Pleading Ignorance at the World's Premier University

While the day will come for a thorough study of the nature of the 9/11 conspiracy and cover-up, some major points can be mentioned at this point for which there can be made a strong case. While I will discuss Harvard specifically, this analysis applies to any organization, especially those close to or themselves encompassing centers of power.

Harvard University is an interesting case study because aside from being a highly regarded institution of higher learning, and teaching--sort of. Harvard also claims as its motto Veritas, or Truth. So is Harvard in the business of truth?

It would help to look at Harvard's other businesses first--the Harvard corporation controls an endowment that is essentially an equity fund that invests the proceeds of tuition, government grants ($400,000,000 per year), donations from alumni, and interest on its existing $29 billion dollars. The money is invested by the Harvard Management Corporation and earns returns consistently above market averages, around 20% a year on average. Investments are not"chosen based on any criteria except profit, so one can imagine where Harvard's wealth is generated. Recent divestment campaigns have focused on the company PetroChina, for one, and the divestment calls are not based on lack of same-sex benefits, let's say.

Aside from investing, Harvard's activities include research, which brings in the government and private sector funding, and teaching, which attracts tuition-paying students looking for credentials for entry into the progressively more exclusive spheres of influence. A golden ticket from this chocolate bar gets you into more than an eccentric candy factory--it gets you within earshot of world leaders and people and groups with deep pockets. What fun!

As the brochure will tell you, Harvard was founded in 1636 as a school for aspiring clergy in puritan Massachusetts. So are the pilgrims rolling in their graves, or what? With their legacy now plagued by scandals involving both disappearing funds and personal moral failings ranging from lusty affairs to academic dishonesty as much a problem among students as among faculty, one would think so. 9/11 is just the latest opportunity for Harvard to fail to live up to its billing as a bastion of truth and light and reason.

Not only is a Harvard Professor who served as a senior adviser to the 9/11 Coverup Commission currently teaching a class to freshman on the report and the attacks behind it, a class that includes readings on Islamofascist menaces, etc., but the University's top dogs don't seem to understand the basic physics that put the lie to the official account. Not one would think from a shortage of science faculty to explain these issues to the President and Deans, but for lack of moral courage, and maybe worse. Nowhere is the lure of money more of an impediment to learning than at Harvard, where the revolving door between business and government comes to life in well "lubricated" wine and cheese affairs as well as opulent banquets, both ubiquitous amid the ivy walls of learning.

Even as the unitiated become aware of the problems Harvard's elites are ignoring or facilitating, the powers that be, the CURRENT powers that be it should be said, since the recent coup against neocon Lawrence Summers revealed the actual power dynamics and struggles that usually remain hidden behind a veneer of gentility, are caught like deer in the headlights, unsure of how to extricate themselves at this fargone point, never having thought they would have to provie an accounting for their complicity in the coverup. The ready made excuse of ignorance is all they really have, hence the various responses I've received to my inquiries from the former Dean and the current president. We believe what we're told--not by you, Mr. Espada, but by those we choose to believe, who assure us that we are doing the right thing. We don't HAVE to look at the evidence. Silence your bullhorn, too--you're disturbing the children. Take that sign off the subway's outside wall--that bit of public transportation is private property. That last one wasn't Harvard, but the local private-public transportaion private-public police force.

I don't blame the police, they have their orders. And while I know Harvard's lapdogs of the super rich also have their orders, they also have a responsibility to tell the truth, and when the leaders of the world's premier center of learning plead ignorance, forgive me if I vomit on their polished wingtips.

Harvard AND MIT Have Sold Out

Harvard and MIT appeal to the polarized halves of America's psyche, and on the issue of 9/11, both have betrayed America's legacy. Both are sucking off the big titty of the Bushitler regime, and will ultimately be judged in the same light as German universities during the 3rd Reich.

It's hard to choose, but I feel MIT has actually sunk lower in this regard, because they have allowed their name, which represents science and engineering, to be used as an endorsement of the "anti-science" promulgated by the Goebbels/Rove/Bushitler Alliance of Evil.

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