Very important, 911 is not the main theme!

Alex Jones is one of the worst manipulators. He is one of them! Danger ! They are masters of suggestion and
manipulation !



Take your wack flying saucer

Take your wack flying saucer and disinfo and fly the f*ck of this website, go get an alien anal probe or something! This UFO stereotypical “conspiracy theorist” crap is not wanted here. The 9/11 Truth Movement actually has credibility.

well said Dem Bruce Lee Styles

Look we dont need ur sort here u idiot. Go and join eric hufschmid and daryl bradford smith

Never Gonna Learn?

There is a pattern here:

Just another ET inspired fantasy gone awry but labeled a 'complete success'. Nope, they won't ever learn.


don't one of the moderators post a dis-info banner over this entry or is it just to stupid to even dignifiy with a response?