Police Had Second Mole in Toronto Terror Plot

The Globe and Mail revealed today that the RCMP had a second mole stage-managing the alleged terror plot in Toronto this past summer.

Police had second mole in terror plot

"A first mole, Mubin Shaikh, has already declared he was involved in a terrorist training camp, attended mostly by teenagers. But the second man, who was not acknowledged publicly until now, played an equal, if not more important, role.

Just as Mr. Shaikh was useful to police and the spies at the beginning stages of the plot, the second informant was crucial toward the end. It's believed that he put key suspects in touch with a police agent — possibly himself — who claimed to be able to purchase tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

By law the man, whose university studies included chemistry, can't be identified. But it's expected he will be an important prosecution witness when the case goes to trial.

None of the allegations against the 18 youths and men arrested in the sweep have been tested in court."

No surprise there. Just disgust.

simuvac, I have a few links on the previous stories, I'm going to re-post them in a new blog entry here (I had them posted at my GNN blog).

This just reeks of entrapment.

Thanks very much. Here are a

Thanks very much.

Here are a couple of links to preview posts on the topic of synthetic terror: the FBI's suspect role in the so-called terror arrests in Miami and the absence of real prosecutions in the so-called War on Terror.

What is the background?

Hey, simuvac,

can you post a few links to stories that provide a background to this one?

Or even better: can you write a blog entry that summarizes the context for this info?