Screw Loose Change Video

Have any of you seen the screw loose change video at google? Its 3 hours long, just a nice length to keep
the interest lol

Its a monumental waste of time but go and view it anyway cos it really needs the numbers.

I sent the following email to its creator Mark Iradian, If i get a reply I will post it here.

Hi Mark,

Ive just watched your video on google. I notice it has 8000 views as opposed to the 20,000,000 views of loose change. Well done on producing the biggest waste of time ever. You may as well give lectures in an empty theatre.

I admit loose change is a soft target. Why dont you produce a video debunking the new 911 mysteries video, erm maybe its because you cant. Indeed instead of being a faceless internet troll why dont you debate some people? Not Dylan Avery, but someone like David Ray Griffin. Answer: because you know you would lose.

I find your obsession with the 3 young lads at loose change very disturbing. Touch of jealousy setting in?

Keep up the good work!

Kindest Regards

Paul Doherty

Way to be nice Paul!

I probably would have suggested to him that he was lame in some way. :)


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what do they think they will acheive?

all that work for just 8000 views literally made me laugh out loud

LOL Check this, Screw: Screw

LOL Check this, Screw: Screw Loose Change;

real dumb ct idiots

u r real dumb

like alex jones without the show

DRG the hearsay king