up. yeah, real funny. Well, you know, I can't remember exactly who said this, whether it was Griffin, or someone else prominent in the movement. This administration is NOT incompetent. They are very competent in executing their agenda. And that agenda does NOT include things like rescuing poor people from a flooded, hurricane-devastated zone and preventing loss of life in such a disaster.

Their agenda does not include protecting combat soldiers with proper body armor. I think we're pretty well aware of what their agenda IS all about and just because they have let a lot of people die in executing that agenda, does not mean they are incompetent. It just means they don't care - those poor dead Katrina victims and soldiers don't matter. They're expendable. The objective is to make money, grab more power and maintain that power. They've been QUITE competent at that, up until quite recently.

We need to stick it to these people that use that incompetency argument with this type of counter-argument. It helps to illustrate the extent of this administration's contempt for ordinary human beings and it's also f'ing true!

This argument should be shot down at every opportunity.